Greens bullying the media

Both co-leaders of the Greens were attempting to bully Patrick Gower on Twitter last night.

Sensitive are they?



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  • Lion_ess

    Spelling tip for Metiria – “Roll of Fat” is not like “Electoral Role”. Just saying, for next time.

  • maninblack

    That Norman is a total cunt. I heard him today saying that National has blatantly stolen the assets of New Zealanders and they had already paid for it. What about the 1.4 billion dollars they now have you commie bastard and they still own 51% off it.
    I really wish he would fuck off back to Aussie.

    • Bob

      Ruseel Norman, Co-leader of the Green Party is an utter cunt..

  • JeffDaRef

    I know Paddy Gower – he’s not easily bullied, and especially not by pathetic weasels like Norman…

  • johnbronkhorst

    well…Russell and metiria….just 2 words. .boo hoo and the only question I have for you….Do you get tired of ALWAYS being wrong???

    • Hazards001

      “well…Russell and metiria….just 2 words. .boo hoo and the only
      question I have for you….Do you get tired of ALWAYS being wrong???”

      Lol..I thought your two words were going to be “Useless C**ts” …..but you always did have more style than me! :-)

  • tarkwin

    The true colours come out when they lose. The greens are nothing but a bunch of sore losing communist wankers who trow the toys out of the cot regardless of cost when they don’t get their way.

  • GregM

    It looks like Pedro can finally see through their bullshit. Good on him.

  • Honcho

    Someone needs to tell Wussel that Mickey Mouse isn’t a real person.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Apparently Mickey Mouse wears a Russell Norman watch.

      • Honcho

        ^^^ Nomination for comment of the week!

    • Phil

      he is real he signed a petition…oh!

  • LesleyNZ

    I heard that someone rang talk back in the early hours this morning. They told how they were standing beside some anti Mighty River Power lot who were bugging passers-by to sign their petition. Some tourists came by and said they were tourists and didn’t live in NZ. They said not to worry as it didn’t matter – so the tourists signed the petition. DUMB! Russel Norman is showing arrogance by saying those who bought shares are rich and not ordinary New Zealanders. Russel and the other leader of the Greens should be very, very careful – Paddy is not one to be bullied and his track record shows this very clearly. Clint really does need to be somewhere close by……………………………….

  • Bunswalla

    As Russell said to me whilst gleefully loading the boxes of signed petitions into the back of his gay watermelon-mobile, “The thing you have to understand Buns is that there are three types of people in this world – those who can count and those who can’t.”

  • Patrick, I like you, TG your a real person, I thought you may have been one sided.
    Normal Norman you little FREAK take your show and your monkeys mates on a forest walk and F*&( off.
    What the F*&( is he called DR for?

    • LabTested

      ‘What the F*&( is he called DR for?’

      He has a Phd in Political Science. Wrote his Thesis on the Alliance Party

      • Really? I thought it might be something useful and green, to back up his standing on green issues. So basically he has a degree is spinning shit (like many on the left?)

  • Gary

    So the Greens believe that 25% of petition signers have moved since signing? No wonder we have trouble knowing which planet Norman and Turei are on, they obviously change planets regularly…

  • Sarrs

    I have a confession to make…I smiled politely and signed the ones in Invercargill no less than 10 times as Mike Hunt of 123 Fa’ke Avenue, Fa’ke North. And I giggled like a school kid after every single one.