Pommy teachers having a sook

Teacher Unions are the same the world over. They all believe that their education sectors are “national treasures” despite results and empirical evidence to the contrary.

Every now and then a politician comes along to challenge them and they become public enemy number one for daring to challenge the status quo.

Michael Gove was ridiculed by the president of the National Association of Head Teachers, who compared him to a hyperactive personal trainer.

“At times it feels as though we are at the whim of some kind of fanatical personal trainer, constantly urging us all to go faster, faster, higher and higher on a constant treadmill,” Bernadette Hunter told delegates attending the organisation’s annual conference in Birmingham. 

Ms Hunter said that the Government’s education policies were “damaging schools and negatively affecting pupils’ lives.”

She added that the state education system was a “national treasure worth fighting for.”

Our own teacher unions think our education system is the world’s best and national treasure too…they oppose every single thing proposed no matter the government.

Look at Berna dette Hunter’s comments…she clearly believes that they are doing just fine thank you very much and there is no need to improve. Typical union thinking…representing the mediocre and forcing it on the rest of us.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    The lowest common denominator and only constant with union activism …is the unions. Yet, they try and blame anyone and everyone else for the damage they do and inflict.

    Why is it only industries heavily dominated with unions have industrial strife?

  • High_Tory

    For any Whaleoil readers who do not spend half their time in Britain and therefore may not know the issues involved…

    Michael Gove is merely wanting teachers to teach the “3 R’s”, truthful (rather than imaginary PC) British history, basic grammar, patriotic values (Queen, Country, Flag) and ensure pupils pass exams on merit (rather than handing out passes with the rations like NCEA in NZ)…etc…etc

    In other words – what schools taught until NewLabour politically correct ‘reforms’ abolished it and created a generation born in the 1990s who are basically moronic.

    This is what these unions consider “damaging” and clearly Gove an evil man who needs stopping.


  • spollyike

    Bring on Charter Schools, it is surely the foolproof way to beat the PC doctrine of the unions and lefty government organisations. As long as the charter schools don’t have to kowtow to the rewriting of history that the racist maori sovereignty gang pushes!

  • Dion

    > “constantly urging us all to go faster, faster, higher and higher on a constant treadmill”

    This “treadmill” is called work. She should try it some time.