Look at Ole Smoochy El Presidente

Via the Fish Gang tip-line


Patrick Lee-Lo. Photo: Kim Taranto, InCleanMag

Scumbag unions must be getting a bit worried. First there’s a growing movement to get rid of Section 97, then there’s the groundswell to ditch Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act as well.

Good I say.  It’s about time Simon Bridges HTFU and gives the unions a shellacking. 

Scumbag union officials will be looking for support (aka donations) and know about the $1.8 million nest egg their comrades at the BSC cartel are sitting on.

Meanwhile the tip-line is telling me that the Australian directors of Spotless Facility Services are now asking questions about the real value-add of being members of the BSC, especially when they could drop in and pick up a cheque for $500,000 by winding up the BSC.

When half a million is up for the taking, no amount of ‘project revitalisation’ spin is going to stop the Aussies riding into town to collect it.

Another question those Aussie directors are asking is why there’s three people (Glen Gordon, Paul Emery and Patrick Lee-Lo) from ToTal Property Services all on the BSC’s National Committee – are they getting something other members are not? Who knows?

Maybe its as simple as Glen and Paul wanting to join Paddy on the junket circuit!


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  • LionKing

    Simon Bridges should harden up and actually live up to National’s belief of helping business instead of allowing union rorts like Section 97 and Part 6A that does little but allow unions to bully employers and suck more cash out of their dwindling members.

    • Naylor

      What’s the bet Bridges doesn’t have the go-nads necessary to stand up to the unions. If he ever wants to be the leader of the Nats after Key and Collins, he will have to deal with them now. Otherwise he’ll be another weak as cats piss Labour Minister captured by his communist Labour Ministry officials.

  • DLM

    Ahh poor Paddy, but that picture sure makes him look like a smooth operator. Got to love the mo.

    • Last guy I know who had a mo like that got chucked off the Huka Falls afte his ball kicking session went awry

      • Guest

        You knew him?…. :)

      • Gungadin

        Peter Plumley Walkers’ last words …….. ” I wanted to go shafting , not white water rafting ! “

        • axeman

          I thought his last words were “I said over the BALLS not over the FALLS”

  • Hillary Green

    I like that young Simon Bridges and think he’d make a great Prime Minister. But if he turns out to be like Kate Wilkinson and is soft on those union thugs, then I for one won’t vote for him. Stand up Simon and be counted as a great champion against the left.

  • Patrick

    Ah, the luxuries of a self made man aye. Or the troughing of a hypocritical champagne socialist?

  • Col

    Ask Hone?

  • rockape

    Whats wrong with this,looks like a good working class bloke to me.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Only thing missing is the Cigar…

  • Agent BallSack

    Reminds me of the creep in the old Persil ads.