Poor old Cunners, dog tired and bored with Maurice showing off his S4

Snapped on NZ476 to Auckland last night.

Obviously Tigger had been talking up his mayoral prospects to the whole plane and poor old Cunners simply couldn’t take it anymore after a hard day in the trenches watching Grant Robertson continue his march to the leadership that rightfully belongs to David Cunliffe. It might be the camera angle but I swear Cunners is leaning to the right.

Word to the wise big fella, all that winking and glad eyes that were were giving the ladies in the Koru Lounge will get you in trouble. 

The poor dear between Tigger and Cunners looks petrified.

David Cunliffe gets some shut eye

David Cunliffe gets some shut eye


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  • blokeintakapuna

    It could have been worse for her – she could have had Turei on one side and Dyson on the other…
    Although, it’s almost Air NZ unwittingly being a complicit part in torture endurance by Parliamentarians…

    • Dave

      No chance of her being between Turei and Dyson, no room left at all, and AirNZ take their image and safety very seriously.

      • Roger

        Turei seated in front row as Lange used to be. Can’t take the chance that the seat bolts give way with a hard stop and seat row comes free crushing all before…

      • Troy

        Dyson’s tits raise an issue of health and safety on flights – can’t get past them to get to the emergency exits.

  • Patrick

    Air NZ should be prosecuted for transporting felons across state lines – no way Cunliffe should be allowed to leave the confines of Wellington. The man is armed & dangerous, especially when he gets the bro talk going.

  • Ian Wright

    I thought unaccompanied children weren’t supposed to be seated with an unknown adult.. or were they deemed safe as the poor woman was.. a woman.

  • Chad Chambers

    With their new and hastily betrothed powers, the GCSB sets to work spying on Kiwis.

    • Bad__Cat


      • Chad Chambers

        Sorry, I thought it was the caption comp.

  • Honki

    where’s his right hand? Maybe thats why the lady in the middle looks edgy.