Jasons responds, it’s not flash

Yesterday I blogged about a jacked up video put up by Jasons. Pascal Languillon from Jasons responds:

Name: Pascal Languillon

Email: [redacted]@jasons.com

Message: Hi

I am just replying to your article about our Jasons ad.

All ads on TV are staged, and so is ours, we are just trying to make a point and illustrate it visually!

We never tried to hide the fact that this is a simulation. If you go to Youtube you will see it says “video for demonstration purposes only”. The reality is that it always takes less than 24 hours to empty those racks (as stated on the flyer itself!, on youtube and our website; I have now made it clearer on the website). 

The exact time it takes varies each day depending on flight arrivals etc, but for video purposes we had to stage it without waiting up to 24 hours at the airport which would have been technically difficult for us given our limitations (airport authorizations, camera etc.).

We are not trying to fool anyone, we are illustrating the point that our racks get emptied quickly, which is the reality.

Best regards


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  • John Q Public

    24 hours? The video implied mere minutes and they”re gone. That’s just bullshitting people, Pascal.

  • Michael

    Refer to Whaleoil rule 1: Explaining is losing.

  • Reality is they’re in denial. Travellers may love print NOW, but not so long ago everyone LOVED the recycling bin filler known as the Yellow Pages.
    Get creative and come with an innovative app or mobile website that is location based and then you’ve got something worth showing punters

    • fecnde

      If Jason’s aren’t actively looking at alternatives to print for getting get their message out then they are doomed with TripAdvisor etc taking their space

      • Travis Poulson

        TripAdvisor is a great app. I use it alot.

    • Thought I’d better check what their website and app was like after posting…website on iPad looks like one of their brochure stands, messy as hell. App better but not offering much more than Google does

  • LabTested

    I had friends from europe out in February & while waiting in arrivals hall at Auckland i grabbed 2 x every north island regional map. good for explaning the days travel plans over breakfast.

    Good maps. well done

    • Gazzaw

      I totally agree with you LT. I am as teck-savvy as you need to be these days without having to refer to my smartphone to validate every single action that I make in my day or Twitter the world about something inconsequential. The hard marketing fact is that the travel/tourism/hospitality industries are still extremely dependent albeit to a decreasing degree on print material to get the message across to that sector of the market that has real discretionary spend. The majority of punters travelling internationally still want brochures or travel guides in print format. Print is here for a long time to come particularly while those cash-laden baby boomers are spending up large in the leisure sector. So Jasons have exaggerated in their ad, so tell me what ads don’t exaggerate FFS!

      • johnbronkhorst

        I try to not be reliant of a machine (smart phone or tablet) that I can so easily leave on my desk or at home or in the car by ACCIDENT. I believe we all (pretty much) received the best storage device with the best APPs and FREE analytical software and simplest I/O interfaces at birth…it is portable, maneuverable . comes on it’s own swivel mounting (free accessory) is difficult to damage and even when particially damaged can still be useful!!!

        • Gazzaw

          John, I’m no luddite and I totally embrace modern technology, however, I find it quite amazing to observe extremely intelligent people totally absorbed with their smartphones. Adult dummies maybe (the phones, not the owners)? Adult security blankets?

          • johnbronkhorst

            Agree…Also they are the biggest complainers, re, breach of privacy when Govt. emails leak a few addresses. But are avid users of Twitter and Facebook, never missing an opportunity to immortalize their most intimate and personal details on line FOREVER!!!

  • Patrick

    Pascal buddy, you tried to pull the wool & got found out. Leave it at that before you make a cock of yourself.

  • Bunswalla

    I don’t understand who it is they’re trying to convince. So their racks get emptied quickly by visitors to the airport – good. I presume they want that to keep on happening.

    What’s the purpose of the advert?

    • Gazzaw

      To encourage accommodation suppliers, rental car companies, sighteeing operators etc to advertise in their publications. Someone has to pay for them – the end user doesn’t.

  • Pascal Languillon

    Hi all
    We appreciate your constructive criticism regarding our video ad ‘Travellers Still Love Print’. We have uploaded a new video ad after removing the timeframe and making it clearer that the video was staged. I trust you understand that the video was not “faked”, because it was never our intention to pretend it was real! Ads are always a bit provocative and exaggerated, otherwise they are just plain boring, aren’t they?
    Our point is that despite widespread belief that print is dead, most people still love print!
    We’ve certainly learnt a valuable lesson (a disclaimer needs to be a little more obvious…), and a good conversation has emerged from this, including a lot of pro-print comments :-)
    Thank you,
    Pascal Languillon
    Marketing Manager
    Jasons Travel Media