Labour and Greens confirm they love crims

Labour and the Greens have confirmed that they will be looking at running hug-a-crim policies at the next election:

Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party all say they would repeal or alter the three-strikes legislation after the issuing of a second strike to Hastings man Elijah Whaanga.

Whaanga, 21, was sentenced to two years’ jail and issued with his second strike by Judge Tony Adeane in the Napier District Court on April 18 after pleading guilty to two charges of aggravated robbery.

The offences involved Whaanga and an accomplice attacking victims on two occasions last August.

In one, Whaanga took a skateboard, hat and cigarette lighter from the victim after trying unsuccessfully to remove the victim’s jacket.

The second involved Whaanga kicking the victim in his leg and taking his hat and cellphone. 

Aggravated robbery, which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years’ prison, can involve a robbery that causes the victim grievous bodily harm, robbery while armed with an offensive weapon, or robbery with an accomplice.

Whaanga, who now has 20 convictions as an adult, was given his first strike in 2010 for a violent aggravated robbery for which he was jointly charged.

He must now serve his sentence of two years without parole. If he is issued with a third strike, a judge must impose the maximum penalty without parole unless the court believes that would be manifestly unjust.

What is unjust is that this 21 year old career criminal was able to commit more than 20 offences. He is a violent thug and should be spending much more time in jail or breaking rocks.

Critics say the controversial three-strikes legislation was meant for the very worst criminals. It was not appropriate for Whaanga, but the law meant Judge Adeane had no option but to issue the sentence he did, they say.

However, Justice Minister Judith Collins said Whaanga’s case showed the law was working as intended.

The law is working exactly as intended. Whaanga is a violent criminal, he may not be one of the worst but he is one of the more stupid, not learning the consequences of his actions.

What is clear now though is that voters have a choice. A National government committed to locking up recidivst violent criminals or a Labour/Green coalition who believe that crims should be roaming the streets.


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  • LesleyNZ

    What a mad stupid lot Labour, Greens and the Maori Party are to consider that this 21 year old criminal should be given a hug and not a 3rd strike if he offends again.

  • Drhill

    Convicted criminals lose their right to vote correct?

  • johnbronkhorst

    This guy is not a 3 time offender,…he is a 20 time offender, so 3 strikes is a bit of a misnomer.

    • Another piece of misreporting by Marty Sharpe John. He has 20 convictions AS AN ADULT i.e. since he turned 17. He has more than 70 convictions all told, dating back to when he was 14, and of the age of criminal responsibility. The reason he has fewer convictions in the last few years is probably because he has been banged up for much of the time.

      • Dave

        70 convictions over a 7 year period, less time in the slammer already, 2 years = 70 convictions in 60 Months (5 years), thats over one a month, almost sounds like a regular gig.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I’m a bit confused pleaded guilty to “two charges of aggravated robbery”

      By my calculation that should be strike 2 and strike 3 what am I missing here.

      • Hollyfield

        (I have no first-hand knowledge!) I think that each strike has to come with a warning of the consequences of a further strike, so in your scenario his second strike wouldn’t have given him the “opportunity” to receive a warning for the third strike.

  • Sarrs

    The rhetoric from the left on this one is that it’s ridiculous to strike this guy because he only took petty items. In my mind, that makes these crimes even worse – the level of violence this young man was willing to go to in order to steal items of little or no value is frightening.

  • Greens and Labour – they just want to see the world burn

    • johnbronkhorst

      and then be king of the ashes!!!

  • Justsayn

    Sounds like a real vote winner for them. We should be trying to bait them into making this a point of difference policy they can highlight and sing loudly.

  • I’m so pleased that this is going to be an election issue.

  • peterwn

    At the risk of being called crim-hugger, dickhead, etc I think the potential consequences in this case for a third strike for Elijah are too harsh. I would remove ‘robbery’ and ‘aggravated robbery’ from the ‘three’ strikes list of offences unless they involved a serious assault or firearms. This would let Elijah off the hook. If I was in Judith Collins’ shoes I would offer to present a bill removing these from the ‘three strikes’ list, but only if Labour/ Greens undertook to support it (I doubt they would). This would put Labour/ Greens and their crim-hugging mates on the back foot.

    To show that I am not a crim-hugger, I consider that dangerous driving causing injury/ death should be added to the ‘three strikes’ list, but it would be excessively provocative to include it in that bill.

    • johnbronkhorst

      My view of any kind of robbery is … is assault on my person…no matter what the circumstances. Follow this:
      He stole something of value (anything) worth MONEY!!!
      Money I had to go out and work for, for a certain amount of time.
      Physically or mentally LABOURING in order to earn enough money to pay for it. Thanks to this arsehole I now have to do it again!!!!
      At least a punch in the head is fast and over with quickly!!!

    • sheppy

      So its OK to have people on the street who will violently assault you just to steal something inconsequential? Do you like pain or do you never go out in public and never get out of your car apart from in security controlled areas?
      What about your family / loved ones do they never go out too?

      • peterwn

        It is the degree of violence at issue. The degree was at the fairly low end – hence my concern. If he did the ‘equal’ thing again, 14 years is over the top – 5 years non parole would be quite adequate.

        • sheppy

          So a trip to hospital and lifelong emotional trauma for the victim is OK as long as the physical damage isn’t too bad? Whoever he assaulted won’t feel totally safe going out in public ever again as many of his family and friends will, but that’s OK?
          How many times should crimes like this be allowed before the perpetrator is locked up for a long time to keep them from doing it again? Clearly he didn’t learn the previous 70+ times that crime isn’t a good idea so how many more times should he be allowed to destroy peoples lives?
          That’s 70+ VICTIMS so far, isn’t it enough? The first strike didn’t register so how many more victims should we sacrifice before this “poor misunderstood dear” is removed from society?

          • peterwn

            As far as I know, the associated assault did not involve a ‘trip to hospital and lifelong emotional trauma for the victim’ in this instance. Correct me if I am wrong.

          • sheppy

            From the Stuff site

            “in one, Whaanga took a skateboard, hat and cigarette lighter from the victim after trying unsuccessfully to remove the victim’s jacket.
            The second involved Whaanga kicking the victim in his leg and taking his hat and cellphone.”

            Don’t know about whether the victims ended up in hospital it doesn’t say and to me its not that relevant – each person was assaulted and that’s the main thing. Perhaps hospital is where his next victim ends up if they put up a fight?

            So answer me this, if someone tried to remove YOUR jacket, or kicked you in YOUR leg before making off with whatever YOU have that can be taken would YOU go out and not give it a second thought or would you be forever looking over your shoulder trying to stop it happening again? How about your family and friends once you told them the story?

          • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

            Perhaps members of the judiciary and of DefenceLawyersInc. should, as a basic and mandatory qualification-unit for their profession, have been personally subject to a dozen or so of these “minor bashings”, “inconsequential losses”, “harmless threats”, etc. Having their eyes swollen-shut just might help their eyes to open correctly.

          • sheppy

            What a great idea…

        • Dave

          Peterwn. Ultimately, thats his call. He holds all the cards, he can take up weaving and making clay pots, and would never spend a day in prison again.

          Remember, the 3 strikes law applies to you and I as well as him, its just you and I are very unlikely to come close to it ever, thats a choice we make as individuals. He need not ever face a strike again, but should he decide to bash someone again, he will find out how long 14 years can be. Tell his victims it seemed too hard to lock him up. Again, he holds the cards, its his call, he knows the consequences.

        • Teletubby

          Ok so giving people a little bashing is ok? Would you still hold that opinion if someone punched you in the face but only did it a couple of times. And how would we define which bashing were serious and which ones were just wee baby bushings?

        • Mr_Blobby

          You Crim hugging dick head.

          Any violence is to much, even the threat of violence.

          For one there is the unintended consequences, that the criminal does not think of, like if the person they are assaulting falls over and bangs there head, there could be broken bones, permanent brain damage etc. in some cases death.

          In Court they are charged with murder and get off because they claim that they did not intend to murder anybody.

          • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

            We do need a law change. Actually not a change in the law but in legal definitions around intent.
            Where there is no intent to do harm, like in a motor or hunting or boating accident, the correct term of course is “manslaughter”, but where there is any intent to do harm – any sort of assault – which results in death, then there can be no alternative to “murder”
            The mere existence of intent (demonstrated by the action, and possibly by threats before or during, etc.) and not the supposed classification of that intent, is the key. So the question then becomes – did the accused intend ANY harm? Simple yes or no.
            The degree of intent can then influence sentencing, but not the charge. (the Yanks talk about first-degree, etc. so perhaps they thought about this a bit)

        • Tom

          “At the risk of being called crim-hugger, dickhead, etc ”

          Yup you’ve hit the nail on the head. You are.

          The guy sounds like a lunatic. If he fucks up again (which I’m betting he will) he’s a goner from society for a decade and a half. Fucking excellent in my opinion, that’s a decade and a half he’s not rampaging around, not managing to kill someone eventually.

          Bravo David Garrett, it’s working perfectly

          • Dave

            PeterWN and Tom. At 14 years, given his current track record, thats 14 years inside, at one victim a month = 168 people he didn’t get the chance to assault, bash or rob. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

          • Tom

            Seems so obvious doesn’t it?

    • BR

      “If I was in Judith Collins’ shoes I would offer to present a bill
      removing these from the ‘three strikes’ list, but only if Labour/ Greens
      undertook to support it (I doubt they would). This would put Labour/
      Greens and their crim-hugging mates on the back foot.”

      That is the sort of thinking that is typical of politicians and is the reason for the utter contempt the public has for them. What this little shit needs is a very severe physical thrashing followed by a short but very harsh and unpleasant jail sentence, so that he has instilled in him such morbid fear of a repeat of the experience that he will never dare to offend again. Justice and rehabilitation are the same thing when dispensed in effective measures.


    • botti

      Look, this kind of random mugging wrecks communities. It destroys trust and creates fear. Ironically the poor neighbourhoods are worst affected & Labour is looking to do this. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Whafe

    Way to go Labour + Greens + Maori Party, this is a group get together gift that will just keep giving….
    Vote left, and expect more crime!

  • johnbronkhorst

    They don’t seem to have noticed that the crime rate is down since this legislation.
    Lets see youth unemployment come down after the introduction of the youth rate, today! etc etc…seems to me that just about everything National do is right and because they oppose it…everything labour/greens do is therefore wrong??? or is that just perception?

  • Dave

    We are not talking about some poor kid who might miss out on a few cuddles and his school milk. This guy has an option, think of it as a gamble, the odds are, should he take the gamble, he will end up in the slammer, but he can simply walk away, change his life, find his god or whatever. It’s entirely his choice, and thanks to the Greens and Labour, the entire country knows of him, really good of them to make a name for him, so when he is locked up for years, everyone will know to thank National for it.

    What I want to know is what happened when he was a youth, “20 convictions as an Adult” I’m sure he didn’t learn to be a thug overnight, so i question his career in crime as a youth and potentially a much younger person. When did this start to go pear shaped and where were his parents, guardians and all the “community and whanau” support that our Tax Dollars pay for, often to a very small group in Kiwi culture.

    Elijah, its a bit like Russian roulette. The penalty is locked & loaded, you hold the power, your call buddy.

  • Those who believe in removing other’s property are sympathetic to those who are similarly inclined. No surprises.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Wow! And who would ever have thought about connecting those dots? Certainly not those with a “political science” degree (de rigeur for lefties, and of course run by lefties) as it seems to affect their sight, it becomes so short and blurred they probably can’t even see the dots, let alone see from one to the next to be able to connect them.

  • In Vino Veritas

    20 strikes an you are out. Well, that’ll work………

    • Dave

      Especially with lots of cuddles, support groups, whanau wailing sessions, maori offenders therapy sessions thrown in.

  • BJ

    If the penalty doesn’t hurt nothing will stop him accelerating his criminal behaviour. I still think behaviour modification therapy would work a treat. Public flogging perhaps?

    • Agent BallSack

      Amputation below the neck will cure him.

    • Mediaan

      That is not Behaviour Modification therapy. Good BM avoids negative consequences. Good BM focusses on catching him being good, and working to expand that behaviour.

      Punishment, if you look at the research, doesn’t work. It increases emotional content and anxiety linked to the targeted behaviour. Which very often makes the behaviour worse.

      For this offender, who has now had hundreds of pleasure experiences of getting his desired outcome out of thuggish assaults, (all informal BM, undesirable but working strongly), he needs confining and retraining intensively in a place where he simply cannot get his usual thug reward of pleasure.

      Because of hs age, it is now a massively expensive and long task to retrain him.

      Society might well say, too expensive, just lock him up. Fair enough in a case like this.

      • BJ

        Poor writing on my part – I should have put an ‘or’ instead of a fullstop. Didn’t mean to suggest public flogging was behaviour modification

  • Agent BallSack

    Greens and Labour following the majority – Yeah right!

  • Ok so we give them the Hug and put the parents in Jail for letting an asshole run riot?

  • BJ

    I think the Labour and the Greens are being very cleaver – trying to align themselves with the Maori Party on an issue important to them, to get them onside as a potential coalition partner.

  • Mr_Blobby


  • steve and monique

    This lot of leftist political bullshit has become dangerous.Maybe if these experts had not been in politics all their lives,then they could see how stupid their policies,and promise’s are.Suggestion,get out in the public arena,open your fucking ears,and hear what intelligent,working,law abiding citizens think,and also include all the victims of crime.Then see if you feel the same way.And if after all this, you want to stick to your guns,then you wont get my vote,you can get fucked. Sorry about the bad language,but I am over these idiots.

  • Tom

    That’s the States

  • Ian

    Labour will do anything to cultivate voters, preferably at the expense of those that have something, and do something. They, and their Green mates, are guttersnipes, always will be, along with their perverted and bludging supporters.

  • Ian

    No, Geoffrey Palmer returned them the right to vote, along with all his other sickly liberal failures.

  • rockape

    It seems Labour are doing all they can to loose the next election. Do they need more time to find a competent leader. Do they need more time to find some real policies, I just dont know! They obviously arn’t appealing to the average kiwi so who are they directing their policies towards?

    • Agent BallSack

      Maori, criminals and the underclass who believe the world owes them a living.

      • steve and monique

        The only ones that want to listen to their idiotic rants

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        Yep – all those with a highly-developed sense of entitlement. They know which side their bread is buttered on.
        (police asked a guy with a shopping-list of stuff on his trailer why he had stolen it – he said he wanted nice stuff like those other people had but couldn’t see why he should have to work for it)

        And by the way, don’t just blame Maori and poor. It’s not a race thing, it’s cultural. The “I-want” entitlement culture, among the lawyers and finance-company directors too, but encouraged in the undergrowth by the lefties because that’s where their votes are. And they suppress and dumb-down the underclasses so they won’t abandon the fold.

  • Correct; Paul Quinn took a Member’s Bill through Parliament. It passed its Third Reading in December 2010.

  • Kim Arnold

    No comment in any of the reporting about his victims and what they thought….i thought he should have been put straight back in….but then i only believe in justice

  • Steve (North Shore)

    So many arseholes – too few bullets

  • thor42

    The leftist parties just keep on GIVING and giving to the Nats!

    * They are ultra-soft on crime.

    * They would bankrupt the country with their policies.

    * They will NEVER touch welfare, no matter how much it bleeds the country dry.

    * They will NEVER allow change to the education system (e.g. charter schools).

    * They are *completely untested* in a TOUGH economic environment, whereas the Nats have had to cope with the global financial crisis AND the Christchurch quakes.

    Heck – *never* has National had such gifts laid in its lap.

    • Gazzaw

      And it’s now over to the Nats to get those messages to the electorate via a largely hostile MSM.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Under Clark, the police and judiciary became convinced they were working for her. (ref. home invasion near Te Puke, where police were hours away but prevented home-owner contacting neighbours by blocking her cell-phone) Within a few months of her riddance, some police began to realise their “boss” is the people. (ref. attempted robbery of fish-shop Tokoroa area, where the owners took the gun off the robber, and also the dropping of charges against Auckland gun-shop owner who defended against machete-wielder)
      There are still some in the judiciary who owe no allegiance to those who pay their salary and whom they are supposed to represent and protect – perhaps it would be good if they were elected.
      But the lefties are incapable of learning such things. They yabber so much to each other they have no time nor inclination to listen to us (yes indeed, Thor, it is “we know best, you don’t”) so of course we all lose patience with them.

      And as for charter schools, what else are these special community-run-full-immersion-non-english establishments? They are just “acceptable-charter”
      Of course the lefties hate anything and everything that could possibly prevent them being able to brainwash, dumb-down and control our kids, be it private, charter or home schooling

      • Mediaan

        “prevented home-owner contacting neighbours” …

        Good reminder. Utterly disgraceful.

        Also a good reminder about how we were getting squeezed helplessly into accepting Clarkism, and how the forces of police and judiciary were starting to act as though they had no alternative but to match it.


        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

          Thanks Mediaan.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Folks – Greens will introduce a bill to provide LCD TVs, Fridges and play stations in prison cells. There is no stopping the Labour-Green juggernaut now. Winners all the way.

    • Clint? is that you?

  • Hazards001

    “What is clear now though is that voters have a choice. A National
    government committed to locking up recidivst violent criminals or a
    Labour/Green coalition who believe that crims should be roaming the

    Can we have a 3rd choice and lock the Recidivist crims up with the Greens?

  • Lopsy

    Of course they do, how else would they get votes?