Hey Clint – the “Blame Canada!” version

The Greens want to prohibit testing of party pills on animals – but are they really promoting MAC (Mothers Against Canada). The second to last bullet point, at bottom of the webpage encouraging submissions on the bill reads:

“Belgium, Estonia, Slovak Republic, Germany have also all banned testing tobacco and Canada.”


I can understand banning the testing tobacco, but banning of Canada as well seems extreme. What have the Belgiums, Estonians, Slovaks, and Germans got against Canadians?

Or do they just watch too much South Park?


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  • peterwn

    The Greens have just made the argument for banning them – if they cannot be tested on animals, then kids should not be allowed to test party pills on themselves.

  • Drhill

    When did the Greens become the Animal Welfare party (or the branch of PETA)?

  • Patrick

    I was going to suggest using the Greens to test party pills but in fairness you would probably want to use a species as similar as possible to humans – rats are a closer match than the Greens.

  • tarkwin

    That episode of South Park was hilarious.

    • Drhill

      the movie you mean…

      • tarkwin

        You’re right, I was thinking of another one. let’s face it they have taken the piss out of Canada a fair few times.

  • parorchestia

    Seriously, I wish all testing on animals (and Canada) could be stopped, but there are still many applications that need to be tested on animals rather than humans. The UK has banned much animal research for decades and, in consequence, has produced no drugs of value (penicillin was a Canadian/USA discovery using the plate that was contaminate by Fleming who took it no further and so is not the discover of penicillin) whereas Italy which has far more sensible laws regarding research has produced 400+ drugs of value to humans. There are always consequences….

    • Hazards001

      Waaaaah…and I suppose next we shouldn’t eat them either? Hand in your man card!