Lee-Lo, Lee-Lo, It’s off to work we go

Well it’s been a while, but once again out of the shadows the BSC’s El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo has emerged.

I’ve called out the BSC for being some dodgy union rort that does little for its membership and breaks its own Society rules. So did Rodney Hide.

Now we have a picture of the BSC Fish Gang in all their glory.


These are the people that oversee the tucking of $20k membership fees,  who allow the extravagant junkets by Lee-Ho and his side-kick Marja Verkerk, while conveniently forgetting about the blatant breach of Rule #19.

A bit of sunlight is a good detergent, so some of these BSC Council members will be getting some exposure.

Lee-Lo claims “the BSC has lobbied strongly on Part 6A”. Mmm lets see about that. What’s the bet there’s a record of the correspondence received by Ministers from Lee-Lo and the BSC over the past few years. I wonder what it shows.

Put it this way, there’s more action from the tumbleweeds below than from the BSC. All will be revealed.


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  • cows4me

    It looks like they’re wintered well, overall condition score a 5 easily.

  • LionKing

    This guy is unbelievable. Clearly has no concept of up or down and believes his own bull shit doesn’t stink. He has abused multiple companies and franchisees, brought shame onto the BSC, ignored Rule 19, allowed the Registrar of Incorporated Societies to investigate their auditing/accounts and still thinks that he’s doing a good job. Fuck me sideways with a big rubber cock because if he can get away with this, he’ll get away with stonewalling the BSC members from getting a slice of the $1.8m he’s sucked out of them.

  • DLM

    Nice to finally see a picture of the clowns running the BSC. Lee-Ho seems to be the only one smiling – no doubt laughing at how easy its been to travel the world on junkets, complain about a fish gang and give a royal one finger salute to issues of governance. Bring it on WO.