Pakuranga Plaza Plonker

Via the Tipline:

Saw this vehicle abandoned in Pakuranga Plaza as I left there today….obviously shopping is more important.


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    All that is needed is a piece of chalk.

    • spollyike


      • Honki

        shouldve got some twink and wrote on back windscreen: “I cant park for shit”.

  • spollyike

    It actually looks like all 3 cars in this photo could have done better.

    • NZ Groover

      To be fair, those carparks at the Pakuranga Plaza are an absolute disgrace. Got to be the skinniest on the whole planet. The owners should be shot with a pellet of their own shit.

  • PM of NZ

    With a title like that, I thought this was a post on another Pakuranga Plonker. You know the one that didn’t quite make to prime time US show on queers. And now hasn’t quite made it to the Mayor of JafaLand.

  • BJ

    Is has occurred to me that some of the drivers that have parked straddling the line may well be under the delusion that the line is what you are meant to centre the vehicle on. Some drivers must have no internal dialogue whatsoever, others – just a very bad attitude and others, totally dyspraxic and spatially unaware. I wonder how they’d get on walking along an elevated narrow path with a shear drop either side – that might centre them.

    It would be interesting for a Psychology Masters student to take up the mantle and conduct an heroic study into the psychy of terrible parkers.