Place your bets: Who will be crying at the end of the day? Gilmore or Riches?

via Twitter

via Twitter

Well, hasn’t this become a total distraction today?  What an utter prize cock Aaron Gilmore is.  He’s not only an arrogant clown, he’s also deeply, deeply stupid.

Let’s see how it all unfolded





Like a dog with a bone, I would say.  A couple of dogs, even.







Aaron Gilmore has an ego the size of a planet.  No matter how much pressure he’s under, he thinks he can somehow survive this.

But he’s also deeply, deeply stupid.

To think you can lie to the Prime Minister and get away with it is just utterly inane.  Gilmore is basically a broken human being.  He doesn’t have the same sort of social intelligence that most people have.  He has the ability to create a reality in his own mind, and he is so focused on this that the outside world simply is  isn’t able to penetrate his poisoned thinking.

People like him really should have me on speeddial.  Straight after the incident, politics 101 dictates that he provide an unreserved apology, admit that he has a drinking problem for which he will seek professional help, and that he is deeply, deeply sorry about the whole affair.  He then claims it was only he, and nobody else that is to blame.

Had he done that, it would have all been over in 48 hours, and he would still be an MP free to roam the countryside and terrorise the poor unsuspecting citizens of this country with his idiotic behaviour.

Anyone in this situation would realise that their position is now untenable .  Aaron Gilmore needs to resign from Parliament.




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  • LesleyNZ

    Oh no! Batman would NEVER say that! Horrible word. How low some parliamentarians have got.

  • Bobby

    The manager of an adult services classified pamphlet is probably not the first person you would think to call if you were if you were involved in a political scandal. Though you do appear to have remarkable hindsight.

    • JeffDaRef

      Totally disagree – if he had thought on his toes and come to the conclusion he was stuffed, he could have at least gotten 6 escorts into a spa pool with booze and drugs and gone out in a blaze of glory…

  • Justsayn

    Both may. Gilmore has proven himself a prize twat. Richies has show how promptly he will hang a “mate” out to dry for no real reason (who cared at the point that Gilmore said it was not just me… that would have been the end of it without Richies’ response). Richie would have been better to file that one away, and save the emails.

    As it is neither is likely to have a political career in the future.

    • Travis Poulson

      I disagree, Riches had every right to defend his own integrity and those of the rest of the group that Gilmore tried to spread the blame to and drag down with him. Riches didn’t “hang a mate out to dry”, as decent mates wouldn’t do what Gilmore did. Gilmore got what he deserved as it seems to be evident he has form for being an arrogant prick. This won’t hurt Riches one bit.

      • Lion_ess

        Agree with you TP.

  • Anne

    “Aaron Gilmore has an ego the size of a planet. No matter how much pressure he’s under, he thinks he can somehow survive this. …But he’s also deeply, deeply stupid.”

    Yes, but for the same reasons he may well join Brendan Horan, and if he again for the same reasons vote against Key out of spite. The guy’s capable of this. He can’t survive the party, but he’s got the ultimate defence against being kicked out of Parliament.

    • Teletubby

      This is where the law is an ass and desperately needs to be reviewed. A list MP is elected to parliament on the basis of his parties stated policies. He has a mandate to follow those policies and nothing else. If he isn’t in that party anymore he needs to depart parliament.
      I bet a petition on that could get 310,000 signatures from real enrolled living persons

  • BJ

    The text messages that are presented are not the problem. There may well be deceit by omission (deleted texts by the leaker.)

    I really do wonder who the other dinner guests were – wasn’t it one of them that Gilmore said had wanted to take the wine back to her room that he was trying to get from the barman. What’s more – in my experience when someone is paying the bill – the ones that aren’t don’t stand too close to the action – meaning I doubt whether Riches heard any of Gilmore conversation with the barman and only ‘saw’ a business card being handed over.

    • unsol

      Brilliant point, but you should know that logic & reason are grossly overrated when everyone gets in keyboard warrior mode! I’m just surprised no one has called for the death penalty to be reintroduced given this massive & highly circumstantial, poorly reported & factually vapid crime!!!

      • BJ

        Amazing what mob mentality can do to – this is no different to how the opposition keeps accusing Key by making something out of nothing – it is accusations that are impossible to defend if the ears and eyes are closed to every possibility other than the twisted rumour mill that has been started.

  • Mr_V4

    NZ political trash … next …

  • David

    Yes, he must go. But the more important questions is how did Gilmore get so high on the party list. He would be one of the most arrogant men I have seen. He is unsuited to public life and should never have been a list MP.