Hopeless parking in Mission Bay

Take a look at this example of piss poor parking. The blue car on the right was parked by my other half who is learning to drive. She would have been straighter if us wasn’t for this git!

I had to move to another space as I didn’t trust the scrapes down the right side of the black Honda

Yeah, but did you issue a ticket?



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  • Justsayn

    Just as a hero in the Honda had to accommodate the SUV (and go outside the lines to do that but apparently thinks that is okay) is it possible the SUV did the same? Did you get a later pick of the Honda saying what is with that?

    This is an entertaining topic but might be reaching its limits (P120 – publishable for 120 days).

    I propose you switch to taxis, buses and trucks. Professional drivers – yeah right.

  • A nonny mouse

    This is going a bit too far. Sure, the parking isn’t great, but it’s hardly name-and-shame worthy.

    • unsol

      Is this? Seems to me that the only people who think crooked is an OK version of straight are those who don’t know how to park properly. Personally I think it is indicative of poor driving skills overall as if you cant park properly then how am I to know you will be able to judge anything correctly such as the speed of an oncoming when pulling out of an intersection?

      Given how common poor parking is & how often many of us have to jam on our brakes because some idiots pulls straight out (actually i don’t – the idiots are easy to spot so I’m poised to brake anyway) I would say there is a strong correlation.

      I am going to start handing out tickets….

      • unsol

        WO – you would be proud. This time I made sure I got the right angle so that there was no question about how useless the parking was!

    • unsol

      Or what about this – both parked straight but the blue car just happened to park so close that the driver of the silver car would have to be a stick to be able to fit through the gap (a gap so small that a small child wouldn’t even be able to get in without damaging either car).

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Use your door to make a gap in other cars door, problem solved

        • unsol

          That’s fine if you have a shit car (which both of these are)….

      • Callum

        How do you even know who parked their first? Silver car seems more poorly parked than the blue to me.

        • unsol

          Silver car parked first. It originally parked next to another car (left side) that was on a bad angle & was replaced by a 2nd silver car which failed to leave a sufficient gap for a car park. Then the Honda came along – young’ish male. it would seem retards are a dime a dozen.

        • Sponge

          Because if the silver car parked 1st the driver would still be in it. You would need a fucking can opener to get out of there.