Len’s Dream?

Len Brown and his pals at the council are intent on intensification and blocking people’s view shafts.

Could this be Len’s dream for a suburb near you, with a train, a bus and cycleway to get to it.

A man walks past newly built houses at Dadun village of Lingshui ethnic Li Autonomous County

Rows upon rows of ticky-tacky three-storey cottages have been erected in one of China’s most overcrowded counties of Lingshui. As many as 1,029 houses have been crammed on each only 253 square meters and are ready to accommodate their first residents. The Dadun Village, as it is called, can house over 3,500 people. 

I’d love to see how the Prince of Dark Arts in Len’s office is going to get together a “consensus group” to love this one up. Perhaps that is why his CV is being dusted off 6 months out from the election.

A general view of newly-built houses at Dadun village of Lingshui ethnic Li autonomous county


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  • Never in the dark…..

    That should read 1029 units measuring just 253sqm each surely.

    • Whafe

      Could well be 2.53 Ha’s – 25,300 sqm’s / 1029 units = a footprint of 24.5 sqm x 3 levels = approx. 73 odd sqm……Lyin Len would say thats to big

      • Red Len really is a fucking cunt.

        On that point I would say we definitely have consensus. No need to astro-turf or otherwise fake it in the media. It’s just a fact.

    • Yeah can’t verify the numbers, but that is from the link i posted

      • Whafe

        235 sqm is not as small as I first thought…. Of which would be HUGE in China… But in NZ, not a shit show of that working. Even with our Asian immigration to NZ, these new immigrants dont want to live like sardines, the reason they migrate to NZ is for space….
        Wake up Lyin Len

        • My 2 bedroom apartment in Auckland City is one of the larger ones at about 90 sqm. 235 sqm for a 3 bedroom house is actually a very decent size.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sounds good to me.

    Put the peasant housing along side the train tracks. Nobody wants to live next to a train line.

  • thor42

    Jeez – when you see stuff like this, you realise that we don’t know how lucky we are in New Zealand. That’s *particularly* the case witrh left-wingers.
    Anyway – what a bloody depressing place to live. You can guarantee that the floors and walls will be paper-thin, so you’d be able to hear your neighbour giving his missus a good shafting at night. You’d hear every creak of the bedsprings and lots more besides.

  • GregM

    Bloody hell. That lot would keep Rufus Paynter gainfully employed for years.

  • XM16E1

    What are the chances of finding your own house after a night on the turps??

  • 253m2 per unit would be huge.

    • tarkwin

      You probably end up with 252 flat mate plus the night shift.

  • Big-Inja

    You’re invited to my house warming: Apartment 878614143A, The Terraces, 9223rd Street. Mt Wellington. BYO

  • philbest

    At least China has the excuse that it is still a developing nation. Look at the Poms housing shame:




    This is where we are headed thanks to “smart growth”, which is an Orwellian newspeak term meaning “dumb strangulation”.

    • Hmm. A bit disingenuous there philbest. These are all examples of late C19th and very early C20th workers’ rows. Brick-built and slate roofed. The top image is of fishermens’ rows on the Isle of Portland, where as you might imagine, space is limited. These developments took place over one hundred years ago in the main.

      At least the occupiers have their own front doors and toilets. Red Len’s plans are far south of where the planners of these humble dwellings were aiming. Think more like downtown Kabul, old Peking, Bombay or perhaps even pre-slum-clearance Glasgow.

      And you’ll be paying MORE tax to live amongst it. A socialist non-workers paradise comrades.

      • philbest

        I am on your side. Here is my argument that connects urban planning with shameful housing density and quality, even if it is pre-automobile housing. in an undistorted economy, this housing would have been bowled decades ago and the inhabitants would be living in something decent at no higher cost than what the scummy old stuff actually still costs. The urban planning has forced the cost of land so high that there is no money left in “households housing budgets” to pay for renewed structures. Check out a few real estate sites to see for yourself what people are paying in UK cities, for these dumps, and for a decent suburban family home. Basically these dumps cost what a decent suburban home in an affordable housing US city costs, and a decent suburban home in a UK city costs about 3 times that. NZ is heading this way, a triumph of planning lunacy over land-richness and the colonial spirit of freedom.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown really is a fucking cunt !

  • LabTested

    The Daily Mail says. ‘3500 Villagers have started to move into the 1029 apartments’ The key word here is Villagers.

    They way things work in China is that the local government owns the land. As there are no rates, they only way the local authority can make money is to sell the farm land to property developers. The property developers must compensate or relocate the farmers (& bear in mind we are talking about very basic farming).

    So this looks like a relocation village which means 1000+ families have had their land seized.

    The farmers are being shunted into this prison, & of course now have no livelihood.

    No middle-class Chinese would buy these, cos there is no where for the car.

    Look at the photo, add 3500 uneducated, unemployed, plus all the washing on the upper decks.- Paradise

  • CoNZervative

    If Maurice runs this as a street hoarding, just once, it’s all over Lenny.

  • flashman

    And this is the good end of the Chinese housing market.

    But really, this level of housing density seems bad because it’s viewed through a NZ lens. Most NZ people wouldn’t want to live in a place this densely populated – and there’s no reason why they should. But most of the highly developed countries of the world have a much higher population density than NZ. The UK has 91% of the land area of NZ and 14.2 times the population. In the UK they don’t think that’s bad, because that’s what they’re accustomed to – they would find the NZ streetscape very empty and quiet, “where are all the people?” is a common observation. Not because they’re wrong, but because it’s just another way to live your life, once you get your head around it.

  • boristhefrog

    250sqm is about the average size of new house builds in NZ….

  • Hazards001

    But but but……which one is mine again?????

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Len, suck on this you wanker.