Green/Labour wowsers

Years back, when Labour and the Left had a half-way credible claim to represent the interest of workers, they were the people that supported a good family life; beer that wasn’t too expensive, an affordable smoke, and the right to have a bet at the TAB.

Today, the Left, be it the mad Green Taliban or the weak-kneed light-bulb-banning Labour mob, demand that everyone lives the righteous mung-bean eating life of a hemp-clad hippie.   Their way or no way.   What happened?

Australian commentator and University Professor Greg Melleuish identified the trend some time back in Australia:  the return of the Wowser, the obnoxious, controlling zealot who sees your pleasure and freedom as a sin.   And today they are not religious fanatics, they are Green and Left politicians:

WHEN we survey some of the more controversial incidents of recent times, from the attempts to place restrictions on poker machine players to the suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia, there is a connecting thread that almost everyone has missed. This is the return of the wowser.

Wowsers want to improve people and make them better. To do so they have to prevent them from engaging in activities that they find immoral: be it gambling, eating meat, drinking alcohol, smoking or consuming junk food.

My father used to say that for such people if you were enjoying yourself there must be sin involved. 

This week’s debate about the excellent deal that our Government has done to secure a $402 million convention centre at NO COST to ratepayers and tax payers has exposed them further:  They hate business, but they also hate Gambling, a Wowser Sin.

If we limit gambling we can make people better. And, as we all know, it is a fact universally acknowledged that there is not a bogan out there who could not do with some improvement.

The Green and Labour objections are not just an anti-business philosophy; they are an ugly attempt to re-make the population in their own image, as Prof Melleuish points out:

In days gone by, the ideals of wowserdom were often linked with those of eugenics. People could be improved if only their habits and lifestyle were changed; if only they lived a more rational way of life.

Eugenics has often been misunderstood. For one thing it was embraced in countries such as Australia by people who considered themselves to be progressive, who we would describe as being on the left. For another it was as much about changing the environment as it was about selective breeding. It was about making better people.

It was not only Nazi Germany that engaged in activities such as sterilising the unfit. Many countries, including democracies, sought to improve their populations in this way.

It was not politics so much as religion that determined whether a government would seek to go down this road. Protestants generally did, Catholics did not. Fortunately, Australia had a significant Catholic minority.

In a slightly different vein it is worth observing that Hitler and his fellow Nazis were very concerned about cruelty to animals and introduced legislation that made Germany a world leader in this area. They restricted their cruelty only to those people whom they regarded as inferior, all in the name of improving the human race.

Wowsers and eugenicists generally go together as they see the key to a better world lying in the creation of better human beings. Eradicate evils and that will be possible.

The idea that it is the task of the government to improve the people who are entrusted to their care is very dangerous. Are people who do not eat meat or play the poker machines really better than those who do? Do we want the state to attempt to create a utopia of good people who have had their bad bits excised?



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  • Makes me want to open a beer at 08h35, head down to the charty club and smash the pokies ’til my wallet is rent asunder (should be the best 10 minutes I’ve spent this week).

    • Jman

      Don’t forget to eat a cheeseburger while you’re there :)

      • Eating is cheating, it all goes in the pokies and on the piss.

  • High_Tory

    The work of a genius. Wonder why non wowsers won’t repeal anti smoking, drinking, junkfood laws?

    • spollyike

      Because there are virtually no non-wowsers in politics these days. Wowserism is Political Correctness and this is at the heart of progressive politics. The Greens and left have much more of this at their roots, however it has permeated into so-called centre-right government (which is still more left than the left were when Labour stood for those things).

      The only non-wowsers in NZ politics right now would be Winston Peters and Colin Craig, but as these two know too well, it is NOT Politically Correct to be Politically INCORRECT i.e. a non-wowser.

      • Danny-boy

        Bwahaha … you seriously think Colin Craig isn’t a wowser??

        Both Christian conservatives and the New Left are inherently anti-freedom. Both tell you how to live your lives, what you can do with your money, who you can marry, etc. They focus on different things, but they’re two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

        • spollyike

          Conservatives believe that all political ideologies are flawed as ideologies by their very nature must be always right (to the people that invent them). Just look at how the greens always react, look at the failure of communism, look at the failure of socialist multiculturalism in europe, look at the socialist nazis and how they forced their opinion on the population. This is where wowserism leads us. The conservatives don’t do that because the believe in equal opportunity NOT equal outcome.

          As soon as you try to force EQUAL OUTCOMES on a population you have to introduce all sorts of restrictions on the majorities rights, this leads to the disasters of the past.

      • unsol

        Colin Craig…..and the people he employs…like Christine Rankin?

        “The majority of tax-paying families” – what like 10 families?

        That statement is an oxymoron; the majority of families don’t pay tax.

        • spollyike

          Guess it’s not “politically correct” to want no representation without taxation is it?

      • +1. ‘Political Correctness’ is just another indication of man’s infinite capacity for self-deception. And who can trust people who can’t even be honest with themselves?

        • rockape

          Well I always call a spade a spade. Not in the sort of black chap thing, I am talking about the garden impliment sort of thing. I hope i didnt cause anyone any offence!

  • Justsayn

    A good angle for the Nats maybe…

    If you’d rather pay for a convention centre, a Green led Labour Government would stop that to save you. If you want to buy a home that YOU want rather than an apartment a Green led Labour Government would stop that to save you. If you want to do anything they don’t agree with, a Green led Labour Government would stop that to save you. If you want to be what YOU want to be, a Green led Labour Government would stop that to save you. They’ll pass legislation to make sure they get their way, and to save you. Russell Norman knows what is best for you – Yeah right.

    • spollyike

      Fucking Marxists!

      • Danny-boy

        There needs to be a Godwin’s Law for “Marxism”. Until you can argue with reference to dialectical materialism or historical determinism, STFU.

        • spollyike

          Who gives a flying-fuck what godwit thinks?

          I’ve just spent the last few months reading about cultural marxism so is it “politically incorrect” according to Danny-boy for me to form my own opinion now is it?

    • Kebq

      National is the same however they get kickbacka to leep u as a slave

      • Justsayn

        There is no slave leeping around here anymore, not since the last one got pregnant anyway.

  • BJ

    No doubt there will come a day when the pleasurable sex between the two different genders is considered immoral and that procreation should happen in a test-tube

    • Phil

      I tried that once but the test tube broke and ended up with glass and blood everywhere.

      • spollyike

        Umm, not sure how to say this Phil, but i’m pretty sure you weren’t meant to put it up the “back-passage” you know.

    • LabTested

      Have you been talking to my ex wife?

    • unsol

      Absolutely. I am surprised it hasn’t happened already. Having babies the old fashioned way makes things far too complicated emotionally whereas test tube is clinical, emotion free & better still, would stop those who can’t afford to have children or are too screwed up to be good parents, from having them – IVF is expensive (at the moment you only get 2 free goes so at worst, bad people would only get to have 2 kids)

      Plus we all know that those wanting to “procreate” don’t really have pleasurable sex – wanting babies turns men from being sexy to mere potential baby batter……so the most pleasure they (men) often get is from their latest Penthouse mag.

      • Hazards001

        God you say some stupid shit sometimes!

        • unsol

          Maybe you should have stayed at that private school longer – reductio ad absurdum is clearly lost on you.

          • Hazards001

            yep. I’m a very literal person. Very!

  • rockape

    Great line Cam. I have always believed that Labours problem is not that the “Workers” are leaving Labour, its that Labour has left the workers. I still believe the average Kiwi, myself included wants a decent house ,enough cash to look after my family and have a few beers and the odd BBQ with my mates. Mainly I dont need Auntie Labour running my life for me.

    • And a boat, don’t forget the boat.

      • LabTested

        …and a Harley D.

        (Loud Pipes Save Lives)!!!

        • rockape

          I have two boats does that excuse me from owning a harley?

          • spollyike

            kayaks don’t count as boats bro.

          • rockape

            big luxury boats do! I keep My kayaks in a rack on the deck,along with the outboard, the RIB my bikes and the barbie.

          • spollyike

            yeah thought so….

          • kehua

            `as in Barbie Doll` ??

          • LabTested


  • tarkwin

    Louisa Wall is a good example. She pushed through her marry anyone bill and then spent the other day protesting outside a shop selling legal highs. I’m not saying either of these things are right or wrong, I want to know who put this wowser in charge of the moral compass.

    • unsol

      Actually you will find that rather than being a self-appointed societal moral compass, Louisa is being a hypocrite – she campaigned to remove the State from interfering in one aspect of our personal lives & now appears to be campaigning to get the State to restrict other aspects of our lives.

      And there is nothing wrong with legal or illegal highs – Yyou know, all things in moderation and all that.

      • tarkwin

        My point exactly, wowser/Hypocrite/Green/Labour – all peas in the same pod.

        • unsol

          Can’t disagree with that!

      • spollyike

        Wrong Unsol, so so wrong….she did actually legislate to have the state interfere with our lives – as we know the majority of NZ’ers did not want Homo marraige but it was forced on us none-the-less.

        So in reality she is being VERY consistent and has simply moved on to the next item of her socialist agenda.

        Don’t confuse Gay rights with meaning more freedom for everybody, the socialist want everyone to be completely equal in terms of outcomes. For example they deconstructed SEX to create GENDER, which means you can be whatever “sex” you feel like, be it a male who “feels” like a female, or a female who “feels” like a male. What they want is amorphous sexuality as they mistakenly believe this leads to sexual freedom (this started in the ’60’s), they believe whether we are female or male is simply a social construct, which is of course BULLSHIT.

        • unsol

          Oh of course, I forgot your marriage is now null & void because Steve & John are about to get married and you are now being forced to take one up the arse – daily.

          My condolences.

          • spollyike

            It’s just another NAIL in the COFFIN that is the FREEDOM of the INDIVIDUAL, that’s all. It’s just another law that say’s “you can’t do this, you must do this”. It’s PC, just like banning Bullrush at schools, and we can never get it back.

          • Bad__Cat

            Love the capitals (not).

          • kehua

            Get a life unsol, you are coming across like an immature 15 year old teenager.

        • Andy

          Brendan O’Neill has written some interesting stuff on this over at Spiked Online

        • BJ

          Spot on Spolly!

  • In Vino Veritas

    So, it appears that the Greens, having a communist leader and a McGillicuddy Serious co-leader, are also Facists and National Socialists! Both ideoglogies have eugenics as a main tenet. The infighting must be vicious!

  • Andy

    I suppose Britain’s answer to non-PC politics is Nigel Farage and UKIP. I have doubts about their ability to form any type of cogent political force, but they are definitely gaining ground as we saw in the recent elections

  • Andy

    The Origins of Political Correctness – worth a read

    • spollyike


  • Kebq

    This is both a left and right thing. And i would argue that the right is worse. Just look at Peter Dunne

    • spollyike

      You would lose that argument utterly and completely my friend.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “IMF confirms NZ has the right balance – English” on Yahooxtra…so forget the labour/green wowsers nobody believes them!!!!

  • BR

    Labour these days represents only poofs and overpaid academics.


    • spollyike

      So funny, but oh so true.

  • Rangi

    Nazi’s Cam?? Really??

  • philbest

    One of the best ever rants on this general topic: James Delingpole: “Australia’s Green Orchidectomy”.

    “….A week into my Australian tour and I already I love the country
    and its people so much I could happily stay here forever. There’s just
    one small problem – well, one bloody big problem actually: the rampaging
    political correctness. How, in God’s name, did the robust, no-nonsense
    pioneer spirit of the original settlers who carved an earthly paradise
    out of burning hell allow itself to be watered down, warped and
    wimpified by a minority of tofu-knitting greens and tight-sphinctered

    • Andy

      I *heart* Dellers

  • PlanetOrphan

    Is there a difference between …
    Winning an election
    Winning at the pokies
    Winning *bloody* Xfactor !
    let alone Any other game we play to while away time or hone our skills.

    Everone needs to step back and observe themselves in silence for a minute M8!

  • J.M

    Good post. Just cracking open a beer right now BTW.

    I hate the fact that many on the left think they have the right to dictate the way I lead my life. The whole minimum drink price debate really pissed me off. I’m a mortgage paying, family man, and my income is the only income going into the house. I like to have a beer or two once or twice a week when I get home from work. My alcohol budget is $20 a week max, and those cunts want to price alcohol to the point where I can’t afford to wind down on a Friday. Fuck them.

    • Hazards001

      Same here….errr…sorta. Well I do like a beer, I am the only
      income in my house and I do pay for a family..(the fact that I’m
      divorced and live alone has fuck all to do with it).
      Leave my beer alone like JM sez…wowser bastards!

    • Get some home brew going. Once you have the equipment, you can lay down 23 litres for about $25. I’ve not yet done it myself, but a mate has and the product is pretty decent. I’m kicking off my first effort this weekend. Get the kit here:

      And then you really can say ‘fuck them’ sensibly, over a beer.