Offensive? Not much actually

The left wing media and their flunkies in the blogosphere are beating up a storm over some hard hitting cartoons.

But are they offensive? Probably…to the grievance mode liberal elites, but not to many.



Where were these same people when Muslims were offended by cartoons of Mohammed? Nowhere is where…ont eh side of the Islamic terrorists who called for the beheading of those who insult Islam.

Now these same people are calling for the removal of award-winning cartoonist Al Nisbet because he dared to challenge their world view.

Censorship by outrage and vilification is as ugly as the racism they purport to be fighting.



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  • Donovan Jackson

    What’s offensive is that a cry of ‘racism’ is quick to conceal uncomfortable facts.

  • Chad Chambers

    Aha, the scientific poll.

    • Lion_ess


      • Chad Chambers

        Lol. Run the poll here – the “yes” vote wouldn’t bother the scorers.

        • Lion_ess

          Diddums, what’s your biggest problem with the cartoon?

    • spollyike

      Seriously Chad, go way watch this and then come back with a post:

      • Dave

        Brilliant, should be compulsory viewing for journos at their weekly meetings.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Brilliant spolly. “The politically correct coalition”. You can see that here in NZ today.

      • Chad Chambers

        The FCF eh? Had to look them up. They are from the extreme right and seem like your standard bunch of racists and anti-semites to me. From Wiki…

        [FCF has also been willing to spark controversy on other fronts. It rejects what it calls political correctness, dubbing it “cultural Marxism” and blaming it on the Frankfurt School of left-wing thinkers (Frankfurt School conspiracy theory). Accordingly, it has been more willing than many other conservative groups to endorse or entertain views that some on the left would consider offensive and evidence of bigotry. It is arguably hostile to Islam as a whole, rather than confining its criticism to Islamism. With regard to Judaism, in his column of April 13, 2001 (Good Friday) titled Indeed, He is Risen!, Weyrich argued that “Christ was crucified by the Jews…. He was not what the Jews had expected so they considered Him a threat. Thus He was put to death.”]

        • spollyike

          So you disagree with the origins of Political Correctness then?

          • Chad Chambers

            I don’t agree with the term at all. Imo, it’s a term invented by the divisive right – a weapon to brandish whenever they feel their “right” to be divisive is challenged.

          • spollyike

            OMG! (bangs head into keyboard repeatedly).

            Chad this stuff (the birth and evolution of PC) actually happened, it is actual history you realise. How can it have been invented by the Right??

          • Andy

            Chad is showing some “liberating tolerance”

          • spollyike

            LOL;) My theory, he’s gen Y, he’s been through the NZ education system, he doesn’t know any different. He needs to look past the doctrine. It’s not his fault, it’s not Gen X’s fault, it’s the hippy boomers fault for swallowing the PC bullshit in the first place.

          • Red

            Good lord… Chad are you maybe aged about 12? PC invented by the “right” was it ?? Now I have heard it all. If I thought you were taking the piss I’d laugh.. Forget division, man…. derision is what your stupid comments here deserve. What a pussy. Teacher only day is it? Do some work then

          • Chad Chambers

            None of you bothered to read what I wrote. I said the term has been invented by the intolerant right. Yes, I thought of that myself, without consulting any literature. Now, from Wiki in bite-sized pieces coz I know that’s all most of you can handle…

            [Historically, the term was a colloquialism used in the early-to-mid twentieth century by Communists and Socialists in political debates]

            [The term was adopted in the later twentieth century by the New Left, applied with a certain humour to condemn sexist or racist conduct as “not politically correct”]

            [The term politically correct did not occur much in the language and culture of the U.S. until the late 20th century, and its earlier occurrences were in contexts that did not communicate the social disapproval inherent to the contemporary terms political correctness and politically correct.]

            [By the early 1990s, the term was adopted by US conservatives as a pejorative term for attempts to promote multiculturalism and identity politics, particularly attempts to introduce new terms that sought to leave behind discriminatory baggage.]

            [“Political correctness” became a convenient rightwing label for things it rejected.]

            It’s the last of these quotes I had in mind in my reply to solly. I said “invented” where I should have said “adopted”. Typical that right-wing politicians couldn’t come up with something on their own, lol.

            The Wiki page on this is fascinating but likely to be unpalatable for most readers here.


          • Honki

            who invented / adopted the term is not the issue Chad. The whole mindset of the left is a slow destruction of society for nefarious means. PC is just a convenient all encompassing label, you are right. Maybe we should just call it what it really is – sociopathic madness.

          • spollyike

            I think you are misinterpreting right to free speech as divisive. As you may be aware under a communist regime if you disagree with the political discourse you face punishment. Just look at the students in Tienanmen square for example.

          • Chad Chambers


            We in the West used to make a stand against that sort of non-democratic regime. Something has changed. It’s not the totalitarianism of the Chinese ruling elite, is it? For, if a similar demonstration were to happen today, the results would be the same. No, it’s something else that has made us in the West quietly bend-over and take it up the shitter on our moral stand.

            Could it be the money???

          • Honki

            ummm – no.

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            Did you learn this at Teachers’ Training College?

        • Cadwallader

          The term “Political Correctness” or its Russian equivalent is a product of Stalin’s era…a delightful filthy commie if ever there was one!

          • Chad Chambers

            Nah, I’ve been through all that. In short the term “politically correct” has been heavily borrowed by right and left. By the left satirically, by the right pejoratively. Indeed not coined as such until the late 20th century.

      • Andy

        Fascinating video. I was taking a few notes – these terms stick out:

        Polymorphic perversity

        Liberating tolerance

        Good stuff, thanks for posting

    • Dave

      Chad. Get with the program. The poll Cam has posted above came from Stuff (i think). Please note, it has 75.6% saying it is NOT offensive.

      Now Chad, that’s a Stuff Poll open to all, its statistically significant, so be honest with yourself. That’s over 3/4 of 14,690 people who voted gave it a thumbs up.

      And, stuff’s target audience is not Right Wing middle NZ, now is it Chad.

    • Lion_ess

      There, there CC have a little blub – here’s some to make you feel better ..

  • unsol

    Not brilliant or clever, but certainly not offensive – it’s just the truth.

    What is grossly offensive is that these people already get paid billions in welfare, cheaper health care, transport, (community service card) & their schools get far more funding than ours yet STILL it is not enough. They still want, demand & expect more. I also find it extremely offensive that many people – often middle to income families, join in these “I want’ cries and are so keen to be so generous with other people’s money.

    No one can see the forest for the trees; every time more money gets given to these people who continue the cycle of woe is me – from benes to WFF, less is available for those children who genuinely need it – needs that are often the result of sheer bad luck (special needs or medical conditions) rather than poor parenting choices.

    Thank God this cartoonist has not apologised & is sticking to his guns. That is at least something.


    • Donovan Jackson

      Yeah not only do they want the unearned handouts, they demand your respect, too.

      • Sponge

        There is nothing I loath more than the recipients of welfare trying to hit us over the head with their begging bowls.

        You bene’s want respect? Fucking get off your arses and earn it.

        [Edit – Sorry Donovan that was not aimed at you]

        • Donovan Jackson

          Just imagine how OFFENDED I might have been ;-).

    • spollyike

      Disagree Unsol, it is brilliant and clever, that is why it got such a reaction.

      It is also offensive to those who it actually depicts i.e. the ones actually taking advantage. Hence their knee jerk reaction – the truth hurts so lash out.

      It’s probably the best satirical cartoon of the year.

      Everything else i agree with you on.

      • BJ

        Yes it is brilliant and the truth does hurt.

        The retirees of course are just subtle cushioning while having nothing whatsoever to do with the issue.


        Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon.

    • BJ

      So to be blunt, those that you describe, pay for nothing that they use or benefit from – not a thing – yet get given more and more of our hard earned money to spend on instantly gratifying, non necessities of life.

      This cartoonist has done a great service using his wit as a weapon to criticise the follies of society itself.

      • unsol

        Yep. That’s pretty blunt :-) Re brilliant satire – this guy has done better & he said himself it was an average one. Plus satire is more when you go to the extreme & depict nonsense to make your point rather than state fact – this cartoon is very close to the truth (well except for the gingas :-))

  • ozbob68

    The 2 old people in the back look suspiciously white, where is Greypower in all this furore?

    • GazzW

      Where’s Greypower? Probably lobbying for free lunches for OAPs.

  • Dave

    Lets really examine this. The comical sketch depicts a nice sunny day, green grass and a nice pavement, a good sign of a well maintained school!!

    Four children, four adults, and all well dressed, so they are not that hard up, and the adults are not underfed.

    To me the Kids look white, especially the two on the right of the sketch. The elder couple are very pale, almost an old english couple.

    So there you go, four whities, four slightly brown skinned people, who I cant tell if they are Maori, PI, or perhaps even overweight suntanned europeans! Four kids, even a ginga, two fat adults, and two skinny pensioners.

    Balanced, yup pretty much. if the outrage fits, take a good hard look in the mirror!!!

    • Dave

      Just noticed the Red Ribbons in the hair of the two woman, and one of the little girls. Could this be Al Nisbet having a shot at the Labour Party social politics, if so, well done Mr Nisbet, I’m impressed.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Media people think this way because they’re pretty much on the dole too. Especially if they work in radio or at TVNZ. For some reason though, Camwest is further left than TVNZ. Any explanations?

  • spollyike

    The truth hurts those who identify with that truth the most, but that doesn’t make it racist, just not PC. So fuck’em!

    Fry says it best…

  • johnbronkhorst

    Notice,,,still no mention of the skinny old white folks in the background!

    • Agent BallSack

      Yet another reflection on our society. As they probably gave more to this country than anyone yet earn less than any of the other groups of people here. AFAIK you can not recieve WFF while on the pension or working part time on the pension.

  • williamabong

    This is the thin end of the wedge, what’s next free school uniforms?, just more nanny state bullshit looking after a perceived underclass.


    • Dave

      William, the official program was not supposed to be launched until 3 months out from the election. The nats had planned free board and all meals for all kids 2 years plus attending preschool and then school, labour was going to top that by taking the kids at birth and looking after them forever, whilst increasing the WFF so the parents can afford newer cars, smoke, dope and booze.

      Mallard is rumoured to be offering his services to assist in the breeding program, ensuring the blood lines of future labour voters.

      • spollyike

        So in other words OUR worst nightmare then?

      • 4077th

        He won’t have much luck at that. As far as I knew he has spent a lot of time trying to get his hand pregnant!

        • Harvey Wilson

          Yeah, and Shane Jones

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    People are just becoming too soft and namby pamby nowadays. I am a white NZer and associate myself with the white people in the cartoon and I am not offended and thought it was quite funny. If it had only had one identifiable race of people in the cartoon then maybe some people could of grizzled. Just get over yourself.

  • rockape

    We now have calls from Maori MPs and Mana for Devoy to resign. Well if she goes it should be jusy after Hone ,and any other halfcast racists go. I dont see that happening anytime soon. Go Su, common sense at last!

  • Jonathan Pull

    Bit like the pot calling the kettle black (pun intended) for Hone to come out and cry about racism.
    I think the cartoons depict a image that may or not Be true but that people believe to be true.
    While I wouldn’t label it 100% racist I would label it in bad taste.

    • rockape

      Yes a bit like some of the stuff after Maggie died. Also you have to think is the increase in the demands made on food banks all down to an increase in poverty or is it because to word is getting around that a free feeds available. If I stood on a street corner giving away $20 notes, how long before a queue would form. Have I just increased the number of beggars in my town by being generous?

      • spollyike

        nice analogy.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Yes…..Have seen with my own eyes, people borrowing from small loan companies to buy TV’s, DVD’s, cars etc, then going down to the food bank for groceries.

        • spollyike


        • Jonathan Pull

          And I think this is the crux of the matter. You use thw word “people” which I think is more apt.
          The cartoon does “speak” of some perceived truth but the fact of the matter is it wont only be maori/polynesian people taking advantage of this, it will be shit parents in general and to select maori/polynesian and elderly people for the cartoon while not using younger pakeha could be seen as racist. IM not saying thats how it is but is how it could be seen.
          Call me a PC hippy tree hugger if you will but Im just saying what I see. The cartoon isn’t drawn JUST to be funny, its to make a point as much as be funny and therefore you cant just take it on face value.

          • Harvey Wilson

            hippy tree hugger

  • John Q Public

    They never seem bothered by racial stereotypes about cock size though do they.

  • tarkwin

    I see the Mana party have made an official complaint via their deputy head honcho, a certain Mr Minto. How a party who’s leader describes a large percentage of the population as white mother fuckers could have the audacity to scream racism in this case is beyond me. What colour is the sky on planet Mana?

    • grumpy

      Never mind pinko Minto’s racist and sexist hounding of a young female Israeli tennis player eh?