Green/Labour saboteurs spooking business

It is official…the possibility of a Green/Labour government is spooking business…so much so that they are writing in protection clauses into commercial contracts with the government to protect investment.

Sky City has announced they were ‘spooked’ by Green/Labour intervention.

The Green/Labour vandalism masquerading as power policy has spooked those with capital to invest in New Zealand – after all – why would any employer spend money here if the Government is prepared to rip up the contract, confiscate their property rights and impose new regulation?

Patrick Gower reports:

[T]here’s also a significant penalty clause aimed at Labour and the Greens. The Government will, in return, pass a law change allowing more pokies and more gambling. But there’s more. The casino has negotiated itself protection from a change of government that changes the law back.

“So after we’ve spent our $400 million, if somebody decides to take those reforms away, or change that license or do something, we’ve got nothing and we’ve spent $400 million,” says SkyCity chief executive Nigel Morrison. 

So there’s a compensation clause, saying “if the Crown acts in way to change the concessions, SkyCity will be entitled to compensation”. That’s in place until 2048 – 35 years.

“We consider this to be unconstitutional,” says Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei. “It is a breach of parliamentary sovereignty to lock a government into a commercial deal for 35 years.”

The compensation is based on a proportionate formula. SkyCity gets $11.5 million for every year of contract remaining. So if gambling laws are changed in 2017, SkyCity gets $367 million. A change in 2030, the half-way point, SkyCity gets $201 million.

SkyCity clearly wants insurance against a Labour-Greens government. Mr Morrison says the Labour-Greens power policy spooked it.

“I think corporate New Zealand took a deep breath that day, quite frankly,” says Mr Morrison.

The Greens say, if in government, they will change the gambling laws and test the compo clause.

“We can and we will legislate to repeal this dirty deal,” says Ms Turei.

David Shearer now needs to clarify Labour’s position. Is he signing up to the anti-business policies of the Green taliban?


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  • Green/Labour policy seems to be a scorched earth one.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      But Kiwis don’t care. They want this Government. So let us give it to them. Who wouldn’t like Minty Minto to be Education Minister in-charge of our children?

      • BJ

        Get up with the play. He’s going to be the next Mayor of Auckland

  • High_Tory

    I think whatever your politics, whether National or socialist, you need to see the potential for economic damage by these businessmen being spooked.
    Surely people who vote socialist can see this – afterall it’s them who will lose their employment

  • So let me get this straight, under a Green Govt we will be able to smoke the ‘herb’ but not gamble? It will be so ‘good’ having a big brother look after us so we don’t go astray. Can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t…

    • SJ00

      Can one safely say that smoking the herb makes you come to crazy conclusions and form policy like the Gweens do? They are batshit crazy. They want higher wages, more jobs and yet do everything they can to drive business away and lower wages. I bet they want us all becoming dope growers so we all have a job. They don’t seem to support any other industry (maybe wind farms as well).

  • Whafe

    Green / Labour are trying desperately hard to take us back even quicker to become a third world country…
    Their hypocrisy knows no boundries, its rather frightening actually

    • M Collings

      Hah! On our way? We’re already there son – you just dont know it!!

  • LesleyNZ

    Labour has got to start distancing itself from the Greens or they may as well merge and join the Green Party. Listening to the Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei this morning on Mike Hosking Breakfast you can see clearly that the Green Party are manipulating the Labour Party.

    • Whafe

      Yep, the Green Party is the dog and Labour are the tail…….
      It will take strategy for Labour to distance themselves Lesley, something that Labour does not have nor is capable of implementing, let alone executing

  • Ronnie Chow

    From Stuff this morning…

    “”New Zealanders are speculating on property rather than investing in the productive enterprises that will enable us to pay our way in the world again,” Green co-leader Russel Norman said.”

    Now , that’s just downright confusing . Is Norman pro-business now ?

    • Tigger NZ

      No, he’s just saying he hates homeowners as much as he hates businesses (and taxpayers).

      • Patrick

        I think you will find he hates “other” homeowners, if Mr Norman is a true to form communist he will own a number of properties all the while lecturing the great unwashed on what they can & cannot do. It is the way of the communist – do as I say, not as I do.

    • JC

      It goes like this, Mr Norman..

      1972-75 House buying frenzy.. Labour Govt
      1984-87 House buying frenzy.. Labour Govt
      1999-08 House buying frenzy.. Labour Govt

      2012- ..People expecting Left Govt

      People put their money into housing to protect it from Left wing Govts in this country because its dangerous to invest in businesses and even more dangerous to have taxable assets.

      And one thing NZers know is that the biggest housing rorters are Labour and Green politicians using our money.. that makes housing “safe” to invest in.

      ..but just to be safe somebody should be monitoring Lefty pollies to see if they are selling houses..


    • rangitoto

      Agree with Norman here. Kiwis could be investing in solid businesses like power companies instead of property.

  • Gazzaw

    I’m not clear on exactly what the greens/labour coalition plans are. Construction will have started by the time that they would effectively become the government. Will they halt that and leave a partially built structure as a blot on our skyline? The loss of one thousand jobs in the construction sector must hold serious concerns for the unions.
    Your views please, Peter Conway. The loss of 800 extra jobs in the service sector must hold serious concerns for Unite. Your views please Matt McCarten and John Minto.

    The trickledown benefits of a conference for 3000 delegates are enormous. Sky City can’t accommodate them all – other hotels will therefore be needed. 3000 extra customers for the airlines and the airport. 3000 extra people consuming NZ produce. 3000 extra people paying GST. To threaten this deal is either sheer lunacy or outright industrial sabotage. I suspect the former from labour and the latter for the greens.

    • too right!

    • Whafe

      Oh come on Gazzaw, stop speaking so much sense. :D
      Of whcih I totally agree with you

      • Gazzaw

        Whafe, it’s the trickledown benefits of tourism that people don’t really appreciate. Let’s go back to my 3000 person conference as an example. 3000 people here for four nights would conservatively consume 10,000 eggs for breakfast. Those eggs represent income for the chook farmer, labour for his staff and income spent in the local rural community. The eggs have to be transported to Sky City representing income for the freight company/driver and finally prepared and served by hotel staff. That’s just an egg never mind the veggies, fruit, wine, meat etc. Tourism is such a low impact but hugely beneficial industry and to threaten that is criminal.

        • Harroputza

          Bro, did you do bursary or something? You sound smart. I left after NCEA 1 majoring in rubbish picking and I’m going to sign the petition against this casino cos my mum told me to.

          • Gazzaw

            Harro, you could get lucky and get some overtime emptying the Convention Centre rubbish bins if you join the garbo team at Auckland City. McCarten will collect another union fee too.Everyone’s a winner!

          • Ronnie Chow

            That’s right . People throw away money there .

            Slightly off topic , bet Kiwi’s are crap at promoting their country . Air New Zealand can’t even fill up a plane a day from 126 million Japanese .

          • Gazzaw

            Times are a changing Ronnie. Japanese have far less discretionary spend these days and the yen has been massively devalued (using the Russel Norman technique) which really inhibits longhaul overseas travel. The North Asian tourism focus for NZ has now very astutely switched on to China. There’s an old tourism adage that ‘tourism follows trade’ and China is surely proof of that saying. Air NZ have just announced the closure of the Osaka route which leaves us with just a daily service to Tokyo. Compare that to the direct services to China – twice daily to Hong Kong, daily to Guangzho, daily to Shanghai and three times a week to Beijing.

            Our resources in NZ are stretching to cope with Chinese demand and there is little need at this point in time in encouraging the Japanese market to travel to a destination that they can no longer afford.

            As a bye the bye, with all of those Chinese tourists arriving here and a considerable percentage of them staying at Sky City there’s a fair chance that those extra slots and tables will be fully utilised.

          • 4077th

            I would say almost all of them would visit Sky City not just staying there. Most here would be aware that gambling is illegal in China though regularly ignored. Any destination with a Casino is top of the list for Chinese tourists. Macau on the other hand has many unspoken connections to the Chinese government and many gamblers from mainland China and HK now avoid the place for fear of corrupt officials “taxing” them. Macau was handed back to the Chinese in 1999 and since patronage has pretty much stayed the same for he past decade. You would think given the growth in personal wealth of a huge section of society in China places like Macau should be swimming in money..not so, that is why we will see patronage here grow, that is why Sky City are putting their cock on the block and that is why we will have special new visa categories and fast track visas for travelers “looking to patronize certain attractions” while staying here. I know it sounds a little cynical but my Chinese friends and associates agree.

          • 4077th

            Is that you Materia?

  • Macca

    So did I miss something here? My understanding is that the new convention centre is for just that – conventions from predominantly overseas visitors – so how is that going to impact on current gamblers?
    Surely also there are only so many pokie machine players at any one given time? So if there are an average of 250 machine players 24/7 – whether there are 250 machines or 5000, are there not still only 250 players!
    See the Gweens and Liebour have childishly labelled this the ‘Dirty Deal’! Well they would certainly know all about those!

    • BAM1968a .

      Yes, if you go into any casino you’ll notice the queues of people standing behind each pokie machine desperately trying to get on to have a go.
      These 250 machines equal another 250 problem gamblers.
      Shame on you National and Sky city.

      • Macca

        Hey Fucknuckle – re-read my comment – if you are capable! I used 250 gamblers as hypothetical example!
        I used to have a pokie addiction! Wouldn’t matter how many machines there were – I would have found one!
        There were more pokie machines introduced under Labour and even with these new ones, the numbers are STILL LESS under National than they were when Labour was in power – so get your fucken facts straight if you want to come and blog here with the big boys!!!!!
        Best you go back to your snivellers at the Stranded!

        • BAM1968a .

          Lol, what a tool, obviously I was been far too subtle.

          • Macca

            LOL – Yeah, ya got me! After re-reading your comment I can see where your coming from – went straight over my head!
            Sorry for the tirade but your comment was very similar to the dribble which so often comes from the left! Cheers

      • Harroputza

        I think most people missed the sarcasm. I’ve got your back.

      • LinkinHawk

        I visit casino’s very regularly and have never seen anyone ever queue up for a pokie machine, there always seems to be plenty to go around

    • Gazzaw

      Macca, I am inclined to think that labour has more brains than this but they painted themselves into a corner with their foolish rhetoric last year. What’s more they need the greens to regain power. Labour is between a rock and a hard place right now. They are in fact at a bit of a crossroads and if I were them I would divorce the greens right now, go back to my basic party principles and take my chances in winning the centre-left vote. They probably wouldn’t win in 2014 but they would regain a hell of a lot of respect and be able to rebuild the party without the baggage of the greens and go into 2017 with a degree of confidence..

      • spollyike

        So true. Basically, the Greens are the reason Labour has lost so many voters. Labour should kick the Greens out of Labour!

      • Mediaan

        You are right. The Greens have, amazingly, made Labour start to look quite harmless.

  • Pete George

    Shearer hasn’t climbed on the Green bandwagon – yet. He ummed and ahhed and said he’d have to read the fine print – maybe that’s Labourese for “Hey, Clint?”

    But surely by now Labour realise they can actually look sensible and credible in contrast to the Greens. All they have to do is look sensible and credible. Um. Ah.

    • Hazards001

      “Shearer hasn’t climbed on the Green bandwagon – yet. He ummed and ahhed
      and said he’d have to read the fine print – maybe that’s Labourese for
      “Hey, Clint?””

      I think in Shearers’ case its more like “Hey Helen?”

  • GregM

    Even I think some of the greens environmental policies are good common sense stuff.
    However, ALL of their economic policy will result in absolute destruction of jobs and business.
    People need to think very carefully about this lot and look at the bigger picture before voting for them.
    I also think that “brand Labour” has been irreparably damaged by their sucking up to the Greens.
    Interesting times ahead.

    • Harroputza

      Perhaps National should offer some portfolios to the Greens. Maybe Deputy Maori Affairs or Women’s Affairs to Turei? It worked wonders shutting the Maori Party up by putting them on the inside.

      The thing is that you’re right — they do have some good ideas. It’s just that these are WELL overbalanced by the absolute tripe they spit out 85% of the time.

  • johnbronkhorst

    shearer on breakfast this morning. Started out about….dirty deals etc and went on to point out $90 million in extra taxes collected…then switched back about 30% of community pokie money going into the community compared to 2.5% from sky city.
    To sum up…he doesn’t seem to know what the impact will be or whether it is good or bad. Me….30% back to the community compared to 28% tax PLUS 2.5% to the community is………….30.5% effective tax on sky city.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      You forgot that SkyCity also do the community a favour by running a babysitting service – better on the pokies than stealing my car

  • Rangi

    …and John Key can point the finger at himself for setting up this atrocious affair. Acting beyond your brief, promising things you can’t deliver at the heavy cost of the tax-payer , for something the average taxpayer will get little benefit from. Mr Key, you own this deal. All resulting consequences from Labour/Greens are yours. Accept it, unless of course that tory “accept personal responsibility” doctrine does not apply in this case…

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Those Green party idiots would have us all running around in the nick, smoking dope and shagging trees.

    • Go on…..

    • Doc

      I got f**ked by a tree once, came thru the roof

      • Brian of Mt Wellington

        As long as the whole tree didn’t come thru and root you as well.

  • spollyike

    More evidence of the complete and utter failure of MMP. Like National’s situation with the Maori Party tail doing the wagging, if a Labour/Green coalition is formed we know who will be doing the wagging. We need another referendum on voting styles now that the public and National has had to endure another ludicrous 18months of the farce that is MMP. It’s simply unbelievable that we can have a group of UNELECTED socialist activists under the guise of being a political party making these sorts of decisions on behalf of us all. Seriously, WTF!!

  • I really don’t understand how an apparently intelligent bloke like Shearer has managed to have Labour’s brand seriously harmed by his lurch to the Left to join the Greens. Labour cannot afford to get too much offside with business, because if Labour eventually becomes the senior party in a coalition government, they will need co-operation from businesses large and small.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Labour is 40% unions, who are led by “Chicken Little” whose only contribution to Parliament has been to call employers “parasites”
      The irony there is too comical to mention, because you couldn’t make that stuff up yourself if you had to… but, like it or not, Shearer is like a ditsy Captain of SS Labour – a waka with half rowing one direction, the other rowing the other direction and Shearer in the middle telling both they’re doing great – keep up the hard work.
      Let’s hope they keep Shearer right there for the election… just bring on the Leaders debate… with Norman talking economics…

    • LabTested

      Shearer has no game. He front foots nothing.

      I would love to see a decent Labour party that offered a choice & challenged the government with sensible economic policies

  • tarkwin

    As I said yesterday, why do they hate us so much? Why are they so desperate? Why can’t they win a seat? I will never be a Labour voter but I can’t believe they’ve sunk this low. They need to distance themselves from the Greens while they still have a relevant party.

  • Magoo

    What ‘heavy cost to the taxpayer’ is that Rangi?

    • Rangi

      You did read the bit about damages should the Govt & the NZ people have a change of heart re gambling? Who do you think should pay that?

      • Magoo

        Well that’s up to Labour & the Greens isn’t it. That’s standard practice – Labour & the Greens ratified us into the Kyoto Agreement that had similar clauses if we failed to live up to our agreement.

        It’s called a contract and it’s there to ensure that both parties are negotiating in good faith, and are responsible for their actions should they renege. It won’t be the Nats that cause a ‘heavy cost to the taxpayer’, but Labour and the Greens.

        • Rangi

          When you contract with an entity – its usual to have the mandate JK clearly does not in this instance & he thought he could compel compliance through damages. This is indefensible delusional behaviour. Set aside petty argument & recognise that action for what it is. Fundamentally wrong.

          • Magoo

            What’s wrong is intentional economic sabotage to the country’s economy by Labour and the Greens for their own selfish political ends. The Nats have a mandate, it’s called an election – they’re government and they make the rules. As Cullen said once ‘We won, you lost, eat that’. If people don’t like it they’ll vote the Nats out next election, but if the Nats win again then they have a mandate to continue.

          • Rangi

            Wrong – Key does not have mandate to commit us for 35 years to anything. How else can you describe it other than an abuse of his office?

          • Magoo

            Yes he does, which is why he’s been able to do it. If he doesn’t have a mandate to do so, Labour had no right to ratify the Kyoto Treaty, and government has no right to do anything at all – no trade agreements, nothing. I don’t think you understand, govt makes the law and they can do whatever they like – they can even retroactively change the law to avoid breaking their own laws like Labour did when they were in power with regard to election spending.

            Get over it Rangi, it’s done, and the reason it’s done is because Labour & the Greens were being cocks for their own political gain. If Labour & the Greens hadn’t wanked on about nationalising the electricity market it wouldn’t have been needed.

          • Rangi

            He doesn’t have mandate and as far as I can see, the center is not yet built.
            I don’t share your willingness to have the nation follow JK blindly. Whats the point in you having a vote?

          • rockape

            There was a vote ,we elected a national government and rejected Labour. That will continue for the next two elections, learn to live with it. You seem to forget that National got the biggest percentage of the vote of any party under MMP. If thats not a mandate then what mandate did Labour ever have for any of its policies?

          • Rangi

            I think you’ll find it had more to do with Labour fatigue than anything positive National were promoting.

          • 4077th

            Utter rubbish!

          • Rangi


          • Doc

            For sure, Bro, foreshore

          • Magoo

            Rangi – is the Treaty of Waitangi legal, and if not should we abolish it? After all, it’s an agreement the govt made on behalf of all future generations of New Zealanders, and according to you they had no mandate to do so.

          • Rangi

            Nice example…Egg, It might be better if we just pretend you didn’t post that

          • Magoo

            Poor Rangi, no valid argument just name calling. You’ve painted yourself into a corner Rangi – if Key has no mandate the Treaty is invalid. Now which is it – does Key have a mandate or did the govt. that signed the Treaty not have a mandate? This is a valid comparison of govt power – what’s wrong with the comparison – now go fuck yourself.

          • Rangi

            1. Put your toys back in the cot…

            2. The treaty was between governing bodies not a nation and a private company

            3. The treaty is under many forms of dispute

            4. It is not recognized as “legal”, in practical terms, its more of a guide

            5. This deal has a 173 year advantage in terms of legal precedent

            6. The treaty was written overnight by barely literate goons, isolated from their homeland

            Should I go on? or are you civilised enough to admit the comparison is a bad one

          • Magoo

            ‘1. Put your toys back in the cot…’

            Learn some manners – ‘egg’.

            ‘2. The treaty was between governing bodies not a nation and a private company’

            So? Are you saying that govt bodies don’t have to stick to their deals? No wonder SkyCity insisted on the clause.

            ‘3. The treaty is under many forms of dispute’

            By activists trying to rewrite it to suit themselves.

            ‘4. It is not recognized as “legal”, in practical terms, its more of a guide’

            Bullshit, it’s a legal contract, not something that can be rewritten to suit certain parties.

            ‘5. This deal has a 173 year advantage in terms of legal precedent’

            So you’re admitting it is legal now?

            ‘6. The treaty was written overnight by barely literate goons, isolated from their homeland’

            I wouldn’t call the Rarotongans that – it’s rude. I didn’t know they even knew how to right – they hadn’t even invented the wheel yet.

            ‘Should I go on? or are you civilised enough to admit the comparison is a bad one’

            What a load of hypocritical bullshit. The govt only has a mandate when it suits you is more like it. You’re so full of shit. A contract is a contract, and you’re the one who suggests it’s ok to renege on a contract, not me. If it’s ok then it applies to all contracts, and your excuses just reek of self interest – you’re a hypocrite of the highest order. Now, I suggest you either apologise for mouthing off at me or fuck off and learn some manners.

          • Magoo

            Sorry – write, not ‘right’.

          • Rangi

            No Im not saying renege, Im saying ensure you have a mandate to act otherwise disputes are inevitable. JK wrongly presumes he has mandate without making sure. Its like me selling your house on your behalf without your consent. Then claiming I have the right to do so because Im a sanctioned conveyance expert. Im sorry for the egg slight, I just couldn’t believe someone would compare this deal with the treaty (I still can’t) there’s so many holes its just not worth the effort of explaining. It’s quite obvious you have little to no personal experience with contracts. The distinction is like explaining space travel to a caveman – why would I bother?

          • onelaw4all

            ad hominem = you lose.
            Thanks for playing.

          • Magoo

            I didn’t vote for Key or the Nats.

          • Mediaan

            We noticed.

          • Magoo

            ACT. The Nats are weak, spineless pussies.

          • 4077th

            So Metria, while we are on the subject of abuse of office, how is it your party sees fit to waste more of the tax payers hard earned dollars on 16000 more signatures for a defunct non binding referendum on an non issue?

          • Hazards001

            “Wrong – Key does not have mandate to commit us for 35 years to anything.
            How else can you describe it other than an abuse of his office?”

            Fuck off Metiria, I suspected that was you yesterday now I’m convinced after hearing you on the radio with Hosking this morning.

            So far you illiterate woe begotten trougher you and you’re ilk have wiped off 200 million dollars of the share price of MRP to the citizens of NZ, you are behind the emissions trading scheme that saw prices for essential goods go through the power and fuel and now you want to fuck over the economy once more by denying investment in tourism!

            Is there any industry you would be happy with you McGilarcardy refugee? Apart from of course the marijuana infrastructure you so happily supported?

          • rockape

            So how about changing the treaty of waitangi, that was a n agreement lets just tear that up too. Me i believe in standing by agreements, not doing so means as a country we would be considered untrustworthy. The loss we would face in jobs and economic strength would be a disaster for NZ.

          • spollyike

            Did someone say tear up the Treaty…where?….where!!

          • Rangi

            Lets do that & have a good old civil war, that’ll be good for the economy won’t it?

          • Mediaan

            Wait and see what your controllers say. They might have just that in mind for you.

  • Agent BallSack

    I think New Zealanders hopefully will see that Greens would be worse for Nanny State-ism than Labour under Clarkenfeuhrer ever was. That said theres a lot of stupid people in this country…approximately 36% at the last election.

    • 4077th

      You would like to think so wouldn’t you ABS but it seems almost half of us vote for some of these fuckwits each election.

  • unsol

    I was particularly taken with Metiria’s emphasis on how the convention centre needs to be funded ethically.

    I wonder. Was her $4000 jacket & lovely jewellery & glasses made ethically? Were any children part of the production process – including the overseas mining that produced the raw materials for her jewellery & glasses to be made?

    As for the convention centre – I have no issue with it, especially if the pokies etc move to be cashless. Problem gamblers don’t tend to have very good credit ratings so are unlikely to have credit cards so if they are using eftpos cards well, when the money runs out they will have to stop like they do now.

    But the long term clause in terms of guaranteed profits & potential veto on future law changes that might impact the industry is a little worrying.

    I would like to know more about this.

    • tarkwin

      Animal Farm is clearly their manifesto.

  • Patrick

    Pity your mates didn’t own their deals – $1.5 billion for a clapped out train set, $billions in welfare subsidising employers & those that can structure their businesses through Working for Families, $billions flushed down the toilet through free student loans, $billions gouged from the customers of power companies incidentally in the process jacking up power prices to where they are today. Cullen gets a golden handshake & a gong, Clarke gets to go international wreaking her havoc on a global scale. Pity they don’t own up for their deals Rangi.

    • Rangi

      As far as Im aware Labour do own up to their bits, they don’t go grizzling about reduced share take once out smarted by the opposition. BTW – JK lost $60K on the clapped out train set, nobody minds the subsidies to employers, student loans were a shameless bribe, the only way power companies profit is from increased prices, this is as fundamentally flawed as it is rudimentary.

      • Gazzaw

        Rangi, humour me an tell me what the $60k that JK lost on the clapped out train set is all about. You’ve lost me.

        Employer subsidies? Nothing wrong with that to reduce youth unemployment unless of course you want to keep youth dependent on the state. Everything wrong with using them to enact WFF fraud.

        Totally agree with you re interest free student loans but the Nats didn’t introduce them and should get rid of them.

        The largest price component increase of late has been in transmission costs. Nothing to do with the power companies.

        As far as the MRP share price is concerned the market has since set the going rate at about $2.60 so $2.50 was about right as the launch price. I don’t believe anyone is that concerned and the fact that institutional buyers had to be scaled back slightly to ensure that small private investors got their full allocation shows that the balance was just about spot on. The sad fact though is thinking about how much health and education infrastructure will not be developed because of the talkdown in price expectations. Somewhere around $150mill – thats a hell of a lot of teachers, doctors and nurses. Thanks greens/labour.

        • Rangi

          Nice attempt at misdirection. I thought the driving force was debt control and Greens/Labour’s only legacy, is a check & balance to someone who has as recently as yesterday, abused their office by committing to legislative “amendments” and this nation to a 35year deal with a private company.

          Given that you accept market self correction (indicated above). There really is no reason to fear which is contradictory to the headline of this blog.

          • Gazzaw

            Rangi, I’ve stated my case quite clearly in two or three posts already. As for misdirecting I’ll leave others here to judge who is misdirecting and threadnapping. Your tactics are identical to the other time-wasting disruptive trolls who infest this blog – you join some wellknown company with l’arsehole, Meg, teachersrock and Chad. The irony is that your trolling wouldn’t be tolerated over at the Standard. You can and will of course respond (it takes a lot to get banned here) – youre welcome but don’t expect a response. Life’s too fucken short.

          • Rangi

            Im not sure that counts as a response, but rest assured, I don’t troll. I just don’t like unfettered circle jerks. I promise to post only material that I think will benefit the country and in every case I can, I will support with well founded info. Fair enough??

          • onelaw4all

            To have full market correction, you need to first have a free market.

      • Patrick

        Nobody minds subsidising employers? You have got to be joking, we all harp on about the gap widening between NZ salaries & Australia & Labours answer was to provide subsidies to employers. BTW anyone in business paying themselves minimum wage also qualifies for WFF, all the while their business accumulates wealth by investing in property etc. They then divert the gains through things like Trusts. The taxpayer is subsidising this through WFF. You still don’t mind? The perversity of what Labour put in place is stunning. Power companies were forced to increase the dividend they paid to their shareholder under Labours’ regime – who was the shareholder? The Labour Government. This was a shameless tax on all NZ & BTW those penalised the most were Labours core supporters. The dishonesty in what Labour did was disgraceful. They were too cunning to just come out & raise direct taxes so they used publicly owned utility companies to tax the masses. The sooner public utilities are taken out of Government hands the better.

        • jonno1

          Patrick, you’re right that under Labour individuals could (and did) rort the system by transferring losses from family trusts or LAQCs to personal income and then claiming WFF, but to their credit National put a stop to that for trusts and by changing LAQCs to LTCs. But it’s a pity they haven’t addressed student loans or WFF directly.

  • Patrick

    The more the voters see of the Left the more they will understand the damage they will do if they get into Government. Keep it rolling Norman & Shearer you are digging your own graves.

    • blokeintakapuna

      they sure are – and isn’t it ironic they won’t allow anyone else to do deep mining…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bros – Sheep and his cronies are planning to come to Parliament today with pop corn and coke to listen to Guiltmore. My spies tell me Guiltmore will be spilling some beans on John Key which Sheep will use for political gains. Game over for Nats folks!

    • Ian

      Wrong once again . . . don’t you Labour losers ever learn?

  • Mediaan

    My oh my. Where were Metiria Turei and the Economic Ruin Corps when other long-term contracts were signed?

    There have been thousands. Many have terms worked out in the Courts or by Local Government, under the oversight of central Government.

    Just look at the contracts negotiated by Shell Oil subsidiary Fulton Hogan for ludicrously low penalties (in case of vast environmental despoliation)in their bigger toxic projects? Example, 35 years renewable, penalties up to a ceiling of about $250,000. This was in case of failure to observe environmental safeguards, involving potential to poison and render unusable vast areas of prime farmland and an important river. It was signed off under Labour in 2001.

    Checkpoint Mary on RNZ was trying to out-talk Steven Joyce last night as he explained the background of the casino contract. She was in her mindless prattle mode (she can be very good indeed) and kept reverting to, “But give me a real example of governments signing off contracts binding other governments”.

    Steven Joyce stayed pleasant and polite, and said there were lots, and tried to give a typical one which was hypothetical.

  • Jonathan Pull

    So the contract that was negotiated how long ago was affected by by a comment made merely days ago?

    Id say due to the nature and dislike of gamblings affect on communities that they would have had the clause written down a long time ago.

    This is just a handy case for them to put the knife further into labour/greens and twist.

    Not suggesting the lab/green comment was a good one but to suggest that it affected and already done deal is odd.

    • Mediaan

      So you disagree with statements by one signatory to the contract, the casino, and concurred with by the other signatory, the government, about the content of the contract?
      Based on a rumour you heard (that it was all settled long ago)?
      Where did you go to school?

      • Jonathan Pull

        Have you ever made a comment based purely on rumour?
        When was the last time you gave shearer a hard time about his overseas account?
        Its only rumour how much is in there but I can guarantee people will keep on banging on about it (as they’re entitled to do so).
        Go whinge and judge somewhere else.

        • Mediaan

          Shearer has stated the fact that it exists. How is that “rumour”?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Just a couple of weeks ago.. weren’t labour/greens saying that the electricity business was the ONLY one they would interfere with? Now, barely time for the echo of that stupidity to subside and we have yet another promise to interfere in private business. How long before they are telling every sole trader or high street shop…how much money they are allowed to make?

  • johnbronkhorst

    I have said this before:
    In answer to the labour/greens question….”Where are the jobs?”…Answer…..HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!