Greens “desperately” seeking signatures after “debacle”

via the tipline

The Greens are stating they are “desperate” to collect the extra signatures and describe the petition as a debacle in an email sent to recruit more to the cause.

From: Sarah Bracey <[redacted]>
Date: Sat, May 11, 2013 at 6:19 PM
Subject: [[email protected]] [email protected] Update No. 2
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]nz>

Hey Guys,

A couple of things –

Almost immediately after sending the last announcement, the Keep Our Assets petition debacle (am I allowed to say that? I think we’re all thinking it!) came to my attention. The Keep Our Assets coalition desperately needs another 16,000 signatures to be collected in the next two months in order to force a referendum to stop further asset sales. 

It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s got to be done. The immediate plan is to blitz the Hub on the Kelburn Campus between 11am and 1pm this coming Friday(the 17th). We’ll have some Keep Our Assets t-shirts and clipboards – all you need to do is turn up. So, if you think you’ll be free – even if you can only do half an hour – please send me an email ([redacted] so that I’ll know to expect you. We’ll meet at 11am next to the sliding door going out to the main courtyard. It would be great to have a decent number of people wandering around the Hub – please try to make a bit of time for this extremely important cause.

Ka kite,



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  • Wile E Coyote

    They never fecking learn do they? Put nothing in writing. Ever. it will get leaked and you will get mocked.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    They will probably send this sort of desperate email out to tree huggers on General Election Day to boost their vote tally total. I wonder if they did this last election?

  • 16,000 in 2 months? It seems Mr U R Nutz and his numerous colleagues will have to ride again.

    • Gazzaw

      I was just thinking the same Mark. It’s time to resurrect Julius Caesar & Winston Churchill yet again. I might even try M.R.P. Shareholder this time around.

      • I was thinking of working my way through Admirals Nelson’s captains at Trafalgar. I suspect a name like Eliab Harvey might ring a few alarm bells. But then someone got the name John Key P.M. past the keeper so anything’s possible!

        • Grizz30

          This name has probably been voided as he likely signed it more than once.

  • williamabong

    Bring your petition round and I will show you what it’s good for, dunny paper

  • Morgy

    “The Keep Our Assets coalition desperately needs another 16,000 signatures to be collected in the next two months in order to force a referendum to stop further asset sales.”
    Stop further asset sales? Are they that delusional? It will stop nothing!! NOTHING! They clearly think it is a hassle and a “debacle” so why don’t the grassroots tell the generals to pull their heads in?
    Also, I would have though their targets at the Kelburn campus would have already signed the petition?

  • BR

    Sign early, sign often.


  • hey wont it be funny when they get another 100.000 dud signatures.

  • XM16E1

    Do the auditors check every sig or just a sample? I’d hate to sign a few times only to have them counted..

    • WayneO

      They do a statistical cross section that extrapolates to a final result. Sign as many fakes as you can!

      • XM16E1

        OK so 20 times is better than 2. Usually I try to keep my distance from those smelly petition gatherers but guess I can hold my nose & do my bit.

  • Troy

    Time for the Kelburn Campus young Nats to mobilise and initiate a blockade or similar action to prevent these goats from pressuring people or to at least observe, take photos of the coercion tactics these toxic greens are using. Let them be exposed for what they are.

    • dyannt

      My thoughts exactly, Troy. If I lived in the vicinity I’d be around there to silently “get in the way”.

    • Yep, the young Nats should start a blockade. All two of em.

  • cows4me

    No one has ask me to sign, I can be contacted on ……………..please included a couple of bottles of rough red.

  • thor42

    I’m sure I can scrawl illegibly enough that they don’t recognise “Frodo Baggins”………

  • Rather than signing with false names or multiple times, you could try my trick; engage the petition-holder in a debate over asset sales. My best was around 35 minutes, in which time at least 100 people went past, unbothered by said petition-holder. And when the time elapsed and the debate stopped, I wished the earnest person a good day, and wandered off, without signing! Works a treat…

    • LabTested

      I had a GreenPeace guy knock on my door a couple of years ago. had an interesting conversation asking him lots of pointed questions. after about 40 minutes he asked ‘can i go now’

  • Might carry my own ‘leaky’ fountain pen for the next couple of months.

  • steve and monique

    Debacle.Sums up the Greens perfectly

  • Sponge

    I had signed quite a few times as “Brian Buggery” in the hope that it would not just upset the petition but also the equality folks too.

    Before all the chutney ferrets get upset I couldn’t care less what people do in bed so long as it does not involve kids.

  • fdfdfdsfdf

    Time, once again, to dust off R S Bandit

  • SJ00

    How about signing it whilst holding an open cup of coffee.. ‘accidentally’ spill the coffee on the petition, hopefully you destroy the whole page but you should make a good chunk of the other signatures unreadable.