Lyin’ Len busted again

Unitary Plan - two story promise handout

Unitary Plan – two story promise handout, more lies from the council

Len Brown’s unitary plan lies are coming back to haunt him. Together with his spin weasels they have been telling people that they can’t read what is in the unitary plan or that they are too stupid to understand it.

But understand it and read they can and what they are finding out is that Len Brown is lying. Where Len Brown claims 7% of Auckland for apartment the reality is over 50%.

Half of suburban Auckland could be built up with three-storey apartments and residents will have no say when developers move into their street.

After nine weeks of telling Aucklanders the maximum height of “small-scale apartment buildings” in neighbourhoods was two storeys, the Auckland Council has admitted the height limit is three storeys.

Three-storey apartments are possible in the “mixed housing” zone in the city’s new planning rulebook. The zone covers 49 per cent of urban Auckland and most suburban streets have some degree of mixed housing.

The council has also told the Weekend Herald that developers can apply to exceed the four, five and six-storey height limits in the terraced housing and apartment zones, which make up 7 per cent of urban Auckland close to town centres in the draft Unitary Plan.

It gets worse…the unitary plan allows for non-notification.

Last night, Penny Pirrit, head of regional and local planning, denied the council had not been upfront with Aucklanders over the maximum heights in the two zones, saying the figures given were what was permitted as of right and, like now, developers could apply to build higher.

“At the moment [in the mixed housing zone] the plan says as a permitted activity it is 8m but there is the opportunity to go to 10m,” she said.

Ms Pirrit said applications to increase the height to 10m were a non-notified restricted discretionary activity, which meant they would be decided by officers with no input from residents.

Once again we see a council officer telling us that Len Brown when he said 7% wasn’t wrong…except he was.

When will Len Brown start telling the truth to Auckland residents? When will he go on television and announce his resignation for such deceit?


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  • Patrick

    When will the rabble rousers line up outside his house & spit on him & carry on? Seems it is ok to lie to the public if you are a leftie socialist, any hint of an evil capitalist being untruthful & Minto, Bradford et al are there frothing at the megaphone.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Unitary plan…to be seen as the URINAL plan in about 10 years.

  • philbest

    Kiwi voters will learn yet…….hopefully…….. DON’T vote for loony watermelon politicians because “a compact city” and “sustainable public transport” sounds like a good idea, and just because you stupidly think “everybody else” is going to have the apartment blocks next door and “everybody else” is going to give up using THEIR car. You want a decent home for yourself and the next generation, at a decent price, and you want reasonable mobility at a reasonable cost (not hidden in rates and taxation), don’t be a b——y HYPOCRITE, vote for “SPRAWL AND ROADS” and get on with it.

    Some wag once said after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, that communism was the longest route from capitalism to capitalism. “Smart growth” is the longest route from “sprawl” to “sprawl”.

    • Mr_Blobby

      True, but were are the alternatives, only loony watermelons, political rejects and other assorted unemployable’s apply for the job.

      Decades of mismanagement by various Councils, don’t see anything different on the horizon.

      • philbest

        You’re right, NZ desperately needs a nationwide new party like UKIP that starts by offering a serious alternative in local body elections; if it can be done in Pommie-land surely it can be done here.

  • oob

    No to Lennygrad.

    Just no.

    • Travis Poulson

      Lennygrad. I like it.

  • GregM

    I still haven’t worked out whether he is A: lying, or B: stupid, or C: being taken for a ride by a handful of out of control planners.
    Most likely D: all of the above.

    • Gazzaw

      ……. and maybe some out of control developers. Just take a look up Hobson Street to check out their legacy to Auckland’s skyline. You can bet your bottom dollar that the same old familiar faces will emerge from out of the woodwork (untanalised of course).

      • GregM

        You are correct Gazzaw, the word around my fellow property managers is exactly that. Names like Krukzeiner, Waldron, et al are starting to appear again.
        I’m on Federal St which still has a bit of character, but Hobson St from the heritage up needs to be bulldozed and started again. They should never have been allowed to be built.

    • Patrick

      I vote “D: all of the above”. He is lying, he is stupid & he is being taken for a ride.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      I vote for D

  • Fear not Patrick. Penny Bright will give it to him during the mayoral campaign. An anti-corruption campaigner like her won’t let Da Mayor (as in “Da Mayor is in da house) get away with telling fibs, will she…

    • Brian of Mt Wellington

      I wonder if she has started paying her rates yet after refusing to pay them for a while now. They were still picking up her rubbish. It sucks that the council have let her get away with this for so long.

  • Gazzaw

    C’mon Maurice. Make your mind up.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

    No Lennygrad for Auckland !

  • ‘Two storeys’ should be printed on Lenny’s calling card.

    • AzaleaB

      More like two stories as he can’t seem to stick to one:)