Gilmore issuing threats now

Aaron Gilmore has gone to ground ahead of his resignation from parliament.

He isn’t doing nothing though. He has begun issuing threats to those people he once considered friends and to the very people who were actually trying to help him come to a sensible decision about his future. The saddest thing about all this is Aaron Gilmore just seems to want to blame others for his misfortune when he should really be looking in the mirror. He certainly seems to have a heightened paranoia reflex operating, which isn’t good for him.

He could have left with some humility and dignity but that just doesn’t seem to be his style.


A message from Aaron Gilmore

Tuesday is shaping up to be hugely entertaining. I can’t hardly wait. The people he is issuing threats to won’t even blink or hesitate in escalating this.

For the record Wikipedia states:

Utu is a Māori concept of reciprocation, or balance.

To retain mana, both friendly and unfriendly actions require an appropriate response – hence utu covers both the reciprocation of kind deeds, and the seeking of revenge. In contemporary usage, the word is also used to mean ‘cost’, in the sense of monetary value.

All I can say to that Aaron…is bring it…can’t wait. I’m not sure he can withstand all the rest of the files/photos of his sordid little life being dumped in public if he thinks a few emails and some texts tabled in parliament is his final last resort at trying to exact utu.


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  • Who is going to deal with him now? Who will employ him? That man should consider moving to another country – he’s finished here.

    • He should consider Sandton or Camps Bay in Saffaland. Plenty of puffed up dickheads there to keep him company.

    • unsol

      Plenty will – skills still talk. He has worked for people like General Cable Corporation & is well educated so I would imagine after the dust settles he will easily find employment. And moving to another country when you have worked for someone like GCC is hardly punishment. Better money elsewhere that’s for sure.

      • I think he may benefit from going to a place where people don’t immediately know who he is.

        • unsol

          I think you will find most people really don’t care about this circus.

      • flashman

        Agreed, he has skills enough in a technical sense apparently. You’d just need to keep him away from anything where relationships are critical. Which is pretty limiting in the long run.

  • CJA

    What a dork! Any chance he’ll get to the Earth’s core anytime soon?

  • Andy

    Aaron’s Allah Akbah moment awaits us

  • Sponge

    A messiah complex perhaps?

    • Wile E Coyote


    • Troy

      Ugly fuck. Chicks must run the opposite direction (of course tho he thinks he is a magnet… maybe, but for all the wrong things).

      • AnonWgtn

        It looks like the two “partner chicks” ran from both of them.
        Where/Who are they ?
        Surely the media can buy a story from them – if their agency allows.

      • unsol

        Hmmm says the guy who has a picture of a penguin as his gravatar.

        Your comment is cruel & unnecessary; I would suspect he is on par or perhaps better looking than many online commentators & bloggers.

        And you should show your face so we can at least make a comparison since you are so quick to judge.

        • GregM

          <<<<< Au contraire Unsol, some of us are really hot. :-)

          • unsol

            ex navy – I’m sure you are….no girl can resist a boy in a uniform (well except this girl of course – eyes only for Mr Unsol!) :-)

  • Well, certainly it looks like someone is going to find out what ‘utu’ means. Just like someone certainly lost their job, just like Mr. Gilmore prognosticated in Hanmer…

  • Lion_ess

    Dug the hole last week, jumped in yesterday, only decent thing left is for him to cover it over today.

    • he’s busy digging it deeper first

      • blokeintakapuna

        …and L&G said no National MP would ever be allowed to do mining…

  • Chris

    I’m seriously starting to think the bloke is a bit of a psycho

    • Sullir

      Yes I agree I think the poor man seems unbalanced and needs help with mental health. Maybe he is actually ill and that’s what’s making him behave like this, he has clearly lost all grip on reality.- really he should be excused from any further involvement with Parliament how are they stop him if he completely loses it! .

    • ratesarerevolting

      Nah incorrect term not psychotic, the behaviour is more similar to a narcissistic personality disorder.

      And as this is a bona fide mental health disorder I’d advise people to lay off.

      • James Gray

        A mental disorder in good faith?

      • Richard McGrath

        NPD is a cluster of characteristics, just a nice way of saying someone’s a self-obsessed prick. Let’s not forget the psychiatric industry also had homosexuality classed as a mental disorder as recently as the 1970s.

      • 4077th

        And…Len Brown is..??

        • ratesarerevolting

          Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

          • 4077th

            Nice one RAR.

      • 4077th

        Perhaps you are right. I don’t feel sorry for him as he has indeed been the master of his own demise but these people can be fragile and revenge is a dished served many ways including the ultimate act of selfishness. His silly outbursts today should just be ignored.

      • Chris

        Are you implying I should feel sorry for the geezer?
        If so, she is not going to happen
        He is a dickhead

  • flashman

    Here’s another good word – Karma. Making threats is what got him into trouble in the first place!
    He might be good at finance policy, but his emotional intelligence is a bit lacking it seems.
    He really needs to put this behind him and move on. But my bet is, he will providing media entertainment for a while yet.

    • davcav


  • spollyike

    As much as i can’t stand Gilmore’s arrogance, having seen the maori activist – feminist – lesbian he is being replaced with i think i would rather have Gilmore. Seriously are National insane? They continue to disrespect their core constituency with decisions like this and appear to be simply pandering to the media who are bound to do a nice puff piece on the new MP. A woman who has, (among other things National voters should be concerned about), made a movie supporting maori activism! Just the person we need…YEAH RIGHT!!!

    • manuka416

      Are you sure you have National’s core constituency sussed? I’m not convinced they’re required to be anti-Maori, anti-lesbian, or anti-women – you might be confusing your own values with the contemporary mainstream. At least I hope so, because I don’t vote redneck.

      • spollyike

        Whoops, i forgot to mention she used to be a member of Grassroots Labour and the Socialist union. I wonder if Gilmore was ever a member of those anti-national groups? I reckon the Maori and Mana Parties will both be lining her up to waka-hop to one of their parties sooner rather than later. She was on the list due to identity politics, another example of the failure of MMP and why we should bring back FPP ASAP!

        • manuka416

          Yeah, no shocker spollyike – I already knew about her Grassroots Labour and Socialist Union links… and unconcerned. It’s going to be refreshing to have an MP in place of Gilmore who is upfront.

          Anyone who wants to see an excellent interview with Claudette, see here:

          • spollyike

            “…I already knew about her Grassroots Labour and Socialist Union links… and unconcerned.”

            Spoken like a true Marxist. Mind you Marxism is at the heart of all Maori politics in this country.

            Manuka if you actually believe you can claim knowledge of what Nationals core-constituency think, your comment above shows you are suffering from severe cognitive dissonance mate.

          • manuka416

            Um, I didn’t claim knowledge of what National’s core constituency think – you did.

          • spollyike

            “PS: Can you please explain what a Marxist is? And how is Marxism affecting the current government and our country?”

            How can you post on this rather political blog site without knowing at least something about Marxism?

          • manuka416

            I do. I was trying to tease an anti-Marxist ramble from you. Fail ;)

          • spollyike

            …and what is wrong with an anti-marxist ramble on WOBH?

            Is it “politically incorrect” to do that?

          • 4077th

            Manuka, to be fair you would not have to do a lot of teasing to get that sort of ramble out of most if not all of us on here mate.

          • 4077th

            Am not convinced though, she does have a semi convincing manner. I don’t think it’s a good start to hide your past behind “research”.

          • spollyike


          • manuka416

            I don’t think she’s hiding anything about her past. She openly shared more personal info than asked for, even though that info could be (and has been) interpreted as politically controversial. Here’s an older article in which she talks about her family roots in Labour, this was written at the time of the 2011 election when she stood for National in Mangere:


          • spollyike

            LOL, she says: “…being born Maori, tangata whenua, a woman and then later coming out means you are always entrenched in politics…”, this comment alone is why she should never have been a National MP, let alone the fact that she was a journalist “trained and skilled”, has worked with the openly racist Willy Jackson, and describes herself as “socially liberal of course! Yep perfect Nation MP material right there…YEAH RIGHT!!!

          • 4077th

            Even with the benefit of the doubt I see a train wreck in the not too distant future. I’m sick to the gunnels of this whole bring out the tangata whenua and wear it like a badge of honor. You would not see me crowing about my Celtic heritage if I found myself in her position. Best policy is shut the fuck up and be nice, have a few centrist views to kick off instead of declaring how many personal mountains you have climbed to get to where you are now..frankly bottom of the list is not anywhere in my book.

          • kehua

            Take you own advice Ehoa, “shut the fuck up and be nice“ at least waituntil the woman gets into the House. Tell me, what do you expect from one so far down the National List?

          • 4077th

            I don’t think you put my post in the correct context. Every time she was asked about her past associations she put it down to “research” her words not mine. That was a blatant fob off if every I saw one.

        • BJ

          Grassroots Labour – does that mean she is ‘a plant’ in the National Party?

    • Justsayn

      The “core constituency” is not the only target market. Swing votes win elections as much, if not more than, core votes.

      Same issue with the Lab/Green electricity policy – those that like it would have voted for them anyway, and most swing voters will see it for what it is. Upshot – bad policy from a vote winning perspective.

    • manuka416
  • LionKing

    Fuck em up.

  • Mark

    LOL don’t you know who he is!!

  • Cheer up! Life could be worse …….. you could be Aarogant Gilmore.

  • Phil

    Labour would have him. Sounds like he’d fit in nicely with that lot. He might have to wear a dress now and then.

  • Ψ

    Why haven’t you got an iPhone 5 yet? I adore the retro 4:3 screenshot look, but go ahead and treat yo’self. chur chur

    • Rat

      I suppose its a step up from the Nokia

      • 4077th

        A fucking brick would be better than a Nokia

    • How about you treat me to one?

    • WayneO

      It’s not 4:3

    • Mediaan

      Be aware, with iPhones you can be physically tracked everywhere, to within 3 metres, even when they are completely “switched off”. In other words, you can’t take that tracking ability away from them. You can’t completely disable them.

      My advice, take it back to the shop, or only carry it when wrapped thickly in paper wadding.

  • Alphabet

    “both friendly and unfriendly actions”… maybe he wants to give you a big cuddle for helping him see the light that he is a *insert unsavoury adjective of your choice*

  • Ronnie Chow

    Hey , Gilmore soon to be known as Podge the Pufferfish , try MURU . That’s what happened to you . UTU is for MEN .

    A muru would redress an intentional offence and could also be instituted for unintentional affronts or offences. The protocols and practices involved in a muru would be determined by various factors, including the mana of the victim or offender, the degree of the offence and the intent of the offending party.

    Like most alcoholics , you lose everything when you drink .

  • Gimore fancies himself in Bruno Lawrence classic remake UTU

  • Man, what an idiot, I’m guessing he will leave New Zealand and go to Australia or the U.K, they can have him.

    • Dave

      Please don’t send him to Aussie, we got rid of Russell Norman, we don’t need Gilmore here. My suggestion would be Iceland.

      • Travis Poulson

        No you can have him. It’s a fair swap.

  • Does anyone work with someone like this?

    • 4077th

      Not anymore by the looks of it!

    • James M

      Yeah I did, busted the guy for downloading kiddy porn at work. naturally it was everybody else’s fault but his own.

      He wasn’t charged right away and he must have believed he was going to get away with it as he was arrested for this incident 2 months later and was caught with plenty more of kiddy porn in his parents home.

      again his day in court proved that it was everybody else’s fault but his own.

    • flashman

      I did, in the UK a few years ago. In the end they got the cheque book out and paid him 3 years’ salary to just go. Nice work if you can get it.

  • If issuing threats and promising “utu” is Gilmore’s idea of “grace and humility” I’d hare to be around when he got angry!

  • Gee must be getting close to election time again, time to alter the party list, using the weakest link as far as they are concerned again. He will probably get some cushy job on the next retirment commission and bleed that for all he can.

  • Even if the truth hurt’s it is better not to lie about it these days, welcome to the digital age Mr Politician. When will they wake up?

  • tarkwin

    This guy looks like a bloated Russel Norman talks like Hone and fancies himself as batman. Could it be he’s morphing into super lefty man?

    • Chad Chambers

      Nah, he’s a child of the right and the right owns him. Lol.

  • fdfdfdsfdf

    I certainly hope it doesn’t mean “I will bare my buttocks”. That would not do.

  • Andy
  • One night in Hanmer and the world’s your oyster
    The bars are tempting but the drinks ain’t free
    You’ll find a sod in every brazen glimmer
    And if you’re lucky then the drink’s on me
    I can feel a waiter sliding up to me

    • 4077th

      Another Head..Murray this time!

  • cows4me

    Seen he’s been in the SAS the French foreign legion might be up his alley. I’m sure he could peel potatoes.

    • Sponge

      He looks like one!

  • He is going, so forget him and lets use our energy and chase Goff.

  • AMM1812

    A man clearly out of his depth – narcissistic and arrogant – cant be told anything. A legend in his own lunchtime (and dinner time it would seem) Now wants to wage a race war by claiming UTU – hmmmm – good luck when he gets to Jake the Muss’ pub

  • AMM1812

    Related to Clayton Weatherall perhaps……….

  • We are watching first hand the high profile emergence and erruption of one very sick sociopath. Luckily he was identified and hunted down at this stage rather than sometime later when he may have had some power in his hands.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Must have learnt how to communicate as a schoolyard bully…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Gilmore is using the word “Utu”

    Just for you Gilmore, you are obviuosly reading this blog. You need your time travel trousers so you can go back to before you became a cock.

  • Hazards001

    I honestly can’t believe the halfwit sent that.
    Is there no end to the guy’s stupidity?
    Did he not learn from his email debacle that once it’s out there…it’s out there for good?

    Errrr…rhetorical only…clearly the answer to all three questions is a big fat wart faced permed NO!

  • pukakidon

    Who the hell nominated the pile of dog shit for the National List. What an arrogant little turd he is.

  • GregM

    This is a good example of where the candidates college needs a boot right up the slats. National needs to do more to attract quality candidates without quota bullshit, and less influence from the old boys network. If they sort this out, I will fucking stand.
    I would represent the working man who wants to stand on his own feet without interference from government. Growing a business, employing and developing people…fuck I’m halfway there already.
    (Note to self: must stop saying shit, fuck, buggerbum, balls, tittays and oh bite me )

  • Jock40

    Unless he was merely mentioning Utu as a half decent DVD rental, perhaps his text shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. After all, he knows he’s a laughing stock and, as others have said, he may well be finished in this country. Future nil. So if he is seriously thinking about utu, and blaming others for his belly flop from grace, what has he got to lose? He’s already at rock bottom. Telling a waiter in public the PM will get him fired doesn’t strike me as the action of a man whose head is in the right place. And he’s been under huge pressure since then, which can’t exactly have helped his state of mind. Have you seen his eyes in some of the photos of recent days? Talk about the lights are on but no one’s home … Crazy stuff happens these days. Just sayin’.