Photo of the Day

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

A topless FEMEN protester with an inscription on her body that reads “Life In Plastic Is Not Fantastic” holds up a burning cross with a Barbie doll attached to it outside the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience in Germany.

Barbara Sax / AFP - Getty Images

Barbara Sax / AFP – Getty Images

A man in a dress protests in front of the Barbie Dreamhouse after its opening near the Alexanderplatz in Berlin


Jens Kalaene / EPA

Jens Kalaene / EPA

A Barbie doll is burned on a cross outside the Barbie Dreamhouse.


Read the full story here.



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  • williamabong

    I would like to see more nubile young titties unveiled in protest, I think this is a very responsible method of getting your message across, and would consider attending some of these protests, purely from a research and observer point of view.

    The worst case scenario, could you imagine Sue Bradford in a topless protest, you would need your gumboots as the place would ankle deep in chunder.

    • They should send her too the Knackers Yard, well over due.
      But Hone will get some more mileage out of her for now.

    • Patrick

      Mate you need to get out more, those are very disturbing thoughts (Bradford) you are having. I suggest some therapy sessions – box of beers, rugby on the telly & some mates round, then mention your thoughts & see how it flies with your mates…..I am sure a smack around the earhole from one of your mates gives will put you straight.

      • williamabong

        Thanks Paddy, I sort of felt something was slipping, just after I felt the need to rip my eyes out with knitting needles after the thought of Bradford showing any skin what so ever.
        In fact it should be recommended therapy for young blokes firing the gun to early in the game, one thought of Slapper Sue getting her kit off would give you an instant soft-on.

        I once heard a story about Bradford standing in a queue with two of her kids obviously of different ages, a guy behind her asked “how were the twins” Sue launched into one of her tirades about how stupid this guy was and what ever gave him the idea they were twins when they were obviously so different, he answered “I just couldn’t see how anyone would fuck you twice’

        • Patrick

          Gold mate, f’ing gold.

  • paul parsonson


  • Justsayn

    Topless protesters… maybe not for us… Bright, Bradford, and oh my God no no Minto!