Parking in Suva

Our offensive on offensive parking is going global with earlier reports from Australia, and now one from Fiji. Keep ’em coming.

Bula Cam
I spotted this atrocious parking by a Coke truck at the local supermarket in Tamava, Suva on Saturday.

Parking in Suva 4.5.13 (2)

Parking in Suva 4.5.13 (3)

Parking in Suva 4.5.13


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  • unsol

    And if there is no loading zone, if the loading zone is not long enough (so parking there would obstruct driveways/thoroughfares) or the loading zone is already taken what does this person expect the truck to do? Drive around the block a few times & piss off their customers waiting for their deliveries, park in a standard park properly & obstruct the traffic needing to drive through?

  • LesleyNZ

    Oh no! The Whaleoil Army is in Suva now!