Random Impertinent Questions for the Beltway

Person-AWhat happened to the MFaT leaker?

What sort of a moron scans and sends cabinet papers?

Why are they now silent on MFaT?

Why is Person A trying really very hard to prevent the release of a report?

Why is Labour agitating to prevent the release of the report?

Are they worried their snitch will be outed?

Has Person A moved jobs?

Why is Justice leaking now?

Could the two leakers be connected?

Could they be the same person?

How would the minister be able to continue to have confidence in Person A?

Why is Person A still employed?


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  • I guess the other RIQ that needs to be asked is this one:

    Is there any personal, political or professional relationship between Person A and Phil Goff, former Foreign Minister and Minister of Trade?

  • Phar Lap

    Time for Goff to cough.He knows who the renegade is.Of course Goff is an old hand at supporting terrorists.He once gave Hamas$ 500,000 of NZ taxpayer ,for nefarious actitivies.Seems he learnt nothing.Perhaps Lie-bour even paid for the leak.Probably trying to block the truth Goff was also involved in the house of ill fame, when one of his colleagues was accused of rape.Why are the Lie-bour party so sneaky and crooked.

    • AnonWgtn

      Understand the person so proscribed’s name is now known in the parliamentary beltway, waiting for the first blogger to open it up, so they cannot be blamed for naming the person, now looking for another job. Philly will take that person on, won’t he ?

      • Gazzaw

        If Goofy doesn’t take him/her on there’s always a job available with the boss in New York.

  • peterwn

    Almost does not matter at this stage. The culprit has been fingered and apparently neutralised for all intents and purposes. Admittedly sticking him in a gibbet on the corner of Lambton Quay and Bowen Street would be a bonus and deterrent. The public service was leaking like a sieve in the latter days of the 1990’s National government – they seem as impartial as Herald articles. Some other sneak is probably about to get (or got) his come-uppance but this will probably remain secret.

    • Patrick

      Don’t entirely agree, this character is employed & paid by the taxpayer & therefore should be doing right by their employer. Not working as a political stooge for the opposition. Clarke & co did a very good job of politicising the public service & it is high time this was cleaned up. A few targeted sackings would bring the rest into line. If it doesn’t then clean the lot out.

      • peterwn

        AFAIK he is an ex-employee. Some wag suggested that Trevor Mallard should do the right thing and find him a job with Labour. The rot was there even before Helen Clark was PM.

        • Hang him

          Why don’t we have a system where all head of goverment depts become unemployed the day after the election, that way we can get some balance into the system. We all know that in the she-devils time they all had to swear a blood oath to her. so how can the incoming government have any confidence in senior officials.

    • Mediaan

      So who is the culprit? Not enough naming and shaming.

      Not enough, “Now refund your salary, you didn’t do the job we hired you for”, going on.

      You work for an employer, you are loyal to that employer. Not some screwy world philosophy of your own.

  • Mediaan

    MFaT has its triumphs though.

    Why, just days ago, Dr Lockwood Smith, our London Ambassador, evidently sang the whole of the theme song from 1990 Aussie children’s show “Here’s Humphrey” to an audience of notables in London. Didn’t miss a word.

    Are the man’s talents never-ending? The world media present were so stunned, sadly, nobody recorded it for us to enjoy at home.

    “What a funny old fellow is Humphrey, Humphrey the fun-loving bear!”

  • Liberty

    Labour has a very selective morality. Wants an inquiry into all in sundry.
    Except when it comes to outing their moles.
    Regardless of who is in power. The Government is entitled to total loyalty from public servants.
    Disloyalty to the state should result in a day in the stocks (wet day) and then given the bums rush.

  • Gazzaw

    One of the strengths of a successful democracy is a civil service totally free from political bias and that works to max capacity for whatever administration is governing the country. With very few exceptions we had that until 1999 until infiltrated from top to bottom with labour appointees and lickspittles. The ‘leaks’ aren’t accidental – they are hard out political espionage and the culprits need to be rooted out and fired. Fuck the consequences from the PSA.