His only handicap was laziness

The tipline keeps on keeping on.  But where are those tickets?

Hey Cam,

Spotted a well dressed young guy and his girl park in the disabled spot on High St in central Auckland last night. It seems there only disability was laziness.




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  • flashman

    The law of Karma prevails in these cases.

    • I can only hope so.

    • Agent BallSack

      In this case Karma could take the guise of a key mark right down his brand new Toyota, no?

      • paul scott

        agent ballsack .. no

        • Agent BallSack

          You have more upvotes so the nays have it!

  • Ian

    Not even registered.

  • Dr Wang

    Was he walking with a limp…?

    • Nope he wasn’t, neither was his girlfriend. And excuse my grammar It should be ‘their’ in the email above. Not that a limp is enough to warrant this behaviour.