Via the Tipline

taken today at the Nelson Recycle Centre today…greenies from Golden Bay think that because they are against deep sea oil drilling they can park like c***s..



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  • Must be a Nelson thing, I went to the nelson giants basketball game in the weekend, in the car park, there were two cars parked exactly like that.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    They may have more carparks than cars in Nelson but this is just inconsiderate from someone who obviously doesn’t give a shit about anyone else.

  • sandynobb

    Where is their horse and cart?

  • tarkwin

    I really really really hate hippies!!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      They are coming to rule your town!!!!

  • Bunswalla

    I’m no hippie lover, but have a look at the car on the right. It’s definitely encroaching on the car space to the immediate left – wheel is at an angle and the passenger door definitely not straight with the line. I suspect the tipster hates hippies, and let’s all agree there’s nothing wrong with that, but just maybe the photo doesn’t tell the full story.

    • Fritz

      I took this photo and can assure you that the car on the right arrived after and left before the offending vehicle.

      • Bunswalla

        Then it’s obviously Nelsonians that can’t park. You have that in common with every other city in the country.

  • Gene O’Donnell


    And I hate people who fall for codswallop. You know like, the trickle down effect means high corporate profits allow more money for minimum wage earners (when it’s the minimum wage that allows the high profits) and people are poor because they don’t work hard enough and there’s a pot of gold available for all of us if we just get off our asses (ignoring the complimentary philosophy of competition in the marketplace which by definition means someone has to be a loser).