LEAKED: Andrew Riches’ TXT conversation with Aaron Gilmore

 Newstalk ZB published this just moments ago

(For those needing a cast list, Andrew Riches is the Christchurch lawyer that was present at the Hanmer restaurant, and I guess I better explain who Aaron Gilmore is, because he keeps asking people “Do you know who I am?”.  He’s the Clown of Christchurch East)

Andrew Riches: What’s all this group stuff? You directly threatened to have the guy Fired and said the prime ministers office would be contacting his employer the next day. The girls were gone by that stage and I was just standing there. Stop trying to imply we did something.

clownAaron Gilmore: FFS the batman claims the group were racist and that I was escorted from the hotel.

AR: What’s the batman?

AG: Barman

AR: What? That’s ridiculous, we were lovely to him. I also never recall you calling anyone a dickhead

AR: I didn’t write that note because I thought we were boisterous, I wrote it because you told the guy he was being fired, said the pm would be involved and I didn’t want the poor guy to worry about his job

AG: I know. They are trying to make it seem bigger than that. Its bullshit. ive taken the blame and apologised. Just say nothing.

AR: You didn’t take the blame. You blamed the rest of your group when the girls weren’t even in the same room

AG: I did the fucktard said I was not the only one drink and i was carried out of the bar. I said that I was rude but he claims others were too. It’s not worth the argument.

AR: Well the herald just called ad informed me they have heard you mentioned the prime ministers office ad threatened to get them involved

The “leak” can only have come from one source of course.  I think it is fair to say that Andrew Riches and Aaron the Clown aren’t friends anymore.  There has been continued speculation that Andrew threw the Clown under the bus, and this is his latest attempt to distance himself from Aaron Gilmore’s appalling behavior.


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  • Donovan Jackson

    You could see plain as day that Gilmore was still in CYA mode in his whiny douchebag cry for myself press conference. Lying about when and what happened – ‘did you call him a dickhead’ ‘I must have’ (NOT YES I DID; apparently can’t remember…but claims he wasn’t drunk). Spot the contraDICKtion. What a giant tool.

    • Donovan Jackson

      Anyway, now the tool has had the opportunity to see himself in profile on national television, let’s all hope he does the right thing.

      And gets a fucking haircut.

  • Col

    Ok Gilmore is a Dickhead right? well Riches is a little worm for what ever reason he is saying anything, seen this happen many times, I think Riches wants to be someone?
    You know who your drinking mates are, yea right?

    • There is more to this. Do not cast aspersion on a guy who won a herosim award for pulling people out of collapsed building in the earthquake.

  • sheppy

    You do have to wonder though why the text messages are leaking – its not exactly helping either of them unless somebody is attention seeking

    • Dave

      Or it could be just as WO has described, Andrew Riches could be genuinely sick of Gilmore dragging his name into disrepute over his own behavior. Could it be they were not true mates after all? Either way, Gilmore is fucked, and Gilmore has never stated Richie has ever said anything wrong.

      Aaron – go to copier, take piece of paper. Put name and ddress in top right corner.

      From left margin write. Hon John Key, PM NZ, C/- Beehive, Welliwood, NZ

      Dear John

      I unreservedly apologize for my behavior on that infamous night earlier this week, and hereby tender my resignation from my position as a list MP, and from the national party.

      I personally apologize to you, and to the party for bringing the government and party into disrepute. I also acknowledge my former friends did nothing wrong, and I was wrong to draw them into this.

      In considering my future, I will take a six month sabbatical volunteering at community youth centers teaching advocacy skills and legal rights. I will then join another political party to further my career utilizing my public skills, and at this point favor Mana or the Greens.

      I will keep you informed John.

      Never sincerely

      AG -:(

      CC Twitter, Txt, Facebook, 4Square, Linkedin, MSM

      • Andrew Riches could be genuinely sick of Gilmore dragging his name into disrepute over his own behavior.

        Not “could be” Dave; he is. And who can blame him?

        • AnonWgtn

          I would still be very careful now if I needed a Christchurch lawyer?

      • unsol

        “Or it could be just as WO has described, Andrew Riches could be genuinely sick of Gilmore dragging his name into disrepute over his own behavior”

        But didn’t Riches put himself in the limelight? It’s not like the names of the rest of the group have been made public?

        Actually isn’t this whole drama thanks to Riches going to the press? It wasn’t the Heritage or Gilmore that contacted the media & let them in on the little drama?

        • BJ

          Gee am I pleased to see you today. I knew you would have a similar view to mine on this one. Is Riches pooping in Gilmores dirtbox to not foul his own or is he just misguided?

          • unsol

            That’s a huge compliment BJ & it’s vice versa too as I knew that if you bothered to comment (swimming upstream is often a waste of time) that you would be asking the same questions; like me you don’t just believe or follow the status quo. :)

            I have no idea but one thing for certain is that there is more to this story – who told the media about riches? riches himself if so then what has he got to gain from this as he is looking like a bit of a noddy too. A career in parliament? Some rivalry in CHCH over mutual business interests? Personal? If Gilmore was apparently about to go off with a woman then maybe he has cheated before ( isn’t he married?) with someone Aaron was/is involved with?

            And why would this blog be so keen to see Gilmore go where the Nats are down to the 59th MP.

            The whole thing seems completely OTT. He may have acted liked a tool but it seems mini compared to winnies theft, noes comments, shearers missing millions & god breaching suppressing orders.

  • LesleyNZ

    Lawyer Andrew Riches hasn’t really been very wise……. I would have thought it would have been better to leave this mess as it is – to become tomorrow’s fish and chip paper. The fact that Aaron Gilmore uses the F word with an extra ending to describe the waiter is enough for me to say to him – RESIGN. He is not worthy to be an MP. That goes for all the other MP’s who use that kind of bad language. I wonder – what would Maggie Thatcher have done with Aaron Gilmore?

    • What do you do Lesley when someone has a press conference and essentially calls you a liar by inference and by omission as well as demonstrably lies about the circumstances of what happened that night?

      What do you do? Well you tell the truth…and then people like you come along and call in question the ethics of a lawyer who has nothing to gain and everything to lose by telling the truth.

      • LesleyNZ

        Yes – true – I am not questioning the ethics of this lawyer – I think the media will do anything to ruin a reputation. I don’t trust media. No matter what one says – they will twist. Aaron Gilmore should resign.

    • mick le prick

      Maybe Lesley can help God save Aaron lol

      • LesleyNZ

        Smart aleck.

    • AnonWgtn

      I see that the “partners” (now called “girls”) ran once this started.
      No more “largess” and more champagne for them then.

    • Lion_ess

      “Lawyer Andrew Riches hasn’t really been very wise ….”. Really? I think the world would be a better place if more people were forthright enough to call out wankers. The Aaron Gilmore’s trade on others’ cowardice to not rock the boat. Good on him, I say.

      • LesleyNZ

        OK OK I was wrong……………………..

  • johnbronkhorst

    Why is this molehill being treated like a mountain?

    Surely goofy’s release of suppressed info, the absolute failure (after a year, $90k of our money and all the hoo har) of the petition/lie to nowhere, are bigger news that a twat that can’t keep a civil tongue in his head, after a few drinks (think you will find a lot of those on any Saturday night).

    • sheppy

      Its being hyped up to fulfill the presses total bias. Anything Liabour or the Gweens do that’s bad gets suppressed anything no matter how small that national does gets blown out of all proportion.
      Fortunately the news in mainstream media gets more irrelevant by the day as the number of viewers / readers / listeners falls. Makes you wonder whether the Horrid will notice their bias is a turnoff before or after they go bankrupt.

    • It’s also a principle thing (or has become one). It could have rested if Gilmore did the right thing when it came out. Instead, he has demonstrated his inability to man up and face consequences, classically digging himself further into a hole of his own making, with lies, obfuscation and blame-shifting being thrown on top of what could have been the sort of error of judgement any of us might have made (don’t you know who I am! OK, so maybe most of us wouldn’t go for that old chestnut, which invariably makes the utterer look a tit).

      Not the sort of character one wants in parliament, in other words.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Yes obnoxious little git that he is. BUT he broke no laws!!! Keep your eye on the ball…shearer’s overseas funds, dalziel’s drink driving, mallards assault, goofy’s contempt of court (re suppressed info) these are CRIMES, breaking the very laws they make/made while prosecuting us (the voter) to the fullest extent for breaking those very same laws!!!!!

  • Mark

    And what’s with his girly new hairdo? Does he think he’s Fabio or something?

  • Sarrs

    Haha I love autocorrect…the batman. That must make Gilmore the joker.

  • Andy

    Is this “more to this” based on gut instinct or something you are not telling us Cam?

  • Ronnie Chow

    Yup , that hair gel doesn’t work on adults . Gilmore is a Noddy .

  • Jaffa

    This whole thing is BULLSHIT!
    There are worse people sitting on Labour’s front bench.
    He has no hidden bank accounts, there are no naked boys running down the road,
    there is no taxpayer porn, he has not let millionare criminals into the Country.
    He is just a loud mouthed bully.
    Big deal!
    Get over it!

    • Andy

      By British MP standards he is a paragon of virtue.
      That isn’t saying a lot, though

    • manuka416

      So Gilmore’s acceptable because he’s not the worst of the lot? Doesn’t sound right to me. What Labour politicians do, or have done, is irrelevant. The real question is, how much of an arse do you have to be before your behaviour is unacceptable to the National Party?

      • Jaffa

        He has to be perfect,…..like you and me!

        • manuka416

          Just you mate, I’m happily imperfect.

          Of course he’s not perfect, but the “nobody’s perfect” defense only goes so far – there’s a point at which bad behaviour becomes intolerable. Re: your “worse” examples – were Shearer’s, Jones’s, Hughes’s actions acceptable because they’re not perfect?

  • 4077th

    • Older Chas

      What I wonder is – why has no one (apparently) even spoken to the waiter and asked for his version?

      • Mark

        Doesn’t want to talk or told by his employer not to talk.

      • AnonWgtn

        I bet the media have and he has been told by his employer to stay stumm , as have all the staff, if he wants to continue as a waiter in the first class hotel. He can talk and find difficulty with another job as he would probably need a reference, carefully worded, and gi name would be in the open.
        I still think Gilmore should have resigned yesterday. Prat

  • When you get in a mess like this, best to keep your mouth shut, if your not the one that is being bashed say nothing? Just saying!!!

  • BJ

    I have no strong opinion on Aaron Gilmore whatsoever but having followed this story in sequence and now dissecting this text exchange I strongly believe that the media have stitched him up.

    If you place correct grammar into the texting – you will see that although there was a total miscommunication between AG and AR (because with texting thats what can happen when other verbal and non-verbal cues aren’t present – a bit like on this blog at times) – these texts tell the story well

    At no time in this whole saga does Andrew Riches state that he heard Aaron Gilmore say anything – I believe his information about what is purported to have been said is from a third party and that they have contacted him and this is what prompted AR to cover his arse. Either the barman, other staff member or mischievous other in the restaurant has contacted MSM who have then twisted things to make AR panic and throw AG under the bus.

    1.AR wrote a note the next day (as stated by him previously)
    2.Read the above carefully – it seems neither of them had much recollection of what has been claimed to have happened and been said by whom – rather it says a lot about what others told each of them respectively.
    3.AG states (in the text) what the barman said – Did the barman tell Aaron those things or has some journo told Aaron thats what the barman said.
    4. AG apologised in a media statement yesterday based on what others say he did and said.
    5. It doesn’t look like AR is a reliable witness and didn’t in fact hear or see anything on the night ( perhaps because he was a little drunk too), other than a business card being handed over.
    6. I wonder if the barman is still employed? Maybe he set AG up for a fall – sounds like he was in control of the conversation with AG to me. Is Opposition skullduggery in here anywhere?

    • Teletubby

      Ummm which exchange of text messages did you read? I personally found the bit where AR says “you directly threatened to have the guy fired and said the Prime Minister’s office would be contacting his employer the next day. The girls were gone by then and I was just standing there” to be a very comprehensive statement that AR did in fact directly witness the comments and recalled them. Note that AG did not dispute that statement at any stage and in fact appears to acknowledge it later.

      While I agree that this story is being made larger than it really is it seems that a lot of it is being feed to the media by right leaders which really says to me that AG is such a cock that the right is embarrassed and wants rid of him. They obviously feel that having him in parliament until the next election is a liability but the risk of booting him from caucus is too great so they are holding the door open and applying a blow torch to his gonads in the hope he will run.

      • BJ

        If someone feels strongly about a statement they always own it by using the I word and no where in any statement since this became public has Andrew Riches said “I heard him say” anything.

        Also last text: AR: Well the herald just called ad informed me they have heard you mentioned the prime ministers office ad threatened to get them involved.
        What’s more the text prior to the first one available to us that you choose to take at face value would be helpful to have – as would the whole story

  • Carlos the Jackal

    If anything, Key should sack him for having a bubble perm. Disgraceful that an MP should have one, let alone a male MP.

  • Anne

    And just watch Key ignore it all so that he keeps Gilmore’s vote. If there wasn’t such a slim margin Gilmore would be gone. On the one hand Key needs to sack him if he wants to stay credible. Having said that, though, the opposition are so hopeless Key will get away with keeping him on pretty well unscathed. He might even get a bit more cred out of it all if Shearer even attempts to open his mouth. That’s the beauty of Shearer and Labour at the moment. All they can do is help the government. Shearer and Labour really are gifts from heaven. Marvelous stuff.

  • Justsayn

    Okay I’m old… What the hell does “FFS” mean?

    • Kacanga

      For Fuck’s Sake

      • Justsayn

        Sorry if I annoyed you, but it was a real question!

        Thanks, I should have guessed that.

  • Catweasel321

    Usually I quite like watching arrogant RW blowhards impale themselves on their own hubris.

    Ah sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

    The political theater of a Party whose leader’s damning comment is that AG is
    not being open with the media and making statements not consistent with the
    chronological facts just makes it all the more rich.

    More so because it comes on the day following he said he was in negotiations with
    the leader of NZF over the GCSB bill as well as other initiatives that were apparently
    news to them.

    But I do find this a moribund political sideshow, however amusing.

    I suppose JK’s just happy with the temporary relief in remembrance of the
    honeymoon days when he was on the other side of the media scrum.

    It seems wine bars can be just as hazardous to cosy relationships as Tea Parties.

    Unfortunately for Unhappy Gilmore he hasn’t realised yet that the party Apparatchiks and its media organs have already deemed him a non-person and erased him from the official record in protection of their own squalid political ambitions.

  • Bigmal

    I think JK wants to enable GCSB to spy on kiwis so that he can release AG’s actual texts without doctoring…