Face of the day

“Don’t trust them … never”



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  • jcpry

    Was this supposed to be a proverb?

  • Col

    The tie gives him away, it tells me he can cross the line and doesn’t care what happens or who he takes with him, who is he?

  • BJ

    He meant what he said alright. Chinese big business are only interested in one winner in any business deal – using whatever form of dishonesty it takes.

  • 4077th

    In my experience he is right. So far I have had only 1 good experience doing business in China. While the others were pleasant they were tainted with mildly corrupt practices. Pic is of Henry Van Der Hayden ex CEO Fontera.

  • island time

    He has now backtracked on those comments???? Out of context etc??? Some times you wonder what CEO’s (or ex) are thinking. But they should know better than most if what they are thinking should actually be articulated publicly. We need the Chinese business more than they need us.