Random Impertinent Questions – Number 1 in a very regular series

How does bankruptcy affect your credit rating?

If you come out of bankruptcy how do you go about getting credit again?

How rigorous are telephone company credit checks these days?

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  • Gazzaw

    A perfect specimen of British manhood. What a body Deano! No wonder they lost the Empire.

    • parorchestia

      There is a TV filler that does the same!

  • Michael

    1. In New Zealand, it keeps your credit score very low for seven years after being discharged.
    2. You start small, with a guaruntor on something like a phone account. It will take years of no missed payments to build your score up again, then you can get small loans on HPs, and do a good job with that and your score goes up more, and so on.
    3. Credit scoring is a better indicator than the default system used previously. So phone company credit checks should have improved in the last year since credit scoring was adopted.

    • cows4me

      Always wonder Michael how does one check their credit score?

      • Bunswalla

        You can get a free report from one of the credit rating companies. It’s not as comprehensive as a paid report you can also get, and they post it to you if you don’t want to pay for an electronic version.


        • cows4me

          Thanks Bunswalla, always heard about credit ratings but never seen one. Brought a TV about three years ago, 18 months interest free but I had no credit rating, usually pay cash or through our bank account. Had mortgages over the years but never had an issue with credit, usually pay straight out. The only reason I brought the TV interest free with eighteen months was didn’t want to go into overdraft. Harvey Norman couldn’t understand how someone of my age had no credit rating. I always wondered how they rate people if they buy something on time payments.

          • unitedtribes

            Someone who hides all his money overseas in a secrete USD account may well be able to avoid a credit rating

          • Michael

            You will get a score from -150 to 700. A negative score means you are in default on at least one arrangement. A score of 700 means you don’t need to borrow any money. All companies will have a number they won’t lend below.

  • Muldoonsliver

    If I know Whale he has somebody in his sights with this post.

  • Patrick

    One of Sheffield’s finest sons, he has Maggie Thatcher to thank for the nice comfortable seating at the footie. But I bet he & his ilk are unable to acknowledge that.
    If he is true to form this fine strapping example of British muscle will have spent the last 20 years bone idle moaning to all that will listen about how he wants to work but just cannot find a job that suits him.