Phil Goff should be prosecuted

Phil Goff has breached suppression orders in releasing secret Army documents. I hope the Police and Solicitor-General take as much interest in prosecuting Phil Goff as they did in prosecuting me.

Labour MP Phil Goff appears to have broken the law by releasing pages from a suppressed Court of Inquiry report into the death of a Kiwi soldier in Afghanistan.

Mr Goff has released part of the report into the death of Corporal Doug Hughes which he says reveals “critical deficiencies in the training and deployment of Kiwi troops”.

In February, Coroner Gordon Matenga released his report into Cpl Hughes’ death in April 2011, ruling it was a suicide, and an inquest was not necessary.

All other details of the report were suppressed, “including the report of the Court of Inquiry, in the interests of justice and on the basis of personal privacy”. 

Mr Goff says the government has tried to cover up “damning revelations” in the Court of Inquiry report, including reduced and rushed training for soldiers in Cpl Hughes’ rotation, which its commanding officer had raised concerns about.

“The report found these issues didn’t ‘directly’ contribute to Doug Hughes’ tragic death, but the investigation into it has exposed serious failings that put all troops in the Bamyan deployment at considerable risk,” Mr Goff said.

Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman says it was illegal for Mr Goff to release the report, and he presumes “there will be consequences”.

Of course Phil Goff has the best defence available to anyone, he is a member of the Labour party and they never get prosecuted.


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  • Mediaan

    That is a Suppression Order that can be justified. For a change.
    It affects national security.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Of course, Goff has form on this sort of thing.

    Remember ‘gone by lunchtime?’

  • GregM

    He should be prosecuted, but he won’t be. Just because politicians make the laws doesn’t mean they should be above the law. The minister should lay a complaint with the Police.

  • Ian

    We know about Weasel Goof and suppression orders. He, Cullen, Clark, King, and Cunliffe arranged for a ex-Labour MP, convicted of dishonesty, to have lifelong suppression of name and details. This wimp is now in a regional council pulling top dollars from ratepayers with impunity. Goff is still smarting over the electoral hiding JK gave him, and being a left-wing loser, he does not are what damage he does to anyone, so long as he thinks he is doing damage. He is a miserable apology for a human being and has more to answer for in the damaging of NZ defence than anyone alive. To top it off he is a devout pacifist . . . loser.

    • unsol

      Aye nothing wrong with being a pacifist….use of brain to resolve issues is always the best forward as it never results in the loss in innocent civilian lives….but that is all very good if we lived in an ideal world.

      Good points. I wonder if there is any truth in the document or his version of it?

      • Ian

        In WWII pacifists (conscientious objectors) stayed home and lived lives of Riley, then when hostilities ended, they joined the wharfies and struck for more money because the servicemen had come home restarted farming and other businesses that had suffered for years, and these Labour pacifist drones were envious and tried to disrupt them. Goff has the same attitude, he is a lowdown leech.

        • unsol

          The fact that he is a leech goes without saying – all left wingers are so you could attribute the same all about me/sense of entitlement/wanting something for doing nothing to all of them.

          But pacifist is a contentious term & these days in no way means the same as the conscientious objectors from the 2nd World War. Different climate altogether.

          Further his grandfather was in WW2 & was actually a prisoner of war (Somme) so the right doesn’t always have the monopoly on the whole testosterone driven ‘defending my God & country’ rhetoric.

          And then there is the fact that Goff, if he was being completely honest, is so close to centre he almost tips right. But his family is a strong on Labour support & he seems determine to be very loyal to that.

          What I want to know is how someone with his background in terms of MOF can continue to spit out so much bullshit now that he is in opposition. I quite liked the way he did his job with the foreign affairs portfolio. He & Mckinnon (most noticeably early 90s when he was part of the process to define UN deployment so that there wasnt a repeat of what happened in Somalia) really made their mark I think.

          • Ian

            What about his demonstrating against our soldiers coming home from Vietnam . . . he is a piece of s..t.

          • Tom

            Agreed, disgusting behaviour of the highest order

          • unsol

            Yes realise that, but it was a completely different war (civil as opposed to international). But no surprises that he backtracked on his own views.

            Those protests were appalling – have no issue with protesting against the war in terms of the govt’s choice to involve itself in a civil conflict at the beckoning of the US, but to protest against the soldiers post their deployment resultant from govt policy already in place, was appalling & spineless.

    • J.M

      Interesting to hear that re the now regional council politician. Won’t be voting for the cunt when local elections come around.

  • Agent BallSack

    Should be fine, he has the full Labour Partys’ backing as Leader. Nek Minit.

  • Have you laid a complaint with the police?

    Don’t just talk about this, do something.

    Will you take a private prosecution if they don’t?
    After all John banks is facing one.

    • Perhaps Penny Bright will institute a private prosecution, given that she is anti-corruption and all that.

      • Agent BallSack

        Penny Bright is the Auntie of Corruption? Sounds about right.

        And are you going for chief billboard writer for Tui these days?

  • No person is above the law. If Phil Goff has breached a suppression order simply to make political capital he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

  • steve and monique

    Spits on the military when he was a protester,and now breaks the law. Should be fired.

    • Ian

      Goff, Clark, Laidlaw, Soper, etc, all demonstrated against the decent average Kiwi at one time or another, and sometimes together.

      • Gazzaw

        Comrade Laidlaw was on Red Radio yesterday talking to some lefty who had written a book trying to justify the skivers’ actions in WW2. He had the fucken temerity to describe the prison farms where they were interned as concentration camps. Laidlaw and the lefty had a good cry on each others shoulders about how hard done by these cowards were and how they were discriminated against after the war. Hard done by? They should have tried being a POW of the Japanese for five years.

        • Ian

          Laidlaw is. and always has been, a treasonous bastard. Unfortunately, in his day, he was damn good halfback. He is a Fairfax idol, and a few other things that can’t be repeated at the moment.

  • tarkwin

    I think he needs a good dose of the vaseline chilli from our good friend Mr KDC in the holding cells before his treason trial. For once I’d even volunteer for jury duty.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So the guy who released the pictures of Jessy Riders attackers is convicted but goofy gets to walk around??? Lost me on the equality and the supposed visual impairment of the justice system!!!

  • Jonathan Pull

    The law is the law and he should know better.

    No doubt an investigation will follow and hopefully the proper and correct charges are laid.

    On a side note, how fucking lame are labour, they get handed an easy ball with the Aaron Gilmore debacle and then the tosser Goff goes and throws labour into the spotlight. How moronic do you have to be.

    • Troy

      Being a member of the Labour Party is all that is required to be moronic … look at Sue Moroney.

      • Ian

        What about Ardern, reminds one of Mr Ed.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Aaron Gilmore is boorish fool, who was rude and obnoxious. None of these character flaws is actually illegal. However…..drink driving is, Leanne, punching someone in your workplace is, Mallard, releasing court suppressed info is.., goofy…etc etc The only differences apart from legality are Gilmore is a National MP the rest are labour, and the media attention applied to Gilmore has been triple that of the others.

  • LesleyNZ

    If justice is to be done properly and fairly and equally for all in NZ then yes – Phil Goff should be prosecuted. That guy who released the suppressed names of Jesse Ryder’s attackers got charged. Just because Phil Goff is a “somebody” with political clout doesn’t mean he should not be charged.

    • tarkwin

      Bite your tongue! Don’t you know who he is Lesley?

  • trisha

    goff sent my family a message today and it wasn’t pretty…
    he said ” Fuck you all!! I desperately need to prove my point!!! and I will run over any thing/body that gets in the way, regardless!”
    If he doesn’t get hauled over the coals and have a taste of decaying NZ justice we will all know that …..wgaf
    Sack his sorry arse.

  • Macca

    Mr Goff says the government has tried to cover up “damning revelations”………..
    Hey Phil, was that a bit like how the last Liebour government tried to cover up for Winston Snakeoil to stop him being impeached?

    • Ian

      What about your cover-up for the Defence Force aircraft that was sent to the States to save “The Dyke’s” errant husband. Come on Goofy time you came clean on this and the young boy at the Labour piss in Parliament. Many of us have had a gutsful of you and your left-wing, media supported shit, and want answers.

      • Mediaan

        Yes, did anyone find out the cost of that operation?

    • Mediaan

      The damning revelations about the lack of weeks of army training for sensitivity about homosexuality and suicidal love? That is what Goff has been complaining about.

      Me, I thought they were soldiers, part of a very serious war operation.

  • unitedtribes

    Whale I nominate you to lay a complaint and yes Phil Goff is a cunt

  • johnbronkhorst

    “The report found these issues didn’t ‘directly’ contribute to Doug Hughes’ tragic death…”….CASE CLOSED!!!!!

  • can anyone find this on the stuff or nzherald websites?

    press release by coleman was 0837 this morning…

  • johnbronkhorst

    Is it me, or is it a bit rich for goofy to talking about deaths in the military? When he signed off on that warship that couldn’t handle rough seas and a sailor died because of design flaws in the life boat system.

  • Liberty

    Goff wasn’t too concerned for the victims of that lowlife Arafat.

    • Ian

      If I recall correctly, Goff actually kissed Yasar Arafat; mind you, that is par for the course for Labour. Probably apologised for something trivial also. He is a charlatan and a filthy hypocrite, and slides along with slugs like Soper.

  • J.M

    Tremendous post and I agree. Phil Goff needs to be prosecuted.

  • OneTrack

    It’s ok when the left does it.

  • Teletubby

    Am I reading this story correctly, that The suppression orders were put in place by the Coroner ? And Goof is saying this is evidence of a government cover up, therefore he is saying the coroner has put the suppression orders in place at the behest of the government. That sounds like some very thin ice to be treading on Goofy!

  • Troy

    Goff is the most overrated left wing loonie in the Liabour caucus, and speaking from experience when I served in the Armed Forces, the worst joke of a Minister of Defence in recent times. He is full of self-importance with a big dash of omnipotence – I hope he is taken to the cleaners and given what he deserves – a spell in the clink. Likely? – nope because some soft-cock judge would dish out a soft-cock sentence. Geesh.