Road Rage – Poll Results

Coincidental to our own survey on things that **** us off on the road, the AA released the result of a survey they ran among 1000 of its members

AA Insurance’s Top 10 Driver Frustrations*

1. Drivers who damage your parked car and don’t leave a note with their contact details
2. Drivers who speed up at a passing lane and/or slow down after the passing lane
3. Drivers who ‘steal’ a car park you were clearly waiting for
4. Drivers who tailgate
5. Drivers with children who aren’t wearing seatbelts or properly restrained
6. Drivers who don’t indicate
7. Drivers who don’t dip their lights for oncoming traffic at night
8. Drivers who exhibit signs of aggressive behaviour
9. Drivers who do not park properly
10. Drivers who use disabled spaces in a car park but shouldn’t

As you would expect, there are major parallels with our own results.

This is a screenshot taken yesterday (when this post was written and queued – yes, we don’t just sit here all day, sorry to pop the illusion), so the actual numbers will have changed.  But I suspect the order of Road Rage frustrations has pretty much settled.

Here our our top 10



A major proportion of frustration seem to relate to passing lanes, and the various situations that mean we are denied a fair chance to get past those that can’t or won’t let us continue on our journey.



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  • Dave

    Pretty similar, but lets remember AA’s demographic and the voters on their poll, would be a lot older, retired grannies, so a very different demographic cross section to the WOBH readers i suspect.

    Be very interesting to see if our police will take any notice and rid the roads of the Passing Lane slow drivers, and the slow inconsiderate drivers, but i doubt it, not enough revenue in that.

  • rockape

    The one that really gets me is Green Save the world stickers on the back of gas guzzeling 4x4s. Makes me forget I am a tolerant old man!

  • Whafe

    Not very often a traffic cop pulls up a car for going to slow… Wonder if they have actually ever ticketed anyone for driving slow… They will give a warning, but sure they will not have fined anyone…..
    If they put as much effort into catching those slow drivers disrupting the flow of traffic, a difference would be made…

  • bristol

    Recently I saw an SUV with a bumper sticker saying: “I am a vet, therefore I drive like an animal.
    Suddenly I realised just how many gynaecologists there are on our roads!!!