Now this is just inept from the Herald

One of the Herald editors claimed that his staff were “decent journalists, trained and skilled”.

Yet on a daily basis they serve up complete rubbish. Take the article about the 3d printer designs for a pistol which I have covered extensively for the past few days.

They have decided it is time to run a story on it.


That’s not a spelling mistake.  That’s just misleading. The image isn’t to fluff up the piece, the image is the centre of the article. On top of that the image they have used is of a Beretta 92F albeit with the branding removed/photoshopped out, including the slide stampings and the logo on the grip.

As readers will know the 3d printer design of the pistol bears no resemblance to either a Beretta 92F nor to any other made and milled or cast pistol design. The most comprehensive coverage of the story so far has been from Forbes who also have many photos of the real pistol in question.



Herald journalists are “decent” and “trained and skilled”…well lets just say they must have very different standards to mine.


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  • cows4me

    It’s a surprise they didn’t put a picture of a machine gun up. The real picture looks like something out of the two dollar shop and the great unwashed would laugh their heads off if this picture was put up. No the press are basically liberal and guns are evil and a direct threat liberal governance. God forbid the 3D printers get good enough to look like the hand gun shown, the Herald will have to run a picture of a minigun then.

    • Tom

      If they get them good enough to print a Beretta, the herald will run an image of a Spectre gunship…

  • johnbronkhorst

    on the picture of the printed gun, is the trigger broken? or is it really that short?

  • manuka416

    I can 2D print that Beretta, but I’ll have to make the “bang, bang” sounds.

  • spollyike

    Just lazy, fucking shameful pathetic journalism. Shit how can it even be called journalism???

  • And I understand the real gun requires you to change the barrel after every shot.

    • XM16E1

      Probably get more than one shot out of it. “Wilson crouches over the gun and pulls out the barrel, which was printed
      over the course of four hours earlier the same morning. Despite the
      explosion that just occurred inside of it, both the barrel and the body
      of the gun seem entirely unscathed.”

  • Red

    I’m certain they only continue these amateur fuck ups in the hope they’ll drive you to a heart attack Cam… it’s a ploy I tell ya