Holly and Phil seem a bit confused

More jewels of wisdom espoused by Holly Walker and accordingly embraced by the Herald. Plenty of supporting comment by Twyford but did the Horrid actually think?about contacting Nick Smith?

Handing state homes over to community providers may benefit corporate developers, the Green Party says.

Housing Minister Nick Smith has said he wants more social housing provided from within the community, rather than by the state.

Greens Housing spokeswoman Holly Walker said the community housing sector was an important part of solving the housing crisis.

But handing homes over to community organisations would risk benefiting corporate housing developers set up as pseudo-community providers.

“There is a real concern that if Nick Smith’s plan is fast-tracked the beneficiaries will be National’s developer mates, not the thousands of families in urgent need of affordable housing,” Ms Walker said.

“It’s important that the Government retains its responsibility for the wellbeing of low-incomes families and ensures that tenants in state, community, and private rental accommodation are all living in safe, secure, appropriate housing.

“Transferring properties to the community housing sector shouldn’t be seen as a chance to abdicate Government responsibility for the outcomes of those tenants.”?

Holly Walker forgets that Fletcher’s building empire was built off of the back of providing state housing and one of the reasons today that various Fletcher’s have a?proclivity?to funding Labour.

Labour’s Housing spokesman Phil Twyford said such a move would do nothing to alleviate the current housing shortage.

He said while community and charitable housing groups did good work the sector was new under-resourced.

“Foisting 12,000 houses onto the sector without providing the funding and resources to ensure these homes are well maintained, upgraded and healthy is a big risk for the tenants,” Mr Twyford said.

Risk for tenants? They are tenants for a reason…they don;t understand risk…show them a shiny new house and they will rent it in a heartbeat, with not a care in the world for such trifles as maintenance and upgrading.

But the funniest things is this is labour spokesman who seems to be opposed to 12,000 new affordable homes for Labour voters to live.