Sack Him – NBR Poll

The NBR has run an online survey about what John Key should do about the Clown of Christchurch East, Aaron Gilmore.



NBR readers have a clear message for the John Key: show Aaron Gilmore the door. 

The Christchurch list MP has been accused of Boorish behaviour at a restaurant, then allegedly lying about it when questioned by the Prime Minister’s chief-of-staff Wayne Eagleson.

Christchurch lawyer Andrew Riches – a friend of Mr Gilmore’s who was among the dining party – says the MP threatened to have a waiter sacked by the Prime Minister’s office after he was refused another drink.

Mr Gilmore denies Mr Riches’ version of events.

Mr Key says he has no choice but to accept Mr Gilmore’s word. The Prime Minister says he will not initiate an inquiry unless a formal complaint is made. So far the waiter has stayed silent.

I’d no more accept Aaron Gilmore’s word for anything than trust a unionist to run a business.

The only problem is of course is that someone with an entitlement mentality and the hubris of Aaron Gilmore, he is unlikely to resign and leave parlimanet, instead sitting there on the back benches as an independent making a nuisance of himself, not only int he house but amongst the female staff members at parliament.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    A loud obnoxious drunk lies about himself and his behaviour.
    Nothing new there, and will he lie again ? ….
    Yup u just need to trigger the guilt/entitlement complex again.
    Attention deficit is a perspective of the sufferer, and is reinforced by people allowing it to continue.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes, will the opposition take advantage of the situation and who would they put forward for the attack. Winny maybe????

      • PlanetOrphan

        Probably best to let him decorate his own coffin.

  • Michael

    If Gilmore really has the countries interests ahead of his own he’ll be gone by lunchtime. If not, he should expect list ranking number 68 and National activists helping Labour in Chch East… that’s the last spot with 63 electorates and 5 list candidates allowed.

  • John1234

    Bit of a silly poll – he can’t be sacked as we see with Brendan Horan.

    Best that can be done is to quitely ask him to resign and if he won’t then boot him out of the party

  • Shape up or ship out. All the skeletons are coming out of the closet. Perhaps John should find him a job in exchange for quitting?

    Any arts jobs going?

  • Andy

    Given that he has a “successful business career” behind him, can’t he just go back to that?

  • fdfdfdsfdf

    He should be thinking beyond a political career now.

    Perhaps a career in the hospitality industry?

  • seems to me

    Seems to me that Mr Gilmore might get offered a “post” in some qango or other…,
    That will pay him a bunch of money for a couple of years….
    or a large National Party sympathiser might offer him a big bunch of bucks for him to be a “consultant” or some such. Then he can resign in favour of the next list MP!

  • SnapElection

    Stay as an Independent? The guy’s a cunt. He’ll go with Shearer & Norman on confidence and supply quicker than you can say “Vidkun Quisling”

    Frankly I say call him on it. Snap election. Fuck over Norman, Shagger, Winston, Craig & the rest. Third Term National Majority Government.

    time to nail the unions, bludgers & finally start making a difference for NZ’s nett taxpayers!

  • Bigmal

    Pathetic little fat man…

    • Bigmal

      He sold his soul, for a shot at fame…

      • Bigmal

        Catchphrase and wig and the jokes are lame
        He’s got no style, he’s got no grace

  • Charles

    A self-important man which fact is categorised by several statements. “I’m rich”. Well a peasant with money is still a peasant. And the ubiquitous “do you know who I am?” Often uttered by the feeble and the mediocre. Who cares? And finally the real clanger, “I’m an important politician”. An oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one and even smashed, somebody operating at Mr. Gilomore’s level should be able to recognise an oxymoron when he hears one.