Hey TVNZ! Tell your viewers the real story


Big Ole Pat Newman, Labour flunky and go to man for TVNZ

It seems a certain Pat Newman has become a “go-to” school principal for TVNZ, for comment on all kinds of issues.

Good old Pat duly provides a negative response with obligatory digs at the Government.

Pat somehow manages to squeeze power bills into the food in schools debate

Meanwhile on Breakfast he is allowed to pontificate on all that is wrong with our country – with the help of some utterly inane questions.

But why would good old, caring Pat be so concerned about the state of the country and continually want to say how terrible everything is?

I’ll tell you, shall I?

Because he is also this Pat Newman;

And this Pat Newman;

And this Pat Newman;

And this Pat Newman;

And most disgraceful of all, this Pat Newman.

What are the chances that when he is next on TVNZ, he is introduced as failed Labour candidate, bully and all round nasty piece of work, Pat Newman?


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  • LesleyNZ

    For balance TVNZ must now interview the Principal of Yendarra school in Otara, Susan Dunlop. She tells the TRUTH and has a solution to the so-called starvation problem. Suggest Principal Pat gives Principal Susan a call. She talked to Leighton Smith about Wednesday’s announcement of a food in schools plan. She says the hype over the programme has portrayed many parents in a bad light and that they can be damaging. Have a listen –

  • blokeintakapuna

    …and if there was any doubt about MSM / Labour / Union patsy’s – here he is.
    Wanna-be Education Minister… well his report card should read “FAILED – too much cronyism, too much regurgitating propaganda and because you’re a nasty piece of bitter, angry, work, children should not be exposed to your toxic attitude. FAILED”
    …and now that you’re a complete failure – you’re the perfect candidate for a list MP with Labour – because it’s unlikely scum like this could win over an entire electorate – even in Tikipunga / Whangarei

  • Red

    Yeh – shame on the media…. The rest of us actually do notice how readily they’ve taken to slagging one side – and pandering like lap dogs to the others. I suspect it’s nothing to do with their political attitudes though – it’s because they’re not very bright and being negative is far easier… that’s all. TV1’s breakfast people seem required to have a serious round table discussion each morning now, on matters of the day…. you’d hear more incisive debate at a bar

    • spollyike

      Haha, yeah that TV1 wank session is a joke, you can actually physically see them thinking whether or not what they want to say is PC enough or not.

  • Harroputza

    What an absolute failure of the education system! I had hoped that our schools would be able to produce teachers who can write properly, let alone principals, but obviously not. That’s without even commenting on what a disgusting human being he appears to be with his comments.

    He is the utter antithesis of Allan Peachey.

  • rockape

    Hate to change the subject a bit! I watched Cambell live last night, the case of the family of 5 earning $250 and paying rent of $250 for a single room. Theguy didnt apear a bludger and came across well. My argument is with the reporting and I am considering a complaint with Broadcasting standards. The Statement was made that he has now got a full time job and was earning $400 per week and therefore had an extra $150 to spend. In all this reporting No Mention was made of the benefits recieved. Could any one advise or point me in the right direction to find the info. Work and income wont answer.
    Family 2 adults 3 kids under 10.
    Income part time$250
    Rent $250
    Housing benefit?
    WFF ?
    Income Support ?
    Child Allowance ?

    Same figures when Income rises to $400
    Help much apreciated and I will take the complaint forward.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Don’t know the info… But good on you and thanks. About time the BSA had someone shove a rocket up their butts to help open their eyes and ears

    • Jonathan Pull

      From what I understand it’s private information held between WINZ and the beneficiary. The reason those figures make it to the news is because the beneficiary supplies them.
      Why you feel the need to know this mans income is strange. How can you lay a complaint based on the fact they haven’t given the mans financial details for the country to mull over and then ridicule him about (because lets face it, that’s all that ever actually happens).
      Of course if i have missed the crux of your post I apologize, Ive read over it a couple of times and can’t see it worded any other way.

      • rockape

        JP I have no problem with this man, But I have a problem with Cambell who was happy to name him and gave the impression he had to live on $250 a week. That is blatently untrue . The man , living with his wife and 3 children would have received a considerable amount more and quite right. My point is that Cambells crusading did not tell the whole truth.

        • sheppy

          Does it ever?

        • Jonathan Pull

          My apologies, often I come on here expecting a bene sledge and couldn’t read what you had said any other way, Having said what you have I said I couldn’t agree more.

      • sarah

        The one question that should have been asked is do you ensure your children are given breakfast every morning? I bet the answer is YES but they wouldnt ask that because it would blow their whole “Children in Poverty” scam

    • kehua

      John Key priced this exact scenario during Q Time in the House yesterday, from memory add ons for Rent allowance and working for familly credits it came to about 750 dollars.

    • rockape

      Update I have forwarded a complaint and will keep Whale posted. The true situation appears to be that the family was on earnings of $250 and benefits of approximately $534 making a total weekly income of $784. Not quite the sensational story Cambell wanted Hence the error of omission.
      I have got my figures from a benefit calculator and they may be slightly out. Apologies if they are.

  • tarkwin

    I saw this clown get thrown out of a pub in Whangarei for trying to drum up votes.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Shame they didn’t throw him far enough…

      • tarkwin

        I didn’t even realise who he was till I saw him getting into a Labour car in the car park. Very blue part of the country up this way!

        • Bad__Cat

          That’s probably why we get real numpties standing for Labour here e.g. Pat Newman and Sheep.

  • Bad__Cat

    There’s nothing quite as dishonest as a vested interest masquerading as the public good. (Forgotten where I first read that)