Job Done – Gilmore’s gone

It looks like the back-room boys have done their work after the call went out mid-week that the board wasn’t getting anywhere.

Some calls have been made, some stern words been had, and Aaron Gilmore is gone. Job done.

Disgraced National List MP Aaron Gilmore has announced he will resign from Parliament.

“It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I announce my intention to resign from Parliament,” Mr Gilmore said in a statement.

“After taking counsel from colleagues and family in recent days, I have decided that to stay on in Parliament would only serve to cause my loved ones more upset, and cause me undeserved further stress.”

Mr Gilmore said media scrutiny in recent days since reports of his night out in Hanmer Springs where he was abusive to a waiter had “put me and those who are important to me under immense pressure with an attempt to discredit me”.

“I have made mistakes. I am human. But the attacks on my integrity have started taking a toll on those around me and this is unfair on them.”

Mr Gilmore said he’d advised the National Party’s whips of his decision.

“I also want to make clear my support for the National Party and Prime Minister John Key remains unwavering.”

Questions now need to be asked about some key members of the board and their performance over the past few weeks, notably Peter Goodfellow and Roger Bridge.

A couple of phone calls and the knifing was done…that is how it should be done not endless conference calls with yelling and finger-pointing.


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  • pauleastbay

    At least he had the balls to go rather than use Parlaiament as means to fund a TAB spend

    • Bunswalla

      Or his mum

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Still not taking ownership of his own shit

  • johnbronkhorst

    Now for the rest that are actually worse than him.
    dalziel…drink driving
    goofy…contempt of court
    jones….misappropriation of funds (porn spending)
    shearer…refusal to report foreign accounts.
    king…sweet deals for her husband (re contract to HBDHB)
    any others? Breaking the law as well as being obnoxious!!!!

    • williamabong

      Hughes – Attempted rape.
      Dyson – Drink driving
      Philip Field – Corruption
      Clark -Forgery

    • J.M

      Gilmore does sound like a cock and nobody will miss him in parliament, but thanks for putting this in context.

  • williamabong

    Right that’s that job done, now moving right along time to go after Goff and his breach of a supression order, something Whale took a king hit for.
    Goff must be so grateful for the distraction Aaron has caused, but sorry Phool your turn in the spotlight, Aaron is yesterdays news,

  • Ronnie Chow

    Dear Aaron ,
    we have not been attacking your integrity . We have simply found it to be absent .

  • Troy

    As I predicted on Saturday, Gilmore would be gone by Monday so this has happened earlier …. must admit that I had some inside tips this was going to happen. Although he admits not really having done anything wrong, the pressure by his closest colleagues, the whips and in no short measure Tau Henare’s cornering of Gilmore – was too much. The moral of the story – tell the fucking truth, no matter what.
    Who is next? Plenty of lying toads in the Labour caucus – one of the biggest offenders being Phil Goof.

    • sheppy

      But I thought the left had a free press pass / can do no wrong / write your own headlines news suppression force field …..

      • Troy

        Yes, but the teflon coat that Clark donned lasted only so long. Keep your eye on Ardern, she is currently being mentored by Clark and her lover Heather Simpson… she is starting to wear more red in the chamber, hairstyle is changing, tone of voice etc. Why anyone would want to emulate Clark is perplexing.

        • sheppy

          Thought she’d not been comin out with as much BS as usual recently

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Well bros, another scalp for Sheep. Are you guys shaking in your shoes now? Sheep is inching towards the treasury boys…

    • Mediaan

      So when he was in New York recently, did Shearer access his half mill plus bank account at all? Now that he has remembered it was there?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        That is a non-issue now and everybody has accepted that it was a genuine mistake. So let us move on fellow.

        • Mediaan

          He remembered it in his tax return, not one year but every year. In between his tax returns, he forgot it in all his parliamentary statutory declarations of interests.

          Because they would be public.

          Calculated, sly, devious and illegal. What a rat.

  • Sponge

    National need to learn from this debacle. The list ranking process must improve.

  • 3 Cheers well done.
    Now Goff needs to go, giving secrets away and spitting on military?