More ineptness from decent journalists, trained and skilled

Following on from the post about the misleading article about 3D Printer guns we have this little story about a plane that doesn’t exist.

An urgent liver donation, flown in a jet from Sydney to Auckland this morning, was delayed in reaching a critically ill patient.

Thick fog in Auckland forced the Beechcraft Citation carrying the donated liver to divert to Tauranga Airport where a road ambulance was preparing to drive the organ to Auckland about 9.45am.

As proof here is a screen cap of the article…complete with a file photo of some fog and some planes that aren’t a Beechcraft Citation.


Of course the Herald couldn’t possibly have a photo of a Beechcraft Citation because such a plane doesn’t exist. Sure Beechcraft exists and sure there is a model of plance known as a Citation but they don’t exist together in the same sentence.

You see, it is Cessna that makes the Citation.

The Cessna Citation is a marketing name used by United States aircraft manufacturer Cessna for its line of business jets. Rather than one particular model of aircraft, the name applies to several “families” of turbofan-powered aircraft that have been produced over the years.

Beechcraft makes a similar plane but it is called the BeechJet 400.

It seems the “decent journalists, trained and skilled” are still having terrible trouble on simple things…like facts.


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  • How many awards did they get at the Media Awards again? The amount of back slapping must have been grossly auto erotic

    They got an award for their Windows 8 phone app. It is really quite bad. Next to unusable. The Media Awards are an embarrassment to the industry.

  • High_Tory

    Bit like the notorious Simon Walker vs Muldoon interview and the war ship that didn’t exist. Except it did.

  • Andy C

    Maybe they were “reliably informed” it was a Beechcraft Citation.

    • grumpy

      A “strikingly attractive” aircraft though………

  • Come on Cam they were just trying to confuse us again with the knowledge they have.
    It is very true and at this present time, never believe everything you read.
    Most of the people who vote Labour and Green understand what they read is true.

  • Ian

    Reminds me of NewstalkZB reporting two cows had attacked and bitten a man. I have been around cows for many years, and have yet to see one bite. The journo must have been trained by Fairfax.

  • Peterkar

    You’re being a dickhead (again!) This story is about thick fog and its effects – if you’re not careful they’ll retaliate aiming at thick blogs.