Len Brown’s zoning hypocrisy outed

I’ve blogged about Len Brown’s hypocrisy over the unitary plan and intensification before and now the NBR has picked up on it.


Under-fire Auckland mayor Len Brown has been accused of hypocrisy for living on a spacious lifestyle block outside the urban limit while pushing for a ?quality compact city? full of small high-rise apartments.

The mayor lives on a bush-covered 6970 sq m (0.688ha/1.7 acre) property at Tiffany Close on the outskirts of Manukau, just outside the current Metropolitan Urban Limit (MUL).

His house is a spacious 406sq m and he has a pool in his backyard, for which resource consent was granted in October 2002.

The property was a bare section when Mr Brown bought it with his wife Shan Inglis in 1995 for $180,000.

It now has a rateable value of $1.2 million, including land value of $495,000 and improvements of $705,000.

Critics say the mayor?s housing choice shows he is not practicing what he preaches when it comes to high-density living.?

Len Brown is a hypocrite, and worse he refuses to discuss his hypocrisy.

Dick Quax, a councillor for the Howick ward where Tiffany Close is located, says residents fighting intensification plans around Auckland will be galled to hear how the mayor lives.

?Len Brown lives on a country estate in a McMansion and wants the rest of us to live in rabbit hutches,? he says.

?I think it?s the ultimate hypocrisy that someone who advocates people live in small apartments around railway stations, which can have floor areas as little as 30sq m, lives on an acre and a half of land.?

NBR ONLINE wanted to know what the mayor thought of the criticism, whether he planned to move into an apartment and whether his property will be inside the Rural Urban Boundary (RUB) that will replace the MUL.

Mayor Brown refused to talk to NBR, or answer our questions, issuing only a pro-plan propaganda statement through his chiefspin doctor, Glyn Jones.

?The most important thing is that Aucklanders continue to have a range of choices about where they live as our city grows, whether it?s a larger place further out or an apartment closer to the city,” his statement read.

Yeah, well we all know about Len Brown and his rules for others but not for himself. This will be yet more “honesty, but with limits”.