More whingers pimped by the media

Why don’t the media find decent examples to use in their whinge-fest stories these days.



This woman should lose weight then she might find her health problems will go away. She smokes as well. No wonder the health dollar keeps rising.

Is this fair when it is up to us to the lose weight? 

Just wrong that taxpayer money is being pumped into the health sector like this when diabetes is totally preventable with a good diet and weight loss. No machine is ever going to help if people like Mrs Fatty keep shoving food into their gobs.

Bet she waddled straight out of the Doctors office & into the nearest McDonalds or some other greasy crap takeaway.

After all that effort she was probably exhausted.

So bascially $16m is being spent to confirm what could easily be assumed just from looking at the state of them.


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  • spollyike

    “busy Mum…” yeah right, she obviously has time to feed her face and fuck up her lungs. Bring on Fatty Tax!

    Bet her kids are “living in poverty” too, even though they’re probably just as well fed as her, and if not, well we know who ate all the family’s pies don’t we…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Another case of the input hole being bigger than the output hole

  • Ronnie Chow

    Sadly , the Polynesian diet is more of an orgiastic feeding frenzy than simply a way to provide nutrients . Fatty meats , white bread , fried eggs and canned fish are the staples .

  • Salacious T Crumb
    • spollyike

      Does he have a blog? It would be a good one:)

  • Ian

    Another example of our Pacific visitors screwing NZ taxpayers. I was in a private hospital having a stent done, when out came a Tongan, being funded by NZ taxpayers, into the arms of a waiting, noisy family, and guess what: they had KFC for lunch with them. They got a real short shift from a nurse, and then threatened to complain that she was racist . . . . I could not believe my ears. Time the gates were shut at the borders. These losers are a source of Labour/Green votes.

    • Patrick
      • High_Tory

        Pleased someone pointed this out Patrick – I read it last night, and agree it is probably a similar situation here.
        Amazing how NZ Labour can’t win an election on ‘merit’ (have not done so since 1972 and UK Labour 1966!) they have to import people to vote for them.

      • spollyike

        Great article!

      • Magor

        this is absolutely shocking…, wow!

    • Honcho

      Worst is it doesn’t matter if they are over-stayers (illegal), because there is no dialysis in the islands they will be allowed to stay here indefinitely and you and me will pay for it.

    • Cadwallader

      She’d be about #15 on the Labour List at a guess.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Isn’t it remarkable the uncanny resemblance of body shape and size to those that take and accept personal responsibility for their own health and weight.

    She’s a smoker. A weak minded smoker. Smoking is not compulsory and to stop smoking you eventually have to stop putting them in your mouth and lighting them.

    All she needs to do is take responsibility for her own actions. Once she owns up to herself that only she is responsible for her health, body weight and shape… Then she can go about changing her outcomes.

    It’s not fuckin’ rocket science… Once the individual accepts responsibility themselves.

    • Ronnie Chow

      The Bill Of Rights should have been renamed The Bill Of Rights And Responsibilities.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I don’t care if she smokes (I used to), I don’t care if she eats too much and doesn’t exercise. What I do care about is, why is it my problem to solve and pay for? Why do I have to listen to the belly aching and complaining? Solve your own problems…YOU caused them!!!!
      I may have told this before…forgive me I’m feeling old today!
      A friend went to his mates house for dinner.
      While sitting eating, he could here their dog howling.
      Eventually he asked, Why is your dog howling?
      His mate said…He’s sitting on a nail.
      My friend said….Why doesn’t he move?
      His mate said….It doesn’t hurt enough yet!!
      Remind you of anybody you know or have heard of…..or just perhaps the woman in the photo?

    • Mediaan

      The mistake we make is, the more they neglect and mismanage themselves, the more we sprinkle money over them. It ain’t rocket science.

  • kehua

    I feel really sorry for………..the chair.

  • Magoo

    I remember Roger Douglas saying a couple of years ago that all we needed to do as a nation to fix our economic problems was to privatise the health system. He said fiddling around the edges like the Nats are doing on a range of trivial small things was a waste of time and achieved bugger all. Better to fix one gaping wound that is hemorrhaging cash than a range of small paper cuts that are mostly cosmetic.

    At the time he said that 52% of the total income tax take went to health (from memory). If 52% of your income tax bill goes to health, compare that to the premiums for top quality private health care for a year with no waiting lists (bearing in mind that your insurance costs rise as you age and become a bigger risk of course). It’s a little more complicated than that, but Douglas’ point still stands up – Mrs. self-inflicted heart/diabetes risk above pays for her lifestyle choices via her insurance premiums, while the rest of us pay only for the insurance risk we pose. Why should the public subsidise people who couldn’t give a shit about their own health, and live recklessly safe in the knowledge that other people will cover their health bill?

  • cows4me

    It might be cheaper to set up high calorie feed stations in the big cities where people can come and eat as much crap food they can for free. An early death may be many times cheaper to the taxpayer then thousands of hours of medical treatment. Kill off those that seek self destruction early.

    • Patrick

      Start a shop called “The Seven Deadly Sins” backend a morgue & crematorium. The one stop shop, all you can eat, smoke, shag etc, we do it cheaper because we save the transport costs when you die, just wheel them out back & crank up the furnaces. Franchise it across NZ, it has got to be a winner!

      • rockape

        It worked in the old China with opium dens!

    • Ronnie Chow

      Silage with sauce ? Palm Kernels with pickles ?

    • Mediaan

      I would disagree. I’d say, take welfare off them for every obese kilogram, and pay a bonus to every family that maintains a healthy weight for all. I think they would soon learn.

  • flashman

    Why the focus on calories and lack of exercise? There are lots of other choices we make. Having a stressful job; playing physical contact sports; adventure tourism; working shifts and long boring hours; jobs with physical risks; “moderate” intake of legal drugs like alcohol and cigarettes. They’re all factors in poorer health. How often do we threaten people in those groups with withdrawing medical care until they change their lifestyle? Do we focus on the morbidly obese because most are from lower socio-economic groups and so are easier to attack?

    • cows4me

      “Do we focus on the morbidly obese because most are from lower socio-economic groups and so are easier to attack?” No don’t think so, they probably get crap because they are an obvious target, like it or not. If I see a very large person it never enters my mind if they are rich or poor, that might come later.

    • Mediaan

      A fat person (really fat, not just plump) is a sick person.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Why is it……perhaps someone can help me understand…that in other countries POOR people a skinny and starving…but here they are obese????

    • spollyike

      Exactly, and they have sky tv, branded clothing, smart phones…POOR, WTF??

      • High_Tory

        I do not have Sky TV, branded clothing, a smart phone (whatever that is) and I am very rich haha (maybe poor people should take note!)

    • flashman

      Crap quality cheap food.

  • williamabong

    Lets check the ratings,

    Fat. – tick
    Brown – tick
    Thick – tick
    Victim – tick
    Likely to vote labour – tick
    Easily bribed – tick
    Breeder – tick
    That pretty much sums up the argument, then we wonder why we have a health and welfare system in free-fall, Yeah Right.

    • spollyike

      Sounds like the criteria for a list MP these days!

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Parasite – tick

  • I always thought that the benefit was to help you get back on your feet again, not a replacement wage.
    If you find yourself in this situation,
    you should not smoke,
    should not have Sky,
    should not have to be paid petrol allowance ( unless you are out of town etc)
    And if you want to use the phone use the pay phone down the road.( don’t tell me you need this to get a job)
    The saving is $50 to $60 a week.
    The only reason they have a phone is to call for takeaways!!!!
    At the WINZ office “what can we help you with too day” we have specials on this page, please tick what you want and we will deliver today.

  • Steve R

    Shes such a fatty that she dosnt like waiting for something thats free .