Other people are starting to notice too

@mcquillanatorz: Wow… Awkward/insensitive ad placement on the story about the Waikato family whose house was trashed by kids http://twitpic.com/csgj9s

via Twitter

via Twitter

As we saw yesterday, The NZ Herald are really concerned when there is an error in their crossword, but they don’t care if there are major factual errors or insensitive ad placements.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    I think the adds are probably selected by keyword, so the journo / editor that sets the keywords for an article are the ones at fault.

    Of course they have an easy excuse , It’s automatic M8!


    • Justsayn

      Do you really think its automated? I find it hard to believe that is possible.

      • PlanetOrphan

        That’s what The Herald implies … the adds run on there own.
        Based on my observations they always have keyword relevance to the article.

        • Justsayn

          How could that possibly happen? Surely someone has to determine what to print?

          • Pissedoffyouth

            Nope, ad networks track what you browse and display ads based on what you have been browsing. If you’re on an article about doctors you’ll get southern cross ads etc.

            Google “new car” and you’ll see ads for Ford, Hyundai etc for months afterwards sometimes. Thanks cookies!

          • PlanetOrphan

            I’m only talking about the web based herald, but even the “List of Available ads” in the printed version is likely based on keywords as well, so it could indeed happen if the editor / journo is lazy.

  • This is a problem only in the same way that the PC brigade is offended by every slightest thing.

    • Honki

      exactly. really who cares about it?

  • Jman

    Insensitive ad placement? Spelling errors? Seriously? There are far better things to have a go at the herald about, like their unashamed left-wing bias.

  • John Q Public

    Of course AdWords are key-word driven, i thought everyone knew that.