On being paid

Tomorrow both The Nation and The Weekend Herald are going to run stories about me. David Fisher rang me today and his basic premise behind his attempt to interview me was that I am a liar and paid and he is an award winning journalist doing gods work.

He even misquoted my answer to Russell Brown as some sort of evidence of my admission I get paid. Far be it from me to educate a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” in basic comprehension. I’ll leave that to his editors who seem to be real keen on wrestling int he mud with pigs again.

However it is clear that the basic premise is that it is somehow evil that I could possibly be paid for the work that I do.

Now consider this.  

Journalists are paid…very well. That is apparently ok. The newspapers and media companies that they work for get paid by advertisers and that is apparently ok too.

PR flacks like Matthew Hooton, Deborah Pead and others get paid too for ensuing that their clients story is adequately covered in the media. They use all sorts of tricks to get that out there too…some of which have been outed. They also bill their clients for seeding stories in social media. I know this because I’ve seen the invoices. Matthew Hooton for example hired Martyn Bradbury to “interview” customers of the new medical laboratories in Auckland to attempt to spike them. He was working, paid, by Diagnostic Medlab as their contracted spin doctor and was attempting to cause outrage against the legal commercial arrangements of the DHB. SO he hired a blogger, who got paid, and they ran stories against the competition David Fisher never ran stories about Matthew Hooton paying bloggers to do his dirty work then, so why now? One can only think petty revenge.

The thing is all these people see no problem in billing for their services. But a blogger finding a way to obtain payment for the work that he does is somehow evil and untoward.

Martyn Bradbury runs a blog that has the sponsorship of several unions. He is open about that sponsorship, but no media have suggested he is owned or int he pay of the unions when demonstrably he is. But for me to work with or want to work with corporates is somehow anathema and the subject of a story?

David Fisher erroneously suggested that I was paid by Ports Of Auckland to attack the unions. This is a lie and is a constant lie that is put about by the left-wing. Even in the unlikely event they had paid me I would have refused, I bash unions for free. I have had a hatred of unions since my first holiday job working in the stores at LD Nathan in Roma Road Mt Roskill where I was subjected, as a 15 year old, to the terrors of a union boss called Con Strongman.

Frankly I am sick and tired of the questioning by paid journalists about how I earn income. Perhaps they’d like to show their own accounts first and then I might start bothering to care too much about what they have to say.

The day journalists wok for free like I have for about 6 years is the day I’ll sit down and treat their questions with respect. Until then they can get fucked.

I write for my readers…which just quietly is a whole lot more than them. I have an audience and that audience is worth something. I fail to see why I shouldn’t be paid for my audience when they are paid for theirs.

One thing is clear there is someone out there, intent on leaking documents and attempting to smear me and my friends. Good for them…it won’t work. What is funny is that the media are being played for patsies and falling for it all.


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  • Michael

    I would sooner pay to read whaleoil.co.nz than the NZHearld.

  • LionKing

    How about MSM taking a long walk off a short pier. Or to simplify for them, how about fucking right off you unions supporting cocksmokers

    • Bunswalla

      I’m looking forward to reading the article(s) following which we can all have an opinion. In the meantime it all seems a little bit premature.

  • spollyike

    Amen Whale, we wholeheartedly appreciate the work you do.

  • James

    I can’t believe that you get paid for this writing this widely read blog. Don’t you realise that trying to make money out of something that you have spent long years building up goes against everything us decent liberals stand for? You should have just asked for government funding.
    I, for one, will be cancelling my subscription with immediate effect.
    Disgusted of Ponsonby (West).

    • You mean like all the left wing bloggers with NZ on Air funding, union funding or union jobs or government jobs, working for the Labour party, Green party etc?

      • Jester

        I must say Cam that being a paid blogger is certainly a wise career move. After all some fools spend years at journalism school and end up with their only claim to fame being that of a feltcher of fat germans!

      • James

        But in the mind of a liberal that is completely different. For example Liberals somehow differentiate between workers paying into a union, which then buys a political party and gets money for workers; and shareholders paying into a company, which then lobbies for more money for the shareholders.
        To a good conservative both are bad – but buying a whole political party is worse than simply lobbying to make sure your voice is heard.
        Similarly blogging from a left-wing perspective with State funding, and demanding more State funding, is good because the State is good. Doing so from a right-wing perspective on a commercial basis is bad – because corporates are evil and bad.

      • Michael

        Ha! Love the line about you hating Unions so much you blog anti-Union stories for free.

    • unsol

      Tehe….I KNOW!!! What is he thinking trying to earn a living. Geez. Everyone knows that if you want to get ahead you just put your hand out & whinge to MSM :-)

  • rockape

    If you did the blogg would still be worth more than the crap turned out by the press and TV in this country. Stuff them and their left wing sensationalism in lieu of the truth( small t in truth)

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    That is their standard MO. Smear the messenger and the message somehow has no merit. A leftie being paid is virtuous compensation for hard toil, anyone else being paid is corruption. In their small minds at least.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Yay, my first down-vote!

      • Sarrs

        You must not be doing it right if that’s your first ever down vote :P

        • unsol

          Hmmm any guesses who it is…..my money is on GG *ahem* kosh *ahem* teachersrock *ahem* minarchist kiwi :-)

          • Bunswalla

            What about Ch-ch-chhhad Ch-ch-chhhhambers?

          • unsol

            Yeh I’m thinking he/she is the above reincarnated. Just waiting for someone to draw him/her out a bit more before I make my final assessment :-)

          • Sarrs

            Hush your dirty mouth or the troll will appear!

          • Chad Chambers

            Hi there friends. I don’t know too much about this stuff on the subject of lobbying and paying certain people to do the dirty work while others remain clean.

            All I want is transparency when public money is being used. That includes Ports of Auckland money. If Cam is being paid by POA to push their message, that’s fine, just don’t try to hide it.

          • I wasn’t paid by POAL, I have said it repeatedly. But since conflict of interest issues are paramount, how about all journalists declare whether or not they are members of a union when writing about union or business issues, or members of a political party? At least then we will know where they are coming from.

          • Mr Sackunkrak

            Hi Chad, cock.

          • Chad Chambers

            Congratulations, that was a well thought out reply. You appear to be one of the intellectual heavyweights of this forum.

          • Sponge

            Hanging chad? Or is that unkind..

          • A little bit…maybe pregnant chad

  • Dave

    Cam, take it this way. If there was only one or two readers of your blog, and they were prospering, then they would go, Who is he, actually who cares. However, your Blog continues to rise and rise, and the Horrid subscriptions and readership continues to decline.

    It clearly shows you are getting under their skin, and they are taking notice, and now trying to discredit you.

    What they fail to notice, is the kiwi readership is Sick and Tired of their politically biased and outdated news, and a strategy that has failed and they cant even see it. Thankfully more and more Kiwis are voting with their feet and their wallets. They can go discredit whoever they like, but pulling the wool over the eyes of your loyal readers, well, it will take more then them to do that.

    Keep up the wonderful blog, and take confidence in that by running a story, you are well and truly under their skin. Brings an old Muldoon quote to mind, when asked if he was going to be a thorn in their side, he replied, no, just a little prick!!

    PS: I hope you do make money off this blog (soon), I for one would prefer to subscribe to here than the Horrid or Stuff!!

    • Dave

      Further musings: Mr Fisher, why not interview a few of the Whales faithful followers, and actually publish what they say, no watering it down, or your famous “journalistic editing” to highlight what you (and the unions and left) want the story to reflect.

      You might actually learn why a lot of Kiwis don’t appreciate the Horrid.

      Come on Mr David Fisher, dare you, but on the condition you publish the entire interview, unedited with a few of WOBH readers, not the trolls here from the Stranded either.

    • GazzW

      Spot on Dave. I rather suspect that an increasingly desperate APN board is starting to look for scapegoats and that an increasingly desperate Herald management is starting to look for excuses. All that self-congratulatory fluffy stuff that is the NZ Media Awards may look good on page one but it doesn’t pay the bills. Solution? Send out the caped crusader aka David Fisher to discredit the perceived enemy.

      • Dave

        If they want to find the perceived enemy GazzW (Gazzaw?), I strongly suggest they look at their editorial policy, alignment with the left, and a good hard look at their journo’s in the Mirror!

        Their readers are heartily sick of being spoonfed bullshit, and not having the opportunity to comment, correct or at least express their opinion.

        Another lesson APN, Mr Herald etc, please take a look at Facebook, Linkedin, and every other Social media app out there, yunno, the things everyone sub 50 (ish) uses everyday, and the apps and social media that are setting the rules of engagement. They ALL allow users/readers to comment, yup, to COMMENT and express their opinion, it has the effect of getting to the truth, and real pubic opinion. And oh shit, Blogs do that too, but mostly, the Horrid does not allow comment on their one sided opinion……..

        There, if I was consulting to you, I could have charged around $50K to say that in a 10,000 word report.

    • Simo

      We had a breathless phone call for the Horrid trolls asking – could they deliver 20 pages per day of fireplace paper to our address for the next month free! Don’t ask what the reply was….but have a guess?

  • blokeintakapuna

    Too bad these “decent journalist, trained and skilled” can’t rid themselves of the Tall-poppy syndrome they have, or the envious chip they carry upon their shoulders.
    Just keep reading your visitor stats… and laugh with pity about them Whale. Maybe even somehow compare visitor numbers? – Then they’ll be the ones laughing… except their laugh will be an awkward, uncomfortable laugh that quickly changes the subject…
    Also remember – if they print deliberate lies, untruth’s or deceits about you… there will be plenty of support to pay legal bills so you can sue them for defamation etc…

    • AnonWgtn

      The Auckland so called media are still in the “Ambrose Utu” mode.

      Get John Key and John Banks because Key had the audacity to take legal action against one of the precious ones Bradley Ambrose for not actually accidentally recording their conversation, but selling it to the media for money (Winston got a free copy).
      A written apology was accepted by Key, but the media were very very quiet on this.
      Cam – there will be another “Cam Utu” declared – like a jihad

  • Tony V

    Cam, accolades to you for the shit you put up with. Your blog is pretty much the only NZ ‘news’ I read anymore. The herald makes me want to vomit. I saw today’s front page at a news stand this morning. Mum asks for her kids? Who gives a shit.
    Keep up the great work!!

    • Cadwallader

      Agree wholeheartedly.

  • Grizz30

    Message to David Fisher: Find another battle to fight. You will not win this one and will come out looking dirty. Even turkeys do not vote for an early Christmas.

  • 4077th

    Dear David, What part of FUCK OFF do you not understand?

    • 4077th

      Just for the down voter..

  • smells like german sausage

    I do hope Fisher has made some shit up. The irony of having Kim Dotcons paid meat puppet and spin weasel making a fuss about how you make a dollar is fantastic.
    If he wants to look at who gets paid to blog he should have a look at Russel Brown, Martyn Bradbury real estate and the entire cast of characters at the standard.

  • Lion_ess

    Call me stupid, but how exactly is this a problem?

    • Grizz30

      Because only official newspapers with writers who have been to journalism school or studied political science at university can get money to report the news. It is the unofficial law according to David Fisher

      • Agent BallSack

        Ohh you have to be registered! Like dodgy teachers.

  • Agent BallSack

    Maybe its time to stop linking to that woeful ‘news’ outlet The Horrid. Although it is amusing that he is going to run a story on you. Will that have the effect of decreasing readership? I suspect the converse.

    • blokeintakapuna

      yep – the law of unintended consequences.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Excellent, this will be great 4 your ratings :-)
    You should adjust your content a bit ,
    There’ll be lots of depressed people swinging through …
    Upbeat music maybe , with heaps of major lifts and falls etc.

  • LabTested

    Sounds like free publicity. I expect you will get a few extra visitors to the Blog tomorrow to see what its all about. Nice of the Herald to send their few remaining readers your way

    • Grizz30

      shame you do not get paid for it.

  • oldcromwell

    All this shit stirring is going to do is to increase your readership even further. Let them go for it. They will realise shortly that it has had the opposite effect to that they intended!

  • tarkwin

    No such thing as bad advertising there Cam. people will see the article, look up whaleoil and realise what a joke The Horrid really is.

  • Lion_ess

    Curious Cameron, did either outlet request an interview with you?

    • So did Richard Harman, neither would release the documents that they wanted me to comment on…strange how I am supposed to take their word for it.

      • unsol

        Well of course you are – these guys are “decent journalist[s], trained and skilled”!

      • Sarrs

        Now you have well documented, first hand experience of their scurrilous tactics. I can’t wait for your post after the article is published.

  • sheppy

    It’s a long weekend – will anyone notice the article let alone take time to read it?

  • Steve R

    I think you should be paid very well for this . You do after all have the countries highest rating blog . So tomorrows article should blow those stats sky high . If the msm media ran some of the stories you do dussell Noman and most of the lieboor party would have been run out of town by now .
    PS Youve woken me up to politics in a much stronger way and now Ive started to see things for what they really are .

    • richard.b

      Same here Steve R.
      My knowledge of politics and also what goes unreported by MSM since I have been a follower has increased 10 fold.

      • sheppy

        Me too! The standard of MSM reporting in this country is shocking – were they all sacked from Pravda when the Iron Curtain fell?

        • tarkwin

          Haha good one Sheppy – funny how the truth is often said in jest!

          • sheppy

            Only half in jest – I listened to Pravda many years ago and the standard of selective reporting and open bias was very similar!

  • unsol

    So this means you do get paid for this blog then? If so – so what! And that includes even if say the Greens were paying you :-)

    You don’t appear to be compromising your views based on whether, how or who you get paid by so I don’t give a rats. And nor should anyone else. Unless of course it is over sneaky deals in which case I think they would have more to fear than you.

    What I find most interesting is in these busy times of jumping on the poor people can’t feed their kids bandwagon that the MSM even found the time to run a story on you – what a compliment eh. You must have really got under the skin.

    I know I don’t like some of my questions re your intentions, but make no mistake. I like you. I like your blog, I like the topics that you cover & I think you are filling a rather large gap re news vs truth…even if I don’t always like the way you go about providing that information!

    So again, who cares eh. Let them do their worst – we know who will have the last laugh :-)

    • I will never compromise my views. You are hardly going to see a pro-union post on here are you…nor one in support of the green taliban.

      • unsol

        Hence why you have an army & MSM have stuff all.

  • Rex Widerstrom

    I recall more than a decade ago some plonker of a journalist found my CV online and proceeded to “fact check” it. I was lying on the beach in Mt Maunganui at Christmas when I got a breathless call along the lines of “Ha! Got you! I rang such-and-such (previous employer) and no one there can even remember you!”.

    Pointing out that ten or so years had passed since I worked there, the entire hierarchy had changed since, that it was Christmas so he had probably spoken to the cleaner and that I was able to provide him with the current contacts of my then bosses did nothing to dent his enthusiasm for a bit of character assassination.

    It took a call to his editor and the use of words like “defamation” to have the thing spiked.

    Having said that, the acid test for me isn’t payment, it’s transparency. If Cam, or Martyn Bradbury or anyone else (including an MSM journo) receives money (or a service, or goods in kind) to write *a specific story*, then I expect them to disclose that so that I can view what they say through that prism.

    The MSM is notorious for “forgetting” to include such information, or burying where almost no one would look, and as such most are rank hypocrites on this issue. And not just in NZ – the ABC’s Mediawatch covered the issue just a few weeks back: http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/s3763418.htm
    There’s a world of difference between receiving money from, say, blog advertising and being paid to present certain information in a certain way. It’s a grey area – obviously Cam is never going to be supported by the unions or anyone else with left wing sympathies – but does it matter if someone with right wing sympathies wants to contribute money to him to cover his time writing WO? No, in my opinion. But if someone says “I’ll pay you to write this specific story” – even if it’s a line Cam would have taken without being paid – then yes, because even though it may not have altered the line he took, the fact that people or organisations are paying to influence the news agenda is a fact readers deserve to know.

  • Dave Broad

    The unions & print media are very last century.

  • GregM

    Fisher sucks balls. End of story.

  • In Vino Veritas

    The fact of the matter is that it appears to me that Whale often has better, more accurate sources and does more legwork to confirm the information from those sources than a large proportion of journalists in NZ. Regurgitating what is told and not examining a counter view is for say, the Herald?

  • Lion_ess

    Beware – bunny boiler on board – down-voting every comment. Lol

    • Honki

      well i’m upvoting to counter. Including this very comment.

  • unitedtribes

    I guess David Fisher has just had lunch with Michelle Boag

    • Yes Michelle has been very active in spreading this stuff around.

      • 4077th

        So she still has her panties in a bunch after her run in with ACC and this blog? Silly woman does she not know no good could ever come from wrestling with a pig.

    • smells like german sausage

      Or allowed Aaron Gilmore to take a turn in his mouth

      • Travis Poulson

        I was going to respond to your comment, but then I saw your name and realized I’d been robbed of the opportunity.

  • Get a Grip

    Hoorah – Free advertising to those who read the Nerdald and will now come explore the Whale!!! and lets hope he/they tell lies so that Cam can have a go at him/nerdald for defamation.!!!!
    Who gives a toss what MSM say. :-)

  • Salacious T Crumb

    I’m sorry but I’ll miss that article as I’ve deleted the Herald from my bookmarks list after the appalling run on “non stories” they have been running as front page news lately. I can’t be arsed with that puerile rag anymore.

    I wonder how their online views are trending? The same as their subscriptions I’d wager.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Whats with this country there’s more fucking cunts about than you can shake a stick at ?

    • Sponge

      Do dah do dah

      You are not wrong.


  • tarkwin

    Why wait for tomorrow to read the article? It was probably in last weeks Western Leader.

  • Sarrs

    This article suggests that both stuff and the herald are looking seriously at paywalls. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10885800

    How can they criticise you for earning a living out of one side of their mouths and then out of the other tell people they should be paying for content on our two main news sites?

    • 4077th

      Pay wall for the Horrid..deluded much? They just don’t get it do they.

      • Sarrs

        Have you been to their site lately? Holy advertising Batman! I don’t mind paying for an NBR subscription but the herald or stuff? Hell to the no.

        • 4077th

          Sadly yes. I do have them on my list of daily chores. If they Paywall it I’ll be gone by lunchtime.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Adblock plus, except it makes the website completely empty where as before it was empty headed with a Jeep ad

      • peterwn

        They tried a partial paywall some years ago – they put Brian Rudman behind the paywall!

      • LabTested

        9 out of 10 stories on the Herald android app are exactly the same as on Stuff. In fact it has got to the point where if I check Stuff 1st then see a different story on the Herald I am so surprised I have a look at that story just for the novelty value (and vice-versa of course)

        The 1st one to go behind a Paywall is toast. and if they both went behind a paywall it would save me 3 minutes a day, cos that is the amount of valuable news I get from both sites

    • Sponge

      It is simple. They are deluded hypocrites with a sense of self importance that beggars belief.

  • Goldie

    In the past year, their shares have fallen from $0.78 to $0.28. Earlier this year APN had to stop trading because the company was in such disarray, and as far as I know, its only the radio part of the company that is making money. The obvious solution for the Herald is to put in a pay-wall, but seriously, who would want to pay money for the standard of reporting that the Herald provides?

    I think that WO will have the last laugh.

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Oh no, the horror, don’t say the reckless spreadsheet jockeys who levered up with debt to buy the Herald are going to crash and burn.

  • Sidey

    Hey solitary down-voter – keep up with the play, you’ve missed a few!

    Wipe that fevered brow & get back to it or it’s the gulag for you. Solidarity! (or whatever the catch cry is…).

    • Bunswalla

      I think “Solidarity, Reg” is the approved catch-cry

  • unsol

    and 99% of us agree with you (^ the random downer)

  • Moves

    I am just waiting for the Herald’s pay wall to sloth into action – then I will (like many others I suspect) delete this app.

  • Michael

    I agree with Michael.

  • Troy

    The Whale Army is ready to be mobilised for action if need be.

  • Michael

    They are just jealous of your reach and influence. You’ve always been open about working with PR, and how you don’t compromise your principles for coin.

    If print and broadcast journalists are adopting a holier than thou attitude then they should tremble when the nature of their business is revealed.

  • niggly

    Kia Kaha Cameron!

    If TV3 and David Fisher are true to their lousy form (ie unbalanced, manufacture news, leave out facts and mislead), then YOU will be the one on top!

    And you and your loyal army will take great delight in pointing out their errors!

    As for me, a media junky (brought up around it and worked within the industry once albiet not as a journo), I stopped buying the NZH when they went tabloid. Once in a blue moon I’ll buy a copy like I did today to see if it has improved, but each time I ask myself why did I waste my money on this shit? No real stories in the NZH worth reading including today’s copy. Don’t even like visiting their “revamped: website (no more than dozen times in the last couple of years). Sorry NZH but you’ve lost me after years and years of buying your print copy and reading your website in the past. As for TV3 don’t get me started on those liberal retards. I had the misfortune once of dealing with them and shit do they clam up when one wants to do some analysis of their stories …

  • grumpy

    Well, well. Talk about coincidence. fisher trying to throw the shit at the same time that Eddie over at The Stranded has a go????
    NZ Herald and The Stranded in cahoots?? Eddie and Fisher holding hands……who would have thought?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    This is the place to be for your daily info.
    The Journos are cork soakers and now they are throwing their toys around

  • Big Bruv

    Fight the bastards Cam. Go on the attack and don’t forget that explaining is losing. Unless people like you point out the duplicity and hypocrisy of the left things will never change.

  • Patrick

    No such thing as bad publicity – the final few in NZ that are not aware of Whaleoil will be after the weekend.

  • Greg Presland

    OK Cameron. Who did pay you to attack MUNZ?

    • StacyMcNaught

      It was done for free…shits and giggles even.

      • rrroberto

        Beat me to it. A fucking lawyer who cant read. He did it for free

      • Yup…loads of shits and giggles

    • Whafe

      Did you hit the wrong bookmark?

      It is a part of the Whale Army to help the bright sunlight cleanse the scum that are MUNZ

    • Dave

      If this is the real deal Greg Presland, I will give you an earful! Firstly, I do not speak for Cameron, but I have to say he is 100% correct in that unions are scum. My personal 2 cents worth FYI Greg.

      In the early 70’s as a 15 yr old working as an apprentice, the local union delegate paid a visit and insisted I join the then electrical workers union or else he would cause all sorts of bad things, including a strike and ban from freezing works ETC using the firm I worked for He also refused to leave until I completed the form, luckily my boss duly informed him his a toons were illegal, he was in an electrical workshop without reason containing high voltage equipment and he better leave now. He left, never to return.

      Fast forward to 2001, as an employer I watched the union take a firm to pieces as they wanted to make a stand, for an extra $1.87 an hour for 8 storeman, they wanted parity with they local electronics high tech warehouse. After they put a PAID picket on the main gate, slashed tyres and threatened and after a week they gave in after we offered another 60 cents, which was our original offer The union fools forgot about the video camera at the gate and several shots were given to police and a union official was prosecuted.

      You see Greg, that’s just 2 examples, I could go on! Furthermore, with modern IR and regulations, the day of unions is over, disband the lot and move to industrial bargaining agents, far more effective for the workers and the employer. But that might adversely affect your beloved Liebour party huh Greg as their ill gotten donations dry up.

      Again, I can’t and do not speak for Cameron, but you get my drift Unions are scum

      Now please do something useful and toddle off to your labour and union mates and ask them to please explain why accounts are fudged, money is missing, annual accounts are not filed, “The Owl” can outline it all for you, it just read his posts, they all lead to black holes and breaches if regulations. I look forward to your genuine answers Greg and in getting your mates to answer the Owls questions.

      • Sponge

        Similar to my union experience. I was 13 years old working in a sawmill in the school holidays. I had alway been brought up to put everything in to what ever I was doing (I will always be grateful to my parents for this mindset).

        The union rep rocks up to me and tells me to stop working so hard as it is making the “full timers” look bad. I was too young and intimidated to tell him to fuck off and I still feel ashamed that I just stopped worked at a productive level.

        Unions? Presland you sanctimonious prick- you tell me how much they contribute to a business or to the country when they continue to behave like they did with me.

    • rrroberto

      of course a good lawyer, well trained etc, would always know the answer to the question he asks, so Mr Presland, who did pay Cam to attack MUNZ ,(if that’s what he actually did). What is the answer, or are you not a good lawyer who should always know the answer before asking the question?

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Hey Greg, how much in payments do you recieve each year from Unions?

      • Greg Presland

        Um nothing.

        • StacyMcNaught

          So not one of your clients has connections to any unions huh

          • Greg Presland

            Many of them do. So does Cameron have trade union links because a working class joe buys a copy of the Truth?

            Do you really believe this Cameron?

          • StacyMcNaught

            No more so than his “connections” to pich pricks, i buy the truth. Also Cameron doesn’t own the Truth so i fail to see how you are trying to make that connection. But i could have missed something

          • Greg Presland

            Um I have clients who may be members of a trade union. Cameron edits a paper whose purchasers may be members of a trade union. So what?

            How about we get back to the topic of conversation? Who gave Cameron Cecil’s details. And was he paid to publicize these details?

          • StacyMcNaught

            How many times does it need to be answered for you?

          • Greg Presland

            Stacy or Cameron you were given private information by POAL and disclosed it. Who gave you the information and were you paid by someone?

            Honestly it stinks. Either you have been paid directly or indirectly to attack a worker or you have done it voluntarily.

            Fess up. Contrition is good for the soul.

          • StacyMcNaught

            How the fuck did you assume that i am Cameron? This isn’t an alias, do some reasearch before you make dumass accusations like that.
            He has even said he done it for shits and giggles (FYI = free) I am reading the same shit you are and i can understand it.

          • How come you never ask journalists for their sources? Let’s see you do that Greg, meanwhile I’m about over your stupidity.

          • Dumber than a sack of hammers, Asked several times and answered. Now fuck off.

          • Dave

            Greg Please answer my questions below on unions, funds and incorrect, and late annual returns. Or are your clients the ones breaking the law Greg. Remember Julia Gilliard Greg, remember her dodgy dealings over union funds and a house purchase, when exposed properly it will cost her, hope your not doing the same, now please answer my questions re the dodgy NZ unions Gregory.

          • 4077th

            Carry on with starting your posts with um..you sound just like your um er fearless um leader

    • I’ve said many, many times that no one has ever paid me to attack MUNZ. EVER.

      Are you socialist tools hard of hearing? Need some cotton buds to clear the wax?

      What I find hilarious is an anonymous blogger at The Standard calling for transparency on my income, when they are a) anonymous, b) don’t declare who they are c) don’t declare their income….quite apart from the defamatory statements as to who writes on my blog…Travis and Pete can attest tot he fact that Simon Lusk is not able to log in and write blog posts, nor to my knowledge has he ever commented.

      Frankly I am sick and tired of attacks against my income, which have included complaints to Google, blocking by Scoop and other ad groups, even though they have The Standard as a publisher. I’ve even had my advertisers attacked directly with email campaigns.

      Meanwhile the entire left wing blogosphere are either union or publicly funded in one way or the other via NZ on Air, parliamentary services staff salaries, or union sponsored and paid.

      The hypocrisy is appalling.

      How I get paid is my fucking business and no one elses.

      • Greg Presland

        So you attacked Cecil Walker just out of a sense of sport and you were not paid to do so?

        And who gave you the information on him?

        • StacyMcNaught

          Learn to read clown…whale never reveals his sources. Are you just new here or flat out ignorant. FYI. This is an unpaid post.

        • Greg Presland

          I just want to work this out. Cameron engaged in the most despicable attack on Cecil Walker using information that could only have come from POAL. So was he paid to use confidential information by POAL to attack MUNZ or was he supplied confidential information by POAL and just used it out of fun?

          • StacyMcNaught

            Enlighten us all as to how it was despicable? The dude was full of shit and got called on it, simple, definately not dispicable.

          • Greg Presland

            Cameron I thought it was really despicable. The guy is a working joe who lost his wife and you publicised all of his private details.

          • davcav

            Funnily enough, what I thought was really despicable was how he came out and attacked the entity which supported him (well beyond what was required) when his wife died.

          • He should never have lied about the company, who gave him copious time off and paid for a holiday for his family. He called the company heartless…he is just a fucking lying union thug.

            He lied, and thought he could get away with it. I never told a lie, I told the truth.

          • Ronnie Chow

            “all of his private details”=the real story, not the one fed to the media , which also publicized private details , SUCH AS he lost his wife .

          • For a lawyer you are blessed with a special kind of stupid. I have said I was never paid.

          • Greg Presland

            So who gave you the information? Whoever did occupies a particularly low part of the human spectrum.

          • StacyMcNaught

            Any lower than Cecil spouting bullshit about his personal life before Cameron balanced things a bit?

          • Travis Poulson

            What part of “I never disclose my sources Greg.” are you having trouble understanding.

          • Troy

            He’s a lawyer so he’s the extra kind of fuckwit that lurches around – ignore him like any other vermin and they will disappear into the credinous corners of the web where he belongs.

          • Dave

            I can’t believe you, supposedly a lawyer said that. Cecil walker was a lier, he lied Bout his employer to try and score points, however mr walker and those at MUNZ and those pimping his tale of woe, forgot or conveniently forgot he was a two faced lier!

            Bugger me, please don’t let fact a get in the way of a bullshit sob story Greg.

          • Somewhere down there with the union scum who rang my house and threatened my kids that their Dad would get bashed or worse…your kind of people Greg…cunts.

          • Ronnie Chow

            “low part of the human spectrum” . Not lower than someone defending Cecil’s original , false , untrue propaganda statement , eh , Presland .

          • Ronnie Chow

            “despicable attack”= Exposed the truth.

        • I never disclose my sources Greg. Cecil Walker was a liar, he abused the company, he was found out.

        • Ronnie Chow

          “So you attacked Cecil Walker”=Exposed Cecil Walker .

  • rightoverlabour

    Bugger its winter. Might have to get some of those free heralds for starting fires.I noticed somebody stated they used to READ the fire starter paper. Am I missing something? Is the herald also supposed to be read? Why? Really confused now….

    • rrroberto

      I had that phone call once or twice about the Herald, and I always agreed to take it and read it, so long as they paid me to read it. The Herald calling agent was not authorized to pay me so I remain a happily herald free household. We get western leaders for the fireplace, and I would be very reluctant to use the herald for toilet paper,but if wussel and his boy david take over after the next election, I might have to reconsider this policy due to probably poverty.. But it would definitely be only free heralds, blank toilet paper would be more comfortable and make better reading before and after, though would come at a purchase price, free herald has an advantage there

  • Johnny T

    Crikey. Cam is wrong on a lot, but he has every right to get paid for what he does.

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  • 4077th

    Training camps with Lusky? Is this all DF could come up with? Cameron Slater revealed as a right wing supporter…who knew!

  • Jester

    NEWSFLASH: Dotcoms semen count reaches epic proportions whilst paid journo wrestles with pigs!

  • Steve R

    Hay Mr Slater. I’ve just had a read of this Herald article ( online of course ) and I’m afraid for them it says nothing and only Succeds in taking up space to make the paper look full. What a waste of time for you to worry and me to read.

  • Andy111A

    Three articles in the Horrid today involving Cam.

    National turns on hard right advisor

    National stance blamed for mayoralty withdrawal

    Ports and bloggers colluded: strategist

  • Gaskranken

    Hark the Horrid Angel sings like a wee whiney bitch eh?