Kim Dotcom, safe harbour master for child pornography; now a gun runner

via 3 News

via 3 News reports

On Thursday, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson received a letter from the State Department Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance demanding that he take down the online blueprints for the 3D-printable “Liberator” handgun that his group released Monday, along with nine other 3D-printable firearms components hosted on the group’s website The government says it wants to review the files for compliance with arms export control laws known as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR. By uploading the weapons files to the Internet and allowing them to be downloaded abroad, the letter implies Wilson’s high-tech gun group may have violated those export controls.

The 3D printing genie is out of the bottle, and a very lethargic government is now trying to put it back in.

As Wilson hints, that doesn’t mean the government has successfully censored the 3D-printable gun. While Defense Distributed says it will take down the gun’s printable file from, its downloads–100,000 in just the first two days the file was online–were actually being served by Mega, the New Zealand-based storage service created by ex-hacker entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, an outspoken U.S. government critic. It’s not clear whether the file will be taken off Mega’s servers, where it may remain available for download. The blueprint for the gun and other Defense Distributed firearm components have also been uploaded several times to the Pirate Bay, the censorship-resistant filesharing site.

Note the “New Zealand-based”.  That’s deliberate.  Even though Mega’s servers aren’t in New Zealand, the USA is positioning itself to place pressure on New Zealand as Kim Dotcom is running his gun running empire from this country.

The New Zealand Government better show no love for Kim Dotcom, and send him on his merry way to the USA before we find ourselves burdened with anti piracy, anti child pornography and now anti gun running attention that only the USA can bring to bear on a tiny Pacific island nation.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    With any luck someone trying to print a gun and not sticking to the specs (the extra steel), it’ll blow up in their hands.

    Well said Cameron.

  • Ian

    When is this obese slug going to be arsed out. Is he immune like Labour’s continual electoral dishonesty.?

  • cows4me

    100,000 downloads already, might be a bit late to burn the witch.

  • Patrick

    How soon can we see an end to “NZ based” when associated with this twits name? About time he was sent on his way.

  • Just hope it wasn’t a gang member who downloaded it…