Not all Philippas are Crap Judges

This morning I blogged about a dud Judge…but it turns out she isn’t a dud Judge after all, and it is the Herald that is a dud paper. It seems not all Judges named Philippa are crap.

I just received this email…it is self explanatory…now you can all heap piles of dung on the “decent journalists, trained and skilled” from the NZ Herald.

Dear Cameron,

re:  NZ Herald article this morning

I thought you should know that article relating to KEPA in today’s Herald is incorrect:

“Judge Philippa Sinclair sentenced him to seven months in prison, to be served concurrently. That means Kepu will not have time added on to his sentence and is still eligible for parole in 2015 on his manslaughter conviction.” 

In fact, Latu Kepa was sentenced yesterday in the North Shore Court on a s9 Summary Offences Act assault and a s196 Crimes Act assault (both on prison guards) to 7 months imprisonment cumulatively on his present sentence of Manslaughter. I have checked the court file, the prison warrant and listened to the court recording at the relevant part and all of them refer to a cumulative sentence.

I’m sorry to say the Corrections Association also seems to have been misinformed : “At a minimum, the seven-month sentence should have been cumulative to the manslaughter sentence, Mr Hanlon said.”

Please let me know if you require any further assistance,

Warm regards,


Sonja de Friez.
Director of Community Engagement, District Courts.

It appears the Herald has now removed the article from online…sweet FA they can do about the thousands of papers out on the streets though.

And to Judge Philippa Sinclair  I apologise for calling her a dud judge.


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  • Justsayn

    Is contact from the Court like this a new thing? It seems a good idea, but I could imaging the Court deciding that it is not their job to correct such errors.

    If it is a new thing, I wonder if it is in any way a reaction to the alleged and shame website the Not So Sensible Sentencing Trust has set up.

    • Patrick

      Sunlight – the best disinfectant

      • Justsayn

        It also causes cancer.

  • grumpy

    Good on the Court for setting this straight, good on you for apologising and good on Phillipa in the first place

  • Rangi

    Class! – & I also apologize for going off half cocked, the onset of a headache Im afraid…

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Note to the kids at the Herald, they might be big words and both start with “c”, but:

    Concurrent = at da same time
    Cumulative = on top of.

    Got it?

  • Michael

    Herald bomb of bombs.

  • steve and monique

    Happy to retract previous post. And sorry to the Judge. keep up the good work.

  • HtD

    It’s still dud judging because 7 months is manifestly inadequate, even added to the existing sentence. And the manslaughter was really murder too.

    • Graeme Edgeler

      If 7 months is “manifestly inadequate”, do you want to say what sentence you would have given for these two offences?

  • Mediaan

    I wouldn’t get too busy on the apologies.

    Go back a year to when she gave a man a quite small fine and 6-month ban. She also referred to nice little paid jobs like being on the local Licensing Trust and the Health Practitioners’ Disciplinary Board as “a lifetime of public service”. She spoke of his not having been drinking, though it is unclear whether there was any evidence of this.

    “Warren Flaunty was banned from driving for six months and ordered to
    pay $20,000 reparation after being sentenced in the North Shore
    District Court yesterday for careless driving causing the death of
    motorcyclist Blair Titmus.”

    “Flaunty – a pharmacist, Waitemata District Health Board member,
    Henderson-Massey Local Board member and former chairman of the Waitakere
    Licensing Trust – pleaded guilty but applied for a discharge without
    conviction, arguing that if convicted, he would lose his position on the
    Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.”

    People have been fined more than that for annoying the court by asking too many questions.