How about some diary from the dairy, deary?

From the Tipline:

I’m sure you’re probably sick of Herald Bombs by now, but thought this one was a bit funny. After all i’m sure some kids are allergic to using a diary for recording things, but I’m not sure that’s what the census in schools project was about.

Let alone the question what kids are doing eating diaries and then finding out they are alergic to it.
Perhaps this could be the Heralds next investigation into the kids eating diaries because their parents don’t provide them with food?



Does the hire year 5 students ? “An Syrian
man “



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  • thor42

    FFS, Herald – do you have a spell-check and grammar-check utility? If you don’t, you should have.

  • Mediaan

    Rushed, under-staffed and/or under-funded. No surprises there.