Moves afoot to wind up BSC

Via the tip-line

I’m no fan of the union-like cartel that comes in the form of the Building & Services Contractors. I’ve posted on their El President Patrick Lee-Lo a number of times.

Thanks to the tip-line, members of the ‘FISH GANG’ are looking at calling a special meeting seeking to dissolve the Society. Good job I say.

Spotless Facility Services (NZ) have to most to gain by saying ‘yeah, nah’ to keeping the BSC going. You see those Aussie directors have been asking questions about what they get for the $20,000 a year membership spanking. 

Those smart Aussie directors have also seen that they could be about $500,000 better off by winding up the BSC and receiving their allocation of the $1.8m nest egg.

They’re also aware that the BSC has been adrift for some time with the investigation by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies into the BSC’s financial statements and concerns about clear breaches of Rule #19.

What’s the bet that those Aussie directors have also heard that Stephen Joyce ‘s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is unhappy with Department of Labour officials stubbornness around keeping the Principles for the Property Services Industry which is nothing short of anther union rort.


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  • LionKing

    Trust the Aussies to actually see that the BSC doesn’t deliver any added value and that the post of gold in the BSC’s accounts could actually be distributed to its members. Go Spotless!

  • Hillary Green

    I’m amazed that Steven Joyce doesn’t simply overrule the communists in the Labour department and tell them that his new Procurement Guidelines that allow for fair and equal treatment to all companies, does in fact remove that archaic and anti-business provision that is the Principles for the Property Services industry.

    National is actually meant to stand for business freedom, not carry on the communist union agenda of some government department officials.

    • Might be useful for Joyce to adopt a similar attitude with the Min of Ed.

  • DLM

    I’m hearing the Board members of the BSC are all very frustrated with Patrick Lee-Lo and his constant “fucking things up” by attacking the franchise sector and saying that he’s doing things when clearly he isn’t”. They’re starting to think the man is delusional and rates himself too highly. There’s also rumours of some very nervous board members and double invoicing to the BSC for work which wasn’t undertaken. On that basis there’s little wonder that the BSC’s financial accounts are not being filed.

    Keep going WO.

  • The Dog Thinks

    Spotless are not the only company looking at just what they get for the 20K, quite a number are very dissatisfied so you are correct. The Dog sure thinks this is ironic what with Spotless being one of the big three and they want to break the cartel up and one of the others is seriously looking at Franchising = break it up and get paid some govt hand out money? Oh and El President is fast spending cartel funds on Lawyers trying to build a case against Whale Oil. What next a back door deal with the union on the Mecca? The famous mustache is now competing with a bead, is he trying to hide as well or is he looking for some greenie support? Woof Woof yes he barks like a dog full of his own ego. Steven Joyce sure sees through him and the cartel beard and all.

    • LionKing

      Don’t know how the lawyers would go considering that WO has published public information about the BSC, it’s complete incompetence, Paddy’s junkets, an investigation by the Registrar of Incorporate Societies etc etc.

      Paddy (and his advisors) would be very, very wise to consider the Barbara Streisand effect –

  • Fred

    Whispers are that some BSC committee members have voiced comment that Patrick Lee-ho is one of the most incompetent people they have met! His public performance to date as chief committee member certainly supports this!

    • The Dog Thinks

      I wouldn’t know about what committee members think but I sure do see the public face and the company he actually works for. Why the owners keep him I wouldn’t know, we will certainly move and it won’t be to a BSC member. why support the cartel.