Rodney Hide on the Greens/Labour power policy

Rodney Hide give us 10 reasons why the Green/Labour policy is so abjectly flawed:

  1. Electricity prices are working. As they should
  2.  Electricity prices are fair and reasonable
  3. Quick! Turn up the swimming pool. The plan puts more than twice as much money in the pockets of rich families as it does poor families. That’s because rich families use more power. The promised $6 a week saving is for the average household. The “upper end” estimate for the lowest decile families is only $4.
  4. The lights will go out 
  5. We all lose as taxpayers. Government owns about 78 per cent of the hydro- and geothermal-generating capacity. The lost revenue means less income to the Government. That means spending cuts, more borrowing or higher taxes. Taxpayers have already been hit with the power plan dropping the price of Mighty River shares.
  6. Businesses shut, jobs gone
  7. What about the planet? For years both the Labour Party and the Green Party have campaigned for higher power prices. They want to cut the burning of fossil fuels to arrest global warming. That’s why we have an Emissions Trading Scheme. Labour and the Greens continue to campaign for an even tougher scheme. They are now campaigning for a further hike in power prices and a cut in power prices.
  8. We have choice and competition
  9. Shearer-Norman power
  10.  It’s cheaper to hand out money

The Green/Labour power policy is just the first joint stupid idea, there will be many to come. They should start rolling them out earlier though because voters really do need to know what a budget is going to look like with Russel Norman as Finance Minister.


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  • kohibruce

    Greens / Labour lost the last election on the partial privatisation of power supply. If they carry on arguing over a lost cause they will likely lose another election. Would be at least one positive outcome of the GL power policy.

  • Gazzaw

    The upcoming Meridian sale will be fascinating to watch. How will labour and the greens approach it? Shearer & Norman know that they have been made to look real dicks to all but the party diehards over the MRP sale. Just what will their strategy be with Meridian? I think that we have seen the Nat’s approach with the Bill English sledge on Norman making it clear that those small investors who were wrongfully deterred from buying MRP shares by Norman’s comments haven’t lost out and will have another opportunity with the Meridian IPO. Shearer’s & Norman’s credibility now very significantly hangs on the future of the SOE partial sales – some interesting times ahead.

    • pukakidon

      I hope the Greens and Liarbore do the same. 9% return on investment all down to those financial goons. The other 300,000 missed out on a great deal

  • Andy

    I Keep asking how they are going to get cheaper power whilst increasing the ETS. This is like an anti gravity device, or perpetual motion machine. Glad to see Mr Hide asking the same.

    • cows4me

      Come on Andy get with the program the only perpetual motion machine that has the ability to keep going forever is the bullshit that comes out of these guys mouths.

      • Andy

        It’s not perpetual motion, because as Maggie once said, socialism fails when you run out of other peoples money to spend

        • LabTested

          German Green party is now proposing a 1.5% wealth tax on all familieswith over €1m in assets

  • peterwn

    The international investment community will probably take as a ‘worst case’ a Labour/ Green government in 2014 will not even be able to organise a piss-up in a brewery and will be out on its ear in 2017 like the 1957 and 1972 Labour governments.