NZ Herald Exclusive: Mana Feed the Kids linked to brutal London attack

Cam, see screengrab of Herald from online … version.

Pic not of “fatal knife attack” from London.

Those kids are some NZ school children who attended a Mana Feed the Kids breakfast last month.


It really doesn’t warrant any further comment.  You have to wonder what untrained and unskilled journalists would do with something like this?


Source:  Tipline


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  • spollyike

    Anything is possible with MANA (Many Angry Nasty Activists).

    Hone Hone Harawira has described Osama bin Laden as “a man who fought for the rights, the land and the freedom of his people”. In tributes on Maori-language television, the leader of the new Mana Party said the al-Qaeda founder should be “honoured” rather than “damned” in death according to Maori culture. Isn’t Minto in MANA now he’s pro Muslim (protesting against Israeli tennis players here), and what about Sykes, remember what she said around the time of 9/11 where she laughed and effectively applauded and clapped when those planes went into the towers on 9/11?

    Those guys are fucking crazy!

  • williamabong

    They’re planning a special edition later this week, it’s going to be called “All the thing we got right this week”, i am given to understand it will only cover two pages.

    • Hazards001

      But as a bonus for their readers it will be 2 ply.