Helen Kelly’s Hypocrisy

That sanctimonious cow Helen Kelly is having a crack at Aaron Gilmore.

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said Gilmore’s behaviour towards the waiter demonstrated his ”completely unacceptable attitude”.

Gilmore had abused a position of power, she said, and shown an ”absolute disregard for the law and respect for working people”.

He had not considered the impact the ordeal would have on the waiter and his livelihood, she said.

”You put yourself in this young person’s position and that’s a very very difficult position to be in,” she said. 

”In a place like Hanmer, where employment is not plentiful, it’s a huge threat.”

Kelly said Gilmore should face serious consequences for his actions.

”If he won’t resign, I think they should kick him out,” she said.

”This issue raises questions on the nature of the National Party.”

Of course his behaviour is top shelf dick head but, and maybe it’s my memory, I don’t recall the unions calling for Dover to go when he urinated in a hotel corridor and possibly on a hotel employee.

How do you spell hypocrisy again?


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  • Jimby

    Hypocrisy? Not really.. Gilmore directed his attacks at a hospitality worker, Samuels pissed on a floor.

    • OT Richter

      Who had the privilege of cleaning it up? Sticks and stones…

      • Mediaan

        Precisely. A boor, an idiot, a big-headed selfish nothing, who didn’t care a bit about the revulsion and extra work caused to the hard-working hotel cleaners.

        How respectful was that?

        • Tony

          which one are you talking about? Dover or aaron?

    • Patrick

      What about Aunty Helen dropping two poor employees right in the crap when she ordered them to speed while driving her to a rugby game?

  • GregM

    Two points ;
    1: So the head of the CTU wants someone sacked without process being followed?
    2: Has this stupid woman any idea how MMP works? Even if he was sacked, he could still stay there, same as Brendan Horan.
    Why does the media continue to give these numpties oxygen.

    • Mediaan

      She is a law graduate and an ex-teacher, dangerous and a liar by omission rather than a numpty. Two-faced, slick, expedient.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        She will be your Labour minister in the government of the Communists and hippies in 2014.

        • Sponge

          You are probably right – dear sweet christ what will become of this wonderful country….

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Once the Kiwis undergo a spell of rule by this morons, it will be a very very long time before the Communists and Hippies are elected again….

          • Sponge

            Yes but the damage they will do hardly bears thinking about. I own a small business (employing 7 – soon to be 9) and they honestly terrify me.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Now I have included you in the Rich Prick’s list and a potential target for higher taxes in 2014. So be very afraid.

          • Sponge

            Oh god!

          • Mediaan

            It’s not the higher taxes that people fear. It is stupidity and immaturity.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Yup , National are the Dentists , and L&G are the Dental Caries .

          • Mediaan

            No worries. The NZ voter has a way of getting it right.

        • Mediaan

          We are now halfway through a government term, Circle-Inside, not at the election.

          Further, in the interests I hope of causing you utter despondency, because underneath your scrawny righto feathers you just talk left-left-left, just try to stack this inside your brain beside the thumbed copy of Marx and other bibles.

          The long-enveloping NZ commie press is rapidly losing money and grip.

          Fairfax is lessening its power to persuade us every day, just through over-use of the propaganda button. And APN, which wrote itself down hundreds of millions last year, is now very tacky and discredited.

          Evidence: ask the sales staff of each what they can get from a big retail full page ad these days. The true figure. And check it against the company books,revenue from advertising.

  • OT Richter

    I don’t like her.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Like it or not OT Bro – She will be your Labour minister in the government of the Communists and hippies in 2014. Take that on the chin.

      • Mediaan

        Are they that stupid? If they have any brains, it will be Little or Fenton.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Now that you have woken up to the reality of Communist-Hippies regime, it doesn’t matter who the Labour Minister is!!! It doesn’t take that many skills to close a business let alone start one.

          • Mediaan

            Too rushed, your assumptions. Shadow portfolios, they are known pre-election.

        • Bradley A

          Really? Kelly, Fenton, Little, Same colour, tar brush.

          • Mediaan

            Kelly is worse. She is a careerist like Clark, who will do or say anything to serve her own ambitions. Shallow and unlikeable.

            There is some goodness, even if misguided, in the other two.

            Fenton comes from a line of the real unionist-labourites, who really thought about the worker. Her grandfather was also an MP.

            Andrew “scuttle from Judith Collins’ servers” Little at least came out against the corrupt acts of Taito Phillip Field.

    • dianne65

      I cannot stand this witch Kelly. She is a very destructive person. Getting rid of Unions would be the best thing that ever happened in this country.

  • maninblack

    i wouldnt fuck her if he was the last female on earth.

    • GregM

      Oh I would.

      • You like women with moustaches?

        • cows4me

          Greg probably didn’t know she was a she.

          • Hazards001


          • GregM

            That’s enough out of you too :-)

          • blokeintakapuna

            She’s part Greek… And takes after her Grandma..

          • Bradley A

            Greek is good, as in sexual act..

        • GregM

          Eww nooo! I’m off to get some new glasses, don’t do hairy chicks.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Just vomited.

      • Rodger T

        That`s called BEASTiality where I come from and I think it might be against the law, unless you live in Hamilton.

      • Lofty

        Me too Greg…..last woman and white stuff to release…….no issue.
        I would not be proud of myself..but needs must.

    • BJ

      You think she’s a he?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Could be……

    • Cadwallader

      You may as well, once it gets to Cabinet it’ll fuck the lot of us!

    • jennywren

      You know, I was already wondering who the morons were when I read Sir Cullen’s Sidekick’s oh so intelligent “this morons”. I could forgive that as a typo, however the string of comments which began here certainly clarified it for me.

      This Helen Kelly article is the only one I’ve read here so far, but I can already gather from it, and the comments here, that you all seem to be the type of people who have a problem with environmentalists but wouldn’t live near a polluted stream, or that you have a problem with the welfare system but you would also complain about the amount of beggars and thieves.

      And the hypocrites are . . . who?

      • Mediaan

        Environmentalists? The Lab-Greens wouldn’t even know what a real environmentalist was.

        Greens, so-called, are using the environment as a cunning label. It works.

        Check out their extremely poor environmental records to date.

        Kennedy Graham, who didn’t understand until recently why people avoided waste of paper. Just didn’t get it.

        Eugenie Sage, whose previous role in the (infamously stupid and inefficient) Canterbury Regional Council saw her commissioning individual helicopters, one per woodsman, to cut down wilding pines in the back-blocks for days and weeks on end.

        Reason? “They were not indigenous trees.”

        Quite apart from the cost to ratepayers, do you know the emissions to air and water bodies of running helicopters? And the burden to the environment of the toxic by-products of their manufacture? The woman is zero use.

      • Mediaan

        I am probably wasting my breath, but…

        Welfare payments have no known relationship to lowered crime occurrence statistics. They may even cause more crime.

        This is because people accepting them start to believe it is being paid because it was owing to them. It is a mechanism for rebuilding their own egos.

        They move on from that to believing the world has not been nice enough to them yet.

        Combined with the poor social training and attitudes that probably put them there in the first place, e.g. inability to defer gratification (a proven concomitant of delinquent behaviour and lack of life planning), it is a short step to committing crimes for profit.

      • Agent BallSack

        So you would only need to read one chapter of the bible to know it also is a load of bat shit crazy ideas designed to keep the hoi polloi in check? Just Saying.

    • jennywren

      Oh and btw maninblack, what makes you think she’d be asking

      • Mediaan

        Completely missed the point, didn’t you.

      • OT Richter

        That lonely, look of desperation.

  • Phar Lap

    Now what was the story on the cabinet minister in the LIE-bour Government.Named Ruth Dyson in charge of a vehicle, as well as ACC at the time.She was said to be as drunk as a skunk.Wonder what Kelly’s take would be on that one.If she runs true to form,it would be,” she wouldn’t have killed anyone she was not driving fast.”.

    • Mediaan

      Yes. Failed on respect for the law, failed on respect for other working people on the roads.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Phar Lap – Old story bro. Dictator Clark immediately stood her down and showed leadership. We can’t expect that from Naked Emperor.

      • Mediaan

        No. My understanding is that Dyson stood down herself.

        She fronted up immediately and showed full honest disclosure, resigning. Dyson acted correctly.

        Dictator Clark and leadership: huh! Hasn’t been seen yet. Probably never will.

        • Timboh

          With due respect, nothing animate or inanimate did anything during the Clark rain (deliberate) without approval or dictate from the H team. Respect History, read it or with due respect STFU.

          • Mediaan

            The H team! You said it. Precisely. Clark went along with it for reasons of her personal ambition.

          • Mediaan

            No, you get to re-write history AFTER you win the war. You haven’t won it yet.

    • Troy

      Kelly has a habit of forgetting the indiscretions of her left wing loonies… maybe a long list needs to be sent to her so that she can decide whether to shut the fuck up.

      • Agent BallSack

        There are valid excuses for every one of those sad tales. Tories made them do it.

  • cows4me

    What a shameless bitch, she couldn’t give a fuck how many lost their jobs in the Hobbit fiasco. What a nasty vile piece of work. It would have made her day if someone had lost their job, this is just cheap political point scoring . Maninblack, I’ve got better looking cows then this piece of muck, I concur with your sentiments.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Hmmmm emotional response bro. Show some respect for Kels.

      • cows4me

        If she was a farm dog we would affectionately refer to your beloved Kels as a turner, turns good food into shit.

  • Mediaan

    Then there is the filthy convict ex-Labour MP Philip Field. Didn’t show a lot of regard for the law, or respect for working people, did he, Helenpocrisy?

    Used his high government status to try and get work done for nothing, didn’t he?

    Despite obvious greed, abuse of power, and criminal corruption, the Clark eye couldn’t see it for simply years.

    • Mediaan

      Even Andrew Little spoke out on the bad character of Taito Phillip Field. He said that Labour should not be supporting a man who was running a slave labour empire preying on illegal and/or vulnerable immigrants …

      Not Helen Kelly, not a word. Not the Labour caucus, not a word.

      When putting Field away for a long sentence, the Court convicted him on 11 counts of criminal corruption as an MP, and on 15 counts of trying to pervert the course of justice.

      All crimes committed against working people. All crimes against the law.

      But not one word of condemnation from (law graduate) Helen Kelly.

      Devious poser.

      • Bradley A

        Simlpy, adressed as “Phillip Field” to us european folk

        • Mediaan

          Skipping the silly posing (you sound like a relative of poseur Helen Kelly, trying to suggest enormous Pacific Island cultural wisdom) —

          — but the inclusion of “taito” makes for a good quick search string, to us New Zealand folk.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      It is the vote bank bro, vote bank….

      • Mediaan

        What vote bank! You are imagining it.

        Not many signed-up unionists are around, since the abolition of compulsory unionism. Just look at their lame parades.

        And regular New Zealanders don’t like a hectoring, ranting, devious woman.

        Especially one with her butt on a throne built out of their too-high Union fees, taken out of their wages that they work hard for …

  • Hollyfield

    Aaron Gilmore sounds like a right tosser. However, does anyone else see the irony that he is being criticised for telling a waiter he would get him fired, and his critics are calling for him to be fired.

  • Hazards001

    The correct spelling of hypocrisy is Helen…errrr Cl…..?…no….ummmm no…wait a sec it’s Ke…fuck…nope..no idea..can’t spell it…next word please….

  • Grizz30

    The Kiwiblog reference infers that it was Joe Hawk and not Dover in the updates. Can anyone clarify which was the MP concerned in 2005 who found the lemon tree in the hotel lobby?

    • Mediaan

      Wikipedia says:
      (Dover Samuels) was reinstated as a Minister of State in 2002, but in 2005 was involved in further controversy following a late-night incident in which he publicly urinated in a hallway within Auckland’s Heritage hotel.

      • Bradley A

        Good pedigree the “Heritage Hotel Group”…

        • Mediaan

          You are suggesting the Samuels and Gilmore incidents were in some way influenced by it being The Heritage?

    • Dover did one, Farrar thought it as his second offence but the previous one as joe Hawke

  • steve and monique

    Dumb yes,deserve’s a kick up the ass yes,deserves to loose his job,no. Ok he is a dickhead for what he did. How many employees have made complete tossers of themselves while on the piss. Did Hone get asked to quit with his racist rants,no. Did Russel Norman get asked to quit when he made an ass of himself with the Chinese,no. The list is long,and not just in National.Live in glass houses,do not throw stones.As for Kelly,well best to just be seen as an idiot,then to open your mouth and prove it.

    • Honcho

      My thoughts exactly, does he deserve to get fired? no, does he deserve to get pushed down the list next term and let someone competent step up? yes. If he is to lose his job, then that’s the way it will be lost. Give it time, and in the mean time stop giving Helen Kelly oxygen.

  • I hear she is being served very well these days.

  • johnbronkhorst

    absolute disregard for the law and respect for working people”. and where was she on Leanne dalzeil’s drink driving???

  • Ian

    It is with disgust I see this evil snake in your column. She is as bad as Norman, and is a treasonous cow.

  • john bryson

    will Kelly try for a seat or the list like Andrew Little?

  • stephen

    Of course its hypocrisy. I don’t recall the same demands from the left calling for Labour’s Ruth Dyson to quit parliament after careering off down the road drunk endangering the lives of all before her. She put herself on naughty seat (backbench for a while)