Pead PR disaster

If you are in PR and have a sign-written vehicle, it is really important that you behave in a way that doesn’t reflect on you in a negative way.

This vehicle was due to be ticketed shortly after the photo was taken [Note chalked tyre].  PR?  Parking Renegade!


And to continue our international flavour, here’s one sent from Ireland

Flash drive 2 376



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  • spollyike


    • Dave

      Well, if its Peadophile PR, it must be the Catholic Church’s arm to smooth over all those ‘false’ claims.

  • Grizz30

    In Medical terms, Paed is paediatric. PR is pr rectum. It is often medical jargon speak for a rectal examination. So I read this is as someone who has an interest is children’s bottoms. I wonder if a Catholic priest drives this car.

    • tarkwin

      Even worse, they’re a brand building public relations consultancy. which means they do even less than me.

    • Patrick

      Reminds me of the story in the UK about the council estate lynch mob that attacked a local guy because he was a pedophile – pity the uneducated dickwits couldn’t distinguish between a pedophile & a paediatrician. The good Doctor was given a hell of a beating.

  • spollyike

    Irish version of parallel parking? After watching the woman from Belfast the other day on the net, they probably thought, why bother…