Should a bike use a car spot in a car park?

Yesterday there were some good points made that we don’t want to get too picky on the parking behaviours.  They have to be relatively blatant examples of poor parking to qualify for publication from now.  There is always a little backlog, but if you don’t see your contribution after five days, it probably hit the cutting room floor, as they say in the movie editing business (do they?).

So – redouble your efforts.   Issue some tickets, but make them good ones please.

Parking like a dickhead, biker edition. Spotted this at the train station this morning. The biker had numerous other places and small gaps where he could have parked his bike. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my official WOBH tickets on hand for this deserving character.



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  • PM of NZ

    The biker deserves the full space allotted for a car, if not two. After all the exorbitant rego fees would buy two or more spaces.

    Ticket the dickhead cars that do park in the remainder of the space.

  • The should be allowed to park in a car park if there is no bike parks handy.

  • layoutman

    Actually this biker should be commended for providing enough space for at least 1 other vehicle to use this inconsiderately large motorcycle park.

    That said perhaps a ticket for taking the train instead of riding it all the way to work!!

  • Lloyd

    I am a motorcycle rider. The number of motorcycle registrations have increased 400% in the last 5 years. This is not news…
    Given this, I figure if the car park administrators don’t provide motorcycle parking, they are inviting me to use a full car park – and when I do, I park in the middle of the space so no BMW X5 driver can knock my bike over ‘accidentally’. In Christchurch, only 2 malls don’t provide such separate parking, so I accept their implied invitation to park in a car space with pleasure.

  • thor42

    Nice area – which hill is that in the background? Does anyone know?

    • John1234

      It’s the Meadowbank train station, and the hill on the other side is the area below Kepa Rd.Here is the view from Google StreetView:

  • BJ

    Totally justified if there are no designated bike parks. What’s more, he courteously parked so another bike can share it.

  • John1234

    There’s a bike stand there anyway.

    Hey Cam, since when have you been catching a train at Meadowbank?

  • steve and monique

    If there is no designated park for motorcycles,then car parks are fair game. Blame the council/powers that be.

  • rouppe

    Fair enough. Motorcyclists pay rego, WoF fees, and fuel tax, same as (or more than) a car. Wellington’s bylaw is that if a designated motorcycle park isn’t available then ordinary spaces are fine. And yes, he left space for other motorcyclists or even a scooter.

    Odd that the helmet was left there though. I wouldn’t…

    • GregM

      Yep, I left the helmet with the bike one day many years ago. Someone did wees in it, never again.

      • LabTested

        F**k thanks for sharing that. Now I will not be able to leave the helmet again without thinking of your post

      • WayneO

        Unfortunate. But fucking funny.

      • Contractor


        • GregM

          Probably one of my stoker mates :-)

  • Sponge

    Whats the story with a nice bike (if thats you sort of thing) with a shitty old warehouse plastic crate strapped on the back?

  • GregM

    Nah, all good. I’m paying $591.39 per year to register the bike, I use a whole car park space too.

  • metalnwood

    No problem at all, they will get two bikes in there and it’s not as if bringing a bike and using a full car park has brought any less people to the train than the no doubt 80+ % of cars carrying only one person will do.

    Also, it’s a shame about the very ‘deserving’ and ‘entitlement’ mentality that this series is showing in WO readers when it should be left to the bludgers.

  • unitedtribes

    OK was out riding with some mates once and we parked up. Tried to be nice about it parked two bikes to the park paid the meter. Meter expired a ticket waiting on our return. No wait not one ticked but one for each bike. So fuck you to. From now on one bike per park.

  • Think of it this way: 1 person, 1 car park. Regardless of vehicle. (Yes, I know cars can have more than the theoretical max of 2 on a bike, but only the driver pays the parking).

  • jaundiced

    Fairly strong support for the biker in these comments. I agree – one park, one machine. As a biker I’d use the designated bike parks if they are there, but if not I have as much right to a space as a SUV – who use more space than they deserve anyway.

  • Michael

    If it had been a car then no issue. Only if there is motorcycle parking provided would there be a problem.

  • Jimmie

    Jaffa Nazis – get over yourselves. Who cares if someone parks slightly crooked.

    Of all the major problems in the world – dodgy parking isn’t one of them.

    Why don’t ya’ll go get a job with the council as a parking nazi if its so important.

    As for this pic – what a joke. The motorbike is parked well within the white lines and there ain’t no sign saying cars only.

    Lighten up for goodness sake

  • LabTested

    european Super Rally starts tomorrow. The sun is out, the beer is cheap & the Polish girls are pretty. 10,000 bikes expected & we will park anywhere we want.

    then in 3 weeks down to Rome for the 110 year HD birthday party.

    • GregM

      Definitely on my bucket list.

  • Dr Stoat

    The motorcycle has every right to park there.