How long before the howls of outrage?

Look at these cute kids…fundraising for their school by knocking over goats and other feral pests. They look so chuffed.



There’s been plenty of kills and thrills for the young ones at the third annual Wild Game Hunt and Fishing Competition in the rural Waikato area of Tauhei.

The contest, which started yesterday, is a Tauhei Combined School fundraiser. 

Organiser Angela Martin says it’s a great way for kids to have fun and help their school in the process.

Money from previous years bought IT equipment for the school, but this year’s is going towards a shaded outdoor area.

Lindsay Lammas, 6, says the best part is hunting with his family. “We’ve been night-eeling and caught one eel. This morning we went goat shooting, and my Dad got four or five,” Lindsay said. “It’s lots of fun, but we want to get more turkeys.”

How long before some townie busy-body hippy has a big sook about “teaching kids to kill”. No doubt they will be filmed making some stupid claim about why the kids don;t just get their meat from the supermarket



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  • Gazzaw

    Plenty of potential here for a full enquiry by the Childrens’ Commissioner re exploiting children to promote blood sports. Those kids look way too happy – shame on the Tauhei PTA!

    • TayheiNotts

      Tauhei in the news.

  • blokeintakapuna

    The sooner kids learn the true value and proper respect for their protein, the better. Hunting, killing, cleaning, preparing game not only teaches them this, it helps them develop a kind of “reverence” for all living creatures in the process… well, it did for me growing up on a dairy farm where sometimes culling had to happen to be kind to the animal…

    But not all kids get such a luxurious education. Some have to visit petting zoo’s just to see / pat a lamb / calf…

  • PM of NZ

    Aah, blood sports. The problem of thousands of kids supposedly in poverty and their feckless bludging parents could solve a number of social engineering problems with an inepensive gin trap. The kids would get fed, the possum pest gets dealt to, the parents would have to get off the couch to check the traps and the taxpayer cost is zeroed.

    Dunno what possum stew tastes like, must be OK, after all they dine on the tastiest shoots. And like greenies, any vegetarian is fair game in blood sports!

  • High_Tory

    This sort of thing should be compulsory for school children. Harden them up a bit so they don’t become all poofy.


  • kehua

    Poor little buggers, destined to become murderers .

  • trisha

    good on Tauhei school… teaching children real skills and having the best fun while doing it.
    We couldnt get TV coverage so when all the townie’s came for the holidays the fun activities were…. help milk the cows, spot lighting for possums, eeling, fencing… kids didnt want to go home.
    A overseas student who came 15 years ago wrote to me recently from Spain.
    “thank you for taking me spotlighting for venison, to see a possum and a turkey up the same 10ft Tea tree is something I have never forgotten” ..neither have I actually.
    Children that couldn’t bear the thought of eating the pig/deer they watched being prepared for the freezer, were always told when they sat down for dinner ‘no it’s from new world in town, just for you” :-0 now they are older an wiser you can’t keep those same kids from the table when the wild pork and watercress is up.

  • Patrick

    These kids will know more about nature & have a greater respect for the environment than any softcock greenie sitting around a campfire holding hands singing kumbaya.

  • Justsayn

    And then the second Billy Goat Gruff said, “fuck that hurt”…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    And if Lindsay wants to get more Turkeys then he will be told where.
    Good kid

  • Annette Taylor

    For an update from the final weigh-in and some rather good pics of, er, dead things, check this out: