How would you like a stealth tax with your unitary plan?

Len Brown Smack faceLen Brown is being castigated for his draft Unitary Plan, and rightly so.

He knows he is in trouble because now at every public meeting there is a small army of paid council officials handing out hastily prepared documents in an attempt to counter the opponents of the Unitary Plan.

One wonders though why the $30 million rate-payer funded spin doctors are even being deployed to defend the plan…I thought it was supposed to be a draft? Surely the process of public submissions is so people can voice their support or otherwise? Why the need to defend the plan?

Unless of course we were all supposed to meekly submit and prostrate before the Night Mayor for his luminary vision for Auckland.

Len Brown is also being very sneaky and furtive over some aspects of the Unitary Plan. Like his plans for stealth tax.

You have to look very carefully to find this, because you see it is not included anyway in the section of the Council website that deals with the Unitary Plan…instead it is hidden in a little traversed area called the Rural Urban Boundary, where there is a link to an Addendum to the Unitary Plan

Contained within that sneaky, hidden addendum is a stealth tax proposal that has had very little mention. It even has a sneaky little name.

The ‘Shared land value uplift’ is a capital gains tax without the capital gain.  Basically it would allow the Auckland Council to re-zone other people’s property, and then Auckland Council could then tax the property owner for a portion of the increased value of that re-zoned land.


Normally a capital gains tax is levied at the time that a property is sold and the capital gain is realised.  But under the ‘Shared land value uplift’ proposed by Len Brown’s Council, the property owner won’t get to sell the land first.  The tax could be applied immediately … no waiting for a land sale … no land development … no consideration as to whether the property owner has the disposable income to pay the mayoral invoice.



Don’t you just love how the council uses weasel words like ‘Shared land value uplift’ to describe what is essentially a tax on the increased value of your land as a result of council re-zoning?

When they say “shared” what the really mean is taxed and taken by the council to fund more loony projects. I note that there is no mention of a refund if your land values decrease as a result of council re-zoning.

This is a nasty spiteful little proposal that has been hidden away in an addendum that very few people would even read let alone understand. Len brown probably has plans to announce that the council received no feedback on the proposal and as such will implement it forthwith.

I don’t know what is worse…that Len Brown is trying to sneak through a stealth tax or that Amy Adams was considering in accepting Len’s Unitary plan as is.


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  • Whafe

    Something slightly different:
    Lyin Len Brown is the spawn of the devils anus!

    • Justsayn

      Do da do da

  • Muffin

    No he’s a fucking cunt

    • Whafe

      Can’t disagree with that either..

    • Dumrse


  • Whafe

    Without a doubt, the Liabour + Greens will be involved in this crap that Lyin Len is trying to dish out to Auckland……

  • Geez Cam sorry mate but a bit slow. Those two ‘taxes’ have been around and out in the Public realm before the Unitary Plan even got released on March 16. I have gone on about them since the Auckland Plan Committee brought the two taxes into “being” which I believe was early March.

    The Southern Auckland Community has been pretty well aware of both tax options (probably because the taxes apply to the Rural Urban Boundary areas more significantly than the isthmus) with questions brought up at the UP community meetings

    But for the taxes themselves. No I do not like them and am submitting against them in the UP

    This despite (and I think you missed this aspect) the two taxes could never occur without Central Government legislation anyhow. Although that would not be half impossible with this government after they can’t even draw up a Housing Accord that has basically gone back for a full rewrite as even the Minister can’t make top and tails of it…

    Hmm just looking back over you have mentioned one of the taxes but not the second one (Inclusionary Housing)

    • Yes but the focus has been mainly on the Unitary Plan, this stuff is lurking out there and not even on the main Unitary Plan site, it is hidden away as an Addendum…as I have said only a few citizens are affected. This has to be deliberate…hiding it there. The rules also apply as much to brownfield sites inside the RUB.

      • I’ll give you that and also thank you for bringing it back into the spot light as it needs to be.

        Might get your thoughts on what the Texans call Municipal Utility Districts that Houston uses to fund new infrastructure in a greenfield site.

      • Muffin

        As a side note the gain from a re zoning of your property is taxable by the IRD. Not sure if it is a fixed rate but the taxable gain is reduced by 10% for each year you hold the property after the re zone, not sure it’s fair that Len taxes it also.

  • Gazzaw

    It’s great to see the Auckland ratepayers finally shake off their complacency after having this massive piece of duplicity exposed for what it is worth. The combination of a social engineering mayor, a ‘roll over’ council, arrogant bureaucrats and the potential for billions of dollars into developers pockets is being exposed for all to see.

    Pandora’s box has been opened Len and it’s not a pretty sight. There are too many smart people picking up the cudgels for you to have prayer of winning this battle. Give your spin team one final task before firing them and have them prepare you a facesaving backdown. One way or another you’re fucked Len – if by any chance no one stands against you then you’ll be a lame duck mayor because all of your lickspittle councillors and community board members are toast anyway.

  • Nick K
    • Yes Nick, but who noticed…there is a right time to do stuff and now with the debate focussing very clearly on the Unitary Plan it is very appropriate to bring it up again.

      • Nick K

        Who noticed? About 87 people from that day’s hits!!

        Where have the good times gone? Bring back Antarctic Lemur.

  • cows4me

    God you people are getting done over like a dogs dinner. Looks to me like the lefty pricks are trying to baffle you with bullshit. Shouldn’t a plan effecting a 1/3 of the country be at least understandable to most ?. You have my condolences.

    • sheppy

      A plan that effects 1/3 of the country should be a matter for parliament, not a bunch of mainly unelected council numpties perusing their agendas!!!!

      • Mr_Blobby

        Fuck Yeah.

      • Muffin

        FUCK YEAH

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  • ratearerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    • richard.b

      Thanks for that!
      Kind Regards
      Richard B.

      • Hazards001


  • AnonWgtn

    Len and his cohorts thought that if they made the Plan so complicated and long winded nobody would read it and thy could do what they want.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Why the hell did ACT argue for a super city? What did they think would happen? All of the dregs in the south want the tossers with the brass to the north of them to send some their way for a pokie and takeaway binge while they leave their children in the care of a Saw movie. Is it such a surprise that Len is laughing all the way to the bank, buying bourbon shots for him and his cronies and then texting weird shit to the PM at three in the morning..? Smelt it coming years ago.