Kim Dotcom’s bullshit on guns

Look at this bullshit from Kim Dotcom

Versus the reality:

The State Department has now demanded Defense Distributed take down its printable gun files due to possible export control violations.

The controversial gun-printing group is hosting those files, which include everything from the gun’s trigger to its body to its barrel, on a service that has attracted some controversy of its own: Kim Dotcom’s Mega storage site. Although the blueprint is only publicly visible on Defense Distributed’s own website, users who click on it are prompted to download the collection of CAD files from, which advertises that it encrypts all users’ information and has a reputation for resisting government surveillance. 

Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed’s 25-year-old founder, says that the group chose to use Mega mostly because it was fast and free. But he also says he feels a degree of common cause with Kim Dotcom, the ex-hacker chief executive of Mega who has become a vocal critic of the U.S. government after being indicted for copyright infringement and racketeering in early 2012. “We’re sympathetic to Kim Dotcom,” says Wilson. “There are plenty of services we could have used, but we chose this one. He’s down for the struggle.”

Looks like maybe he isn’t as “down for the struggle” as Cody Wilson would like..although Kim Dotcom is a bit of hypocrite when it comes to guns.

Remind us again who was found in a safe room in his mansion with a gun?

Instead of giving himself up easily, Kim Dotcom refused to let the police in, activated a number of locking mechanisms in his sprawling home and then hid in a safe room.

The determined police officers had to cut their way through to gain access and then found Mr Dotcom hiding near a gun.

Oh and though he says he is opposed to guns he doesn’t mind posing with them:

via 3 News

via 3 News


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  • Anon9999

    That guy’s a pathological liar

  • WayneO

    Bit rich coming from a German.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Not right, the keystone cops had to get the body guard to show them were he was. Time to move on.

  • XM16E1

    He’s running scared of the feds nailing his fat ass with a charge of violating ITAR as well. As far as the files are concerned the US is dreaming if they think they can restrict them or printed firearms the horse has bolted & the files are everywhere, just search DefDist_DEFCAD_MEGA_PACK_v4.2_(Saito) to see that..

  • Mediaan

    He shouldn’t be creating his own “foreign policy of NZ” like this.

    Clearly, if he really annoys the USA he will create problems for us. Look at the amount of New Zealand taxpayer time and money this guy has already wasted.